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To the writer of the piece, Manya A. Brachear. Thank you for your article, but I wish you’d done your research more thoroughly. As others have pointed out, the Bahai faith is NOT a sect of Islam or any other religion. It is a completely independent religion
A core tenet of the Bahai faith is the principle of the progressive Revelation, stipulating its belief in the World other major religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc), but according to their own era in history. The progressive nature of the principle means that the word of God is not limited and does not end with a particular religion.
New religions come and replace older religions. This is because although the spiritual teachings of the major religions are essentially the same, their message on social issues differ to better suit their particular eras. So, at some point new messengers of God bring the message of God for the new age in which they live to better reflect the realities, cultural, social and spiritual changes of that time.
As to the main issue of the article, it is sad to see a smaller number of Bahais (or ex-Bahais) have separated themselves from the Faith and are trying to establish a separate, and wholly artificial, strand of what they erroneously consider to be the Bahai faith. However, as a Bahai, I believe in freedom of speech and I’m not altogether certain if court action and suing this group is the right way to proceed. Paul

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