Baha’i Month: Jalal/Glory 1, 179 B.E. (4/9/2022)


The UN Climate Report ( calls for total global change in how we currently do most all things…a call for self-sustainability, conservation of energy, no waste, the total elimination of pollution, no more planned obsolescence, and high-tech in harmony with natural agriculture, etc. This video report called out almost every facet of humanities’ collective life, to clean up its act on every front. Many have already begun making the changes, and the real work needed to reverse the man-made part of these problems will create millions of new jobs for caretaking our home global village planet earth.

The report calls for zero emissions by 2050, and warns that all nations must have unity of thought in this world endeavor and act together now, or there will not be a breathable world.

Meanwhile, the administration of our world village (the governments of the nations) are in no position, as of today, to help carry out such a task due to the 20 or more wars, including in Ukraine, being fought over religion and oil.

Therefore, the nations, especially the US and Russia, and their leaders and people, will not be able to coordinate a clean-up of these vital species ending events as the people choke themselves out by living in an environment like a man shut in his locked garage in his car with the motor running and all doors and windows locked.

Without a functional Universal Collective Security Agreement, how will the nations cooperate to open the doors and breathe the breaths of life?

At the first in 2020, the people marched across the entire world under the banner “I can’t breathe”; then the pandemic poisoned the air and people had to breathe difficultly through masks, while the virus suffocated its victims, and this report also explains the man- made toxic atmosphere problem.

If the fruit on the tree the microbes live on eat up all the fruit without replenishing it, and allowing it to replenish then on “that day” the day they “ate the fruit” and the fruit, that is their home and life support system died, because they killed it when they ate it, then surely “on that day they surely die.” This just seems plain obvious.

Apparently, the destruction of the breathable atmosphere and the 2050 clean-up deadline will not destroy the actual planet, just life on the surface that uses oxygen to live. So that’s good news, because the earth will survive, and new life will arise after millions or billions of years again out of the sea. We saw how fast nature readjusted during the 40-day world standstill in 2020, when the people simply take a rest.

This period in history has been prophesied as the 7th day or the “day of rest.”

Putting a rest to war, to pollution, and being able to rest and enjoy the entire planet earth as a single beautiful world garden for all, would certainly put all our hearts at rest too.

If the fighting of these mismanaged polluting war machines are not turned off, scientists are warning they are going to choke themselves out.

Native American prophecy states that after this the world will be entirely restored and renewed and the great mystery, the Source of the cause of causes, the Creator of the universe and everything in it, the great Spirit, the indigenous God of Reality, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the source of the power of the self-organizing universe will be known by all.


Dr. Neal Chase,

Guardian of the Baha’i Faith,

Executive of Baha’u’llah’s Universal House of Justice-UHJ


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