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Janet wrote:
What Truth might be revealed?
The truth is out there.
Thanks for reading. I’ve already started.

Thanks Janet, I appreciate your viewpoint and I agree. I would love it if we could, one and ALL, come together and, adhereing to Baha’i principals of consultation as enumerated by Shoghi Effendi, come to a unified understanding of the Revelation of Baha’u’llah and then, united in Faith and Sprit, begin to educate and help heal the nations of the world. “The leaves are for the healing of the nations.”
There is a tablet by Baha’u’llah called the Nightingale and the Crow. Teherzadeh talks about it:

“It likens the birds to the Owl[1]who once argued that the song of the Crow was much more melodious than that of the Nightingale. Challenging this statement, the Nightingale demanded some evidence, and invited the Owl to investigate the truth by hearing the melody of each bird, so that the sweet music of the Bird of Heaven might be distinguished from the croaking of the Crow. But the Owl refused and said ‘Once from inside a rose-garden the enchanting voice of a bird reached my ears, and when I enquired its origin, I was informed that the voice was that of the Crow. Simultaneously, a crow flew out of the garden and it became clear to me who the singer was.’
[1 The owl in Persian and Arabic literature is a symbol of doom and ruin.] 242
‘But that was My voice,’ said the Nightingale to the Owl,’and to prove it I can warble similar if not more beautiful melodies now.”I am not interested to hear Thy songs,’ the Owl made reply,’for I saw the Crow and have been assured by others that the melody from inside the garden was his. But those with unsullied hearts and sanctified ears have been able to distinguish the voice of the true Nightingale from that of the Crow.'[1]
The story of the Owl ends here, and the Rose continues its dialogue with the birds disguised as nightingales. It tells them that they too are of the same nature as the Owl, in that they prefer their own vain imaginings to the multitude of proofs and testimonies which have been demonstrated by the rose-like beauty of the Friend. It calls upon them to recognize the Rose by its charm and perfume and not through their own standards. As these exhortations reach their climax, a beautiful nightingale[1] with a melodious voice enters the garden and, enchanted with the beauty of the Rose, begins to circumambulate it.’Although outwardly you look like nightingales,’ it addresses 243 the birds in a tone of rebuke,’as a result of association with the Crow, you have learnt its ways and have acquired its characteristics.’ Pointing to the Rose it then declares:’This divine Rose is the object of the adoration of the nightingales of paradise, and this rose-garden is their abode. It is not a habitation for mortal birds. Take your leave and begone.'[2]”
The way to distinguish the Nightingale from the Crow is that the Nightingale is the one wanting evidence and is the one who invites the others to investigate and compare the voices to see which one is the true Nightingale. But the Owl refuses to investigate and says that it is convinced the Crow sang the beautiful melodies because it has been “assured by others” (in-justice) that it was the Crow.
The Baha’is Under the Provisions of the Covenant want more than anything the opportunity to be able to compare the melodies of all those who claim to be the Nightingale, i.e. the true Baha’i Faith as revealed by Baha’u’llah. We believe the Divine Standard has been unfurled and we invite all to join us under this Divine Standard of God showing how the whole of the world of humanity is one family. These are documented, historical proofs that can be investigated individually.…

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