Re: Chicago Tribune Article

Let me revise my original statement. The court documents indicated the OBF had less than forty members in the United States, not thirty as I indicated earlier. It should also be noted that the court case is not simply against the OBF but against all the successor organizations which formed after Mason Remey ordered his own organization dismantled pursuant to the court’s decision and his own belief that there should only be one Baha’i Faith. The BUPC is also named in this lawsuit. In fact, it was their action of creating a website which misleadingly used a photo of the seat of the Universal House of Justice as representing their own organization which precipitated this current legal action. It would be like the FLDS using a photo of the LDS Salt Lake City Tabernacle as though it were theirs. In both cases, these buildings were constructed well after the split and to use them in this manner would clearly be a trademark violation. Susan

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