Re: Chicago Tribune Article

P.S. Yes Pepe was the Guardian, even though there are people who will dispute with this by saying Pepe wasn’t even a Baha’i, or he didn’t accept this position, etc. Even if all this were true, if he was a son and appointed by the previous Guardian, we’re stuck with him. If this were the case, which it wasn’t, imagine the kind of test it would be for the people to continue to bear their allegience to such an individual and not go awhoring after other “guardians” because this was the one and only Aghsan appointed to this position. These types of test have occured throughout the history of the line of David. But Pepe acknowledged his Guardianship and the Aghsan lineage as well as believing in Baha’u’llah, yet these are not requirements that need to be fulfilled according to the Covenant. The only