Re: Chicago Tribune Article

Goash, what a lazy piece of journalism. Quite how the writer can get the orthodox Baha’is taking the mainstream Bahai’s to court in the 60s the other way round is staggering. It is that original court decision the mainstream group is asking to be adhered to.

Why wait so long – the internet. Quite apart from being big bad bullies, the mainstream group were were happy to leave the 40 or so breakways to themselves until suddenly they started posting pictures of the mainstream groups buildings and appropriated the name of the UHJ. Imagine a group of 300 or so people from around the World breaking away and, with one man declaring himself the “true” Pope, putting up a website with a picture of the Vatican claiming all sorts of weird beliefs as though that building, and the religion itself belonged to this tiny group.

You don’t thnk the Catholic Church might step in?

As for Joel Marangella, he was so infuriated that Mason Remey had appointed someone else as his successor (Donald Harvey) and disbanded the set-up Marangella was head of that he (Marangella) declared Remey to be insane (without prioducing a single shred of medical evidence) and declared himnself “guardian” while Remey was yet still living.

What a shame this journalist put together such a poorly informed and (non) researched piece. Quinn

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