Baha’i Sabbath: Qawl 8, 175 B.E. (11/30/2018)

Praise be to God, for he is God! We must never confuse position and station. Position is like fishes meeting in the sea of revelation that commune through the waters of sacred texts; a revelation that infuses the real bonds of affection that are the plane of spiritual transaction of souls in all the worlds of God. Station is the perfection of ourselves in the image of God, that reflects the light in the mirat of al-mustaghath (see Gleanings for more), and gives us shelter on the Ark, that traverses the seas, that the Holy Mariner has described. ‘Abdu’l-Baha cites Baha’u’llah here:

In the Suriy-i-Haykal, the Blessed Beauty states, ‘I have created dawning-places for Godhood and day-springs for Lordship.’ And he states in the Epistle to the Son of the Wolf: 

“Gracious God! Such references as have been made to Divinity and Godhead by the holy ones and chosen ones of God have been made a cause for denial and repudiation. The Imam Sadiq hath said: ‘Servitude is a substance, the essence of which is Divinity.’ The Commander of the Faithful (Imam ‘Alı) answered an Arab, who had questioned him concerning the soul, as follows: ‘The third is the soul which is divine and celestial. It is a divine energy, a substance, simple, and self-subsistent.’ And further He (peace be upon him) said: ‘Therefore it is the Most Sublime Essence of God, the Tree of Blessedness, the Lote-Tree beyond which there is no passing, the Garden of Repose.’” 

In that same Epistle revealed by the tongue of the True God it is stated: 

“The Commander of the Faithful (Imam ‘Alı) hath said: ‘I am He Who can neither be named, nor described.’ And likewise He hath said: ‘Outwardly I am an Imam; inwardly I am the Unseen, the Unknowable.’” 

Again of Abı ‘Abdi’llah [Sadiq], He [Baha’u’llah] quotes him thus: 

“We are the Ka‘aba of God, and We are the Qiblih of God, and We are the Face of God.” 

Again he states: 

“Jabir hath said that Abu-Ja‘far (peace be upon him) spoke to him as follows: ‘O Jabir! Give heed unto the Bayan (Exposition) and the Ma‘anı (Significances).’” 

He (peace be upon him) added: 

“‘As to the Bayan, it consisteth in thy recognition of God–glorified be He–as the One Who hath no equal, and in thy adoration of Him, and in thy refusal to join partners with Him. As to the Ma‘anı, We are its meaning, and its side, and its hand, and its tongue, and its cause, and its command, and its knowledge, and its right. If We wish for something, it is God Who wisheth it, and He desireth that which We desire.’” 

From these utterances it is clear that the human soul–in being adorned with the Divine Character of the Wronged One (see Baha’i Sabbath: Qudrat 6, 175 B.E. (11/9/2018): “Sweet Scented Knoll”)–must be attracted to God, converted (transfigured) by God, and then consecrated in God. May the superabundance of meaning and real experience of these utterances, allow God to open the heart, minds and souls of everyone, that these grievous attachments and material disturbances shall be resolved and alleviated; and the spirit of humanity be ameliorated in its pristine consecrated inner reality.




Whatsoever Is Possible Of Accomplishment In Human Government Will Be Effected Through These Principles

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