Re: Chicago Tribune Article

Lorenzo wrote:
We could go on and on with this discussion but it all boils down to one basic question:
-Who is actively teaching Baha’u’llah?

Depends what you mean by “teaching”. If you mean that the hierarchy dictates the dogma and the laypeople accept without questioning, then you have a point. But in all the great religions, “teaching” involves discussion, debate and argument. The great religions have lasted for thousands of years precisely because there was no central authority controlling the dialogue (although the Vatican certainly gave it a good try!). In contrast, the hierarchy of the Baha’i Faith seeks to create “unity” by stifling diversity. In the Ruhi books, they’ve even gone so far as to forbid individual interpretation. Until the Baha’i Faith can break free of this inflexible dogma, it’s unlikely to find a place alongside the great religions. Marcello

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