8/27/2022: Anniversary: Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact: 8/27/1928


Collective Security Treaty Organization: 2002-2021

If only this was the story of the GTO from Treaty (1928) to the election and organizational meeting of the Supreme Tribunal (Sept. 21, 2022 to Nov. 4, 2022)…and it CAN be, for this century (1928 to 2028) is the century of the establishment of universal peace…and the war in the Ukraine is calling all our attentions to it! For peace on earth without justice is tyranny. And the General Treaty for the Renunciation of War is really a JUSTICE-PACT for true Universal Collective Security, and peace, real peace, that is the servant of justice, fact and truth!

Renounce war from our hearts! Cast out the stranger of war, so that the friend of universal fellowship can abide in our hearts, minds, and souls.
From Treaty (1928) to Supreme Tribunal (????) that’s what the headlines shall read, for those who survive the war, the famine, the plague, and the pollution, and these current extinction level events we all could have prevented and avoided had we worked together as a GTO?!?
Put on the brakes now, and elect the Supreme Tribunal while the US still qualifies by population to send 3 Representatives to the meeting…don’t let the 400 Satan II thermonuclear missiles (ready for this September and October) reduce our representation here in the US to 1! Both coasts and much of the Midwest will be wiped out in one hour, every American city population 100,000 or more targeted by Russian missiles, and 1/3rd of mankind prophesied to be killed in one hour of thermonuclear war.
It’s taken us a Century to get to where we’re at now! We outlawed slavery, included women in the right to vote, outlawed war, discovered and built the internet: invented instant global communications, and are poised elect the Supreme Tribunal ( that shall end war) with all people NOW. This foundational human rights work has taken us 100 years! Yet in one hour we can destroy it all and all ourselves all along with it! Ha! What takes a century to accomplish takes an hour to erase! Therefore be vigilant! Be vigilant! Be extremely vigilant when it comes to electing the Supreme Tribunal to uphold the Pact in every day and age!
It takes nine months to form a human baby, 21 years to grow to maturity, and ONE HOUR in Robb, TX to wipe out and erase 19, and 20 if you include the humanity of the disturbed shooter that was undoubtedly erased by others prior to the heinous slaughter and massacre of those innocents.
If we uphold the Pact nationally and internationally, and teach the Pact in schools, from preschool to gradschool, and uphold the Pact personally, in our attitude towards ourself and others, and in our business and social practices, this will generate a Universal core value we all already hold near and dear, the sacredness of simply being a human being–the Oneness of Humanity–and the sacredness of having the social freedom and opportunity and societal support to become REAL human beings!
See how God has made fools of us all! Fighting fools, who are too foolish to bridle our fights and channel our collective energies into healthy competition and sports and not escalate into actual killing wars. Gracious and generous winners and no sore losers are needed here…
Everyone wins in the Covenant of the Supreme Tribunal (The 1928 Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact)! Why? Because the Satan of war is what tricks fools into folly and really makes losers of us all!
“Woe unto the Covenant-breakers (violators of the 1928 Paris Peace Pact), they are those who are the losers” (Q. 2:27).
Uphold the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact! Elect the Supreme Tribunal that shall bring peace through Justice to the world (1928-2028)!!!
See! It’s Easy!! Anyone can do it…there’s safety in numbers, and all peoples on the same team: cooperate to survive (spentamaniyush) not struggle to survive (angramaniyush)…
Change the attitude, change the mindset, change the world, change starts within…
If CSTO and NATO can do it, so can the GTO!
Elect the Supreme Tribunal! Uphold the Covenant of the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact! Let the GTO do its job! To bring peace through Justice to all the world…
Let’s uphold the agreement we all made in 1928 not to murder one another in war and instead cooperate to thrive! Not just to merely survive…”beat (the use of force as the servant of justice) our swords to plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks” and turn on the heart lamps in all the deep recesses of our very own selves of the Oneness of Humanity to “learn war no more”…
Uphold the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact! Let a global network of self-sustaining personal and community farms and gardens grow abundant food in every locale to feed the world! Abundance of food, and in conspicuous public areas reifies feelings of safety and security amongst the people, and this reduces fear and uncertainty that leads to wars over the real or imagined threat to needed resources such as immediate access to food, air, water, clothing and basic shelter. The public Abundance of food is a calming, reassuring peaceful effect on the people…
