Re: Chicago Tribune Article

So many of us are so passionate about the revelation of Baha’u-llah. So many of us dearly love the teachings and try to the best of our ability to follow what we believe to be the truth. Perhaps there are untranslated documents in Haifa that could clear up a lot of these differences. For those interested in determining if the Will and Testament is valid, why not submit it to a new panel of experts? For those wondering about the meaning of the covenant, why not translate the Lawh-i-Hizar Bayti, one Taherzadeh claims is “one of the most momentous Tablets of Abdu’l-Baha concerning the Covenant and its significance in this Dispensation.”? Or for those struggling to see who are the “sons” of Abdu’l-Baha, lets see the translation of Lawh-i-Khalil, a tablet describing who can be considered his “sons”. Perhaps all of us could arrive at the truth together through some pleasant sort of consultation that is not laden with insults, accusations and name calling. We all love Baha’u-llah and should be able to respect each other. Janice

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