Baha’i Sabbath: Kalimat 12, 177 B.E. (7/24/2020)

The 1260 Days of Little Big Horn

(A)  2/2/16———————————————-7/16/19

(B)  3/9/16———————————————-8/21/19

(C)  7/6/16———————————————-12/18/19

(D)  7/22/16———————————————1/3/2020

(E)  12/19/16——————————————–6/1/2020

(F)  1/4-7/16———————————————6/17-20/2020

(G)  1/20-21/16—————————————–7/3-4/2020


A. 2/2/16: “Three horns” uprooted (3 drop out) at GOP Primary by “little horn.” 1260 days later “court sits in judgment” (congress) censures “Little horn” for “racist” talk against the Squad (7/16/19 ) then rules to postpone impeachment (7/17/19).

B. 3/9/16: First outbreak of violence at “little horn” Rally. 1260 days later “little horn” announces that he is the “chosen one” (8/21/19).

C. 7/6/16: Star of King David Tweet by “little horn” sparks social “firestorm.” 1260 days later “court sits in judgment” (congress): “little horn” is impeached (12/18/19).

D. 7/22/16: “little horn” receives GOP nomination. 1260 days later “little horn” bombs Baghdad kills major general Qasem Soleimani of Iran (1/3/20); “court sits in judgement” (congress) about limiting the War Powers Act for POTUS “little horn.”

E. 12/19/16: Electoral College votes in “little horn” after several electorates cast their vote against “little horn” in opposition to their constituents. 1260 days later from the White House Rose Garden “little horn” invokes “insurrection act,” militarizes Washington, D.C., occupying the city with Federal Troops (6/1/20), and then marches that same day with military force and a “dominate the streets” escort up to the COVID-19 shut down and riot proofed boarded-up church of St. John’s to pose for his “infamous” Bible photo-op amid worldwide global marches for world justice and world peace in the wake of the murderous racist lynching of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN near the same spot where Dr. Jensen announced the Kingdom of God in America in his 1986 projection entitled the “Gathering Storm!” While speaking to the press, and holding a Bible in his hands, the screams of the demonstrators can be heard in the background along with the blasts of police munitions and grenades shot into the crowd that are so loud that the voice of “little horn” is knocked out and periodically interrupted from the audio of the broadcast. A freak lightening storm then strikes the Capital City and top of the Washington monument as the St. John’s plaza is officially renamed ‘Black Lives Matter Plaza.’

F. 1/4-7/16: CIA, FBI, NSA agree Russia’s Putin tried to ‘help’ “little horn’s” ‘election chances;’ while “little horn” calls for closer relationship with U.S. and Russia. 1260 days later ends the 90 days period from the Vernal Equinox of 2020, when the “trumpet” was sounded in the Naw Ruz Video announcement followed by an earthquake knocking the golden trumpet out of the angel Moroni’s hand in Salt Lake City; bringing us to the Jewish Festival of Shavuat: (Pentecost or ‘the feast of weeks’) 49 days from the weighing of the omer of manna from heaven placed in the golden pot within the Arc of the Covenant. Shavuat is a harvest festival celebration commemorating God’s provision for and sustenance of His people. The festival is three days and culminates on the Summer Solstice that is midsummer night’s eve (6/19/20). Also the season for the anniversary of the martyrdom of the purest Branch. “Little horn” launches tour from Tulsa, OK: cite of the Juneteenth massacre of over 300 innocent people of “Black Wall Street.”

G. 1/20/16 “little horn” inaugurated POTUS-45. 1260 days later comet NEOWISE reaches perihelion and a massive explosion hits Iran’s largest nuclear enrichment facility in the city of Natanz. Trump occupies Portland, OR with Federal Troops. Background:

The United States of America swear in “little horn” upon the Abraham Lincoln Bible making “little horn” the 45th POTUS: M=40; A=1; G=3; A=1 = a total of 45: worn on the foreheads of their hats. 1260 days later brings us to July 4, 2020 the anniversary of the birth of the United States “400 years” (Gen. 15:13) from the date given upon Plymouth Rock (1620 + 400 = 2020). July 4, is the day that the Muslims took Jerusalem away from the Western Crusader Kingdom by the hand of Saladin. On, Saturday, June 6, 2020 (the ninth day of the reading of the Kitab-i- ‘Ahd) Jews, Palestinians, Christians, Muslims and Arabs marched hand in hand in a Prayer- based Justice-rally in firm protest against the planned annexation of Jerusalem and the West bank set by Netanyahu and his hard-liners for July.

July 4: “Little Horn” gives speech from Mt. Rushmore sacred site named “The Six Grandfathers” by the Lakota people corresponding to Black Elk prophecy of the “seven sacred elders” where Black Elk was the 7th standing in front of the 6. There are exactly 1260 days from January 24, 2017 the exact day that “little horn” ordered the US Army to go against the water-protecting people until July 6, 2020 when the Federal District Court “sat in judgment” and ruled against “little horn” commanding that the Dakota Access Pipeline (“black snake”) be immediately shut down.

Meanwhile, Israel and the US have been accused of systematically striking Iran in a series of terrorist and covert milittary strikes and completely crippling the Iran nuclear project in preparation for the ANNEXATION during this entire prophesied timeline. The proposed annexation (see map figure 1) shows that Israel would completely secure its own borders from all the other neighboring Arab peoples by completely surrounding the Palestine territories–only if they grab the Jordan Valley West bank to directly border Jordan–which they would need to do to fully secure the TEMPLE MOUNT in order to rebuild their Temple on top of, or south of, the Mosque of Omar the “Dome of the Rock.”


