Re: Chicago Tribune Article

Susan wrote:

I think you need a lesson in history. Christianity survived precisely because it *did* have a locus of authority unlike the gnostics who fragmented endlessly and eventually dissipated.

I’m a Christian and don’t need you to teach me my own history. The “locus of authority” that you speak of was responsible for the stagnation and corruption of the Christian faith — just like the UHJ. Christianity survives today precisely because the Christian community rejected that authority.

Susan wrote:
As for Ruhi, somehow I don’t think you’ve actually read the books. Nowhere does it forbid individual interpretation.

From Ruhi:
“We believe that the habit of thinking about the implications of the
Writings with the minimum of personal interpretation would eliminate a
great share of the disagreements which afflict consultation in many
communities, and would make the activities of our communities more
effective.” Marcello

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