Re: Chicago Tribune Article

Martin wrote:
Dear Investigator of Truth,
You announce that «_Everyone_ is welcome to attend the 3rd Annual Choral Concert (…) at the Baha’i House of Worship.»
Are Orthodox Baha’is welcome too? Some members of the Orthodox Baha’i Faith would love to go, I am sure!

Hmmmmmm…check out your own group’s history, including marangella’s own comments, on shunning people who don’t share your group’s views before you climb up on that particular high horse, mister.
And why is there no mention at all of Remey appointing Donald Harvey on the orthodox website, for example? The appointement of a successor to a living guardian is surely worthy of mention??? Oh I forgot – marangella had decided, with not a shred of supporting medical evidence, that Remey was insane by then. What a marvellous example of love and respect for a living guardian. And, of course, marangella went on to announce himself as guardian BEFORE Remey had even passed away and after Remey had publically appointed Harvey as his successor!!!
Sort out your own spiritually bankrupt and hypocritical house before you start criticising others.


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