Baha’i Month: Kamal/Perfection 1, 179 B.E. (8/1/2022)


O PEOPLE! I swear by the one true God! This is the Ocean out of which all seas have proceeded, and with which every one of them will ultimately be united. From Him all the Suns have been generated, and unto Him they will all return. Through His potency the Trees of Divine Revelation have yielded their fruits, every one of which hath been sent down in the form of a Prophet, bearing a Message to God’s creatures in each of the worlds whose number God, alone, in His all-encompassing Knowledge, can reckon. This He hath accomplished through the agency of but one Letter of His Word, revealed by His Pen—a Pen moved by His directing Finger—His Finger itself sustained by the power of God’s Truth.

Baha’u’llah, Gleanings #LI


With fixed and steady gaze, born of the unerring eye of God, scan for a while the horizon of divine knowledge, and contemplate those words of perfection which the Eternal hath revealed, that haply the mysteries of divine wisdom, hidden ere now beneath the veil of glory and treasured within the tabernacle of His grace, may be made manifest unto you. The denials and protestations of these leaders of religion have, in the main, been due to their lack of knowledge and understanding. Those words uttered by the Revealers of the beauty of the one true God, setting forth the signs that should herald the advent of the Manifestation to come, they never understood nor fathomed. Hence they raised the standard of revolt, and stirred up mischief and sedition. It is obvious and manifest that the true meaning of the utterances of the Birds of Eternity is revealed to none except those that manifest the Eternal Being, and the melodies of the Nightingale of Holiness can reach no ear save that of the denizens of the everlasting realm. The Copt of tyranny can never partake of the cup touched by the lips of the Sept of justice, and the Pharaoh of unbelief can never hope to recognize the hand of the Moses of truth. Even as He saith: “None knoweth the meaning thereof except God and them that are well-grounded in knowledge.” (Qur’án 3:7) And yet, they have sought the interpretation of the Book from those that are wrapt in veils, and have refused to seek enlightenment from the fountainhead of knowledge.

Baha’u’llah, Kitab-i-Iqan, paragraph 15


To the servant of God, ….…..:

What thou hast written is understood. In reply I will elucidate briefly, the purport of which you, with your intelligence, will surely comprehend:

The world of humanity is encompassed by the darkness of conventionalities, disagreements, discords, avoidance, animosity, enmity, ignorance, folly, lustful desires and animal tendencies; the gloomy night had darkened the horizon of the world in such manner that all had forgotten the light and deemed the darkness inevitable in the world of humanity, and its solution impossible; when, unexpectedly, the Light of Reality appeared and enlightened the horizon of the world, diffusing its rays throughout the East and West, the beholding of which instantly delighted the perfect and perceiving eyes; but the imperfect eyes, afflicted by the darkness, were dazzled by the radiance, while the negligent closed theirs and turned away entirely. That light is the Love of God, the Spirit of God, unity, concord, science and knowledge, bounty and perfection, redemption of life, spiritual perception, universal peace, alliance of the nations, unification of all peoples and the reality of the attributes of the Merciful One, which I hope thou wilt fully attain.

Abdu’l-Baha’, Tablets of, pp 653-654


When the souls of the sincere depart (from this body), then their unreal vision (i.e., seeing) is changed into a vision of reality. Even as man, when in the age of babyhood and imperfection, though he seeth things, yet that vision is superficial and external. But when he reacheth the world (or age) of perfection and becometh endowed with reasoning faculty and (the power of) discrimination and comprehension, then that vision of his is a vision (i.e., seeing) of reality and not the unreality.

It is evident that the divine nearness is an unlimited nearness, be it in this world or the next one. This is a nearness which is sanctified from the comprehension of the minds. The more a man seeketh light from the Sun of Truth, the nearer he will draw. For instance, a clear body is near unto the sun, and a black stone is far from the sun. This nearness dependeth upon clearness, purity and perfection and that remoteness is due to density, dullness (or obscurity) and imperfection.

Abdu’l-Baha’, Tablets of, pp. 204-205


“Elect the Supreme Tribunal! Uphold the 1928 Covenant of International Peace! (Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact)”

Dr. Neal Chase PhD-Aghsan Guardian of the Baha’i Faith

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