Let’s farm smarter and not harder…real famine from drought needs our cooperation to survive, artificial famine from man-made war, is today, now a wasteful, counterproductive nuisance, that only disrupts the interdependent economic ties that more than obviously now currently bind us all together…
We trade together, work together, and our collective fortunes are bound to one another…
When we first made the Pact in 1928, and after the Pact was challenged and defended by both Russia and US, to liberate France and to protect England from the third Reich, the US–the ultimate defender of the Pact by 1951 reached never before prosperty for its people and its nation, quality of life, and subjective well being. Even Russia prospered at that time when the Pact was upheld and defended by the US and Russia TOGETHER: the Blessing of Prosperity reigned.
Then the Covenant was broken, and the Pact was violated in 1957, and we’ve entered a 70 years period of violation from 1957 to 2027 and then the 100 year anniversary of the Pact of 1928 that has forever changed our world.
This Universal Collective Security Agreement of the 1928 Paris Peace Pact is the only existing thing in all the world that can possibly stop the wars, reverse the trend towards death and nukes, and allow us to get down to the better business of growing healthy food and making stuff (goods and services) we can share with one another through the science of sociability based upon the cooperation to survive all together now! This is because it’s ALREADY the ONLY thing we’ve already all agreed upon (to renounce war, nationally and personally) so it’s already the ONLY instrument of cooperation and agreement that’s firmly in place and already agreed upon by everyone…how to activate fully and make it work, that’s job 1 of this Century and immediately right now it is needed yesterday today and tomorrow for the specific and special focused task to end all war…
It’s legal name is the “General Treaty for the Renunciation of War “.
The North Atlantic Treaty and the Collective Security Treaty (US and Russian backed groups) both derive their Authority from the General Treaty of 1928, are subordinate to it, and are dependent upon it. The way it works is this: the signatories of the Treaty form an Organization in the NAME of the Treaty with a governing body whose purpose is uphold the agreement and Covenant of the Treaty.
Thus the North Atlantic Treaty signatories formed, affiliated and assembled together as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization: NATO and their principal decision making body is the North Atlantic Council. The Collective Security Treaty signatories associate as the Collective Security Treaty Organization: the CSTO and their governing body is the Collective Security Council.
This isn’t working!!! The CSTO and the NATO are at war in the Ukraine and the General Treaty (1928) is in violation! And the curse of war, economic collapse, starvation, pestilence, disease and famine are all upon us now, as promised in all the holy books and sacred scriptures of all the traditions of the world have warned. Obviously the punishment for violating the General Treaty is war itself, and the resulting horsemen of destruction that ride forward in its wake!
Therefore, we need a General Treaty Organization a GTO to uphold the 1928 Paris Peace Pact and the principle decision making body is the Supreme Tribunal, which shall be democratically elected and shall bring peace to the world.
The Supreme Tribunal of the GTO is founded upon the principle of federalism in its Collective Security Agreement. Therefore it’s the ONLY Universal Collective Security Agreement that is actually Universal; as both NATO and CSTO are already bound under the authority of the General Treaty. And as both NATO and CSTO are already bound by the 1928 Genetal Treaty, they can only resolve a dispute and difference with one another at the assembly of the GTO.
Call to Order the meeting of the GTO! Elect the Supreme Tribunal so that the GTO can do its job and democratically elect the Supreme Tribunal with the special task to end war, and bring peace through Justice to the world!
We CAN keep our PROMISES on a personal level!! Let’s keep our most SACRED of promises, on a national level! Only the Promulgation of the knowledge of the Paris Peace Pact has the utility to end all wars internationally, and as a global universal value representing the Oneness of the world of humanity, can educate all people to non-violence, and for everyone and all, at every level, to “learn war no more” and the killings even in such remote places as Robb, TX shall cease…
Uphold the Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact! Call to Order a meeting of the GTO to Elect the Supreme Tribunal that shall bring peace to the world!
Dr. Neal Chase PhD., Aghsan Guardian of the Baha’i Faith
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Anniversary of Kellogg Briand Peace Pact: O Believers! Enter into the peace agreement all together!

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