Fig. 1. Annexation of Jordan Valley West Bank

Here are the FACTS:

“In June and July, a series of explosions targeted Iran’s nuclear and missile programs and various other infrastructure… the Natanz nuclear facility on 2 July, the Shahid Medhaj power plant (Zargan) in Ahvaz and the Karun petrochemical center in the city of Mahshahr on 4 July. It has been speculated that Israel was involved, and the damage at the centrifuge plant in Natanz alone could delay the Iranian nuclear weapons program by one or two years, according to intelligence officials.” (Retrieved from: _proxy_conflict#Cyberwarfare _and_sabotage_2020)

Parchin explosion and Shiraz blackout: At noon on 25 June 2020, [Just after Midsummer’s Night Eve] an explosion hit in the military complex of Parchin, 30 kilometers southeast of the capital Tehran. Within the same hour a power outage affected half of the southern city of Shiraz; housing major military facilities…Western analyst stated that the explosion in Parchin had occurred in a missile storage facility, with hidden nuclear detonation technology work. …A Western analyst claimed the explosion in Parchin was caused by an Israeli cyberattack,.. Citing an unnamed senior source, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported that the facility was destroyed in an airstrike by Israeli F-35 stealth fighter jets.

Tehran clinic explosion: On 30 June 2020, an explosion occurred in the Sina At’har health center in the capital Tehran, killing 19 people including 15 women and 4 men.

Natanz nuclear enrichment facility explosion: Main article: Natanz incident: On 2 July 2020, [JULY 3: NEOWISE perihelion and 1260 days from inauguration] an explosion hit Iran’s largest nuclear enrichment facility in the city of Natanz. Most of the above-ground parts of the facility with advanced centrifuges used for enriching uranium were destroyed. Iran admitted serious damage to its facility while Western analysts said the explosion had set back the Iranian nuclear program one to two years. Israel was widely reported to have been behind the blast. The New York Times claimed that a source which it identified as a “Middle Eastern intelligence official with knowledge of the episode” told the newspaper that Israel was responsible for the attack, and that a powerful bomb had been used. In addition, it cited an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps member who was briefed on the topic and had spoken to the newspaper anonymously as claiming that an explosive device was used.[22] The New York Times later reported that officials with knowledge of the blast had told it that it was most likely the result of a bomb planted at the facility, possibly at a strategic gas line, but that it was not out of the question that a cyberattack was used to cause the explosion. The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported that Israel had caused the explosion with a cyberattack.

Khuzestan explosions: On 4 July 2020, an explosion hit the Shahid Medhaj Zargan power plant in the city of Ahvaz. Meanwhile 70 people were injured following a chlorine gas leak at Karun petrochemical center in the city of Mahshahr, near Ahvaz. [These strikes have remained continuous and escalating since the 4th as “the comet shall run”]

Baqershahr explosion: On 7 July 2020, 2 people were killed and 3 others were injured following an explosion inside an oxygen factory in the town of Baqershahr, south of the capital Tehran. According to Western analysts the factory was near the warehouse where an archive of information on Iran’s nuclear program was stolen in a raid by Israeli intelligence agents in 2018.

Tehran explosions: On 9 July 2020, [Anniversary Martyrdom BAB] an explosion was reported in western Tehran. Officials denied that an explosion took place but admitted that power had been cut off in the area. According to western analysts the blast hit a missile facility/warehouse belonging to Revolutionary Guards. Analysts speaking to The New York Times said that the blast had hit an area with underground facilities, associated with chemical weapons research and an unidentified military production site. An intelligence official told The New York Times that Israel was possibly behind the explosion. On 11 July 2020, a gas explosion shook a residential building in Tehran, injuring one person.

Mahshahr petrochemical plant explosion: On 12 July 2020, an explosion hit the Tondgooyan petrochemical plant in the southwest.

Mashad explosion: On 13 July 2020, an explosion hit an industrial complex near the northeastern city of Mashad.

Ahvaz pipeline explosion: On 18 July 2020, an explosion was reported in an oil pipeline in the southwestern city of Ahvaz.

Isfahan power plant explosion: On 19 July 2020, an explosion hit a power plant in Isfahan province, no one was injured. (Retrieved from: 2020 Iran Explosions, Wiki)

Mabus then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance, Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet shall run. –Nostradamus (Q. 2:62)

Comet NEOWISE–which hasn’t been seen for approximately seven thousand years (i.e. at the fall of Atlantis) and will not be seen again for about another 7000 years–reached perihelion on July 3, and perigee on July 22 and will be seen throughout the rest of August. This is the First Year of the HOPI 7 YEARS PURIFICATION. The year of clear vision.

“Though they hide themselves on the top of Carmel,
there I will hunt them down and seize them.”
“The LORD’s voice will roar from Zion and thunder from Jerusalem! The lush pastures of the shepherds will dry up;
the grass on Mount Carmel will wither and die.”
(Amos 9:3, 1:2 NIV, NLT)





The Four White Roots of Peace Prophesied of by Iroquois Prophet Deganawidah, New JerUSAlem, & Baha’u’llah’s Universal House of Justice with The Davidic King as Executive

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