Baha’i Sabbath: Sultan 16, 178 B.E. (2/4/2022)

Message to the American People

This terrestrial globe is a dark world of grossest matter. It is a world of sorrow and grief; a world of disappointment and unhappiness; a world of death. For the earth is after all the everlasting graveyard, the vast cemetery of man. Yet men fight to possess this graveyard, waging war and battle, killing one another. What an injustice is this! What ignorance! For the earth after all is spacious, and can hold all. It is so allotted that every man can derive his daily sustenance from it. The Lord does not suffer anyone to starve. All can be blessed with the abundant bestowals of God. But on account of pure superstitions, and by reason of old theological dogmas which have nothing to do with the fundamentals of Divine Religion, for the sake of such limitations, this bloodshed is taking place. [World War I]

As to the American people, this noble nation, intelligent, thoughtful, meditative, — it is quite disinterested, for its territory is insular and geographically separated from the other nations. Here we find a oneness of interest, a oneness of policy. These are indeed United States. Therefore the United States is possessed of the capacity and capability of holding aloft the banner of international peace.

May this nation, this noble people, be the cause of unifying humanity! May this noble people spread broadcast the heavenly civilization and illumination! May it be the cause of the diffusion of the Love of God! May it proclaim the solidarity of mankind! May it be the cause of the guidance of the human race!

Therefore I request you to give this all important question your most serious consideration and efforts. Thus may the world of humanity obtain peace and composure. Thus may this dark world be transformed into a realm of radiance. Thus may the East and the West clasp hands together. Thus may the Oneness of God become reflected and fully revealed or mirrored forth in the hearts of humanity and all mankind prove to be the manifestations of the Favors of God.

– ‘Abdu’l-Baha  (Star of the West, vol. 5, no. 13, November 4, 1914)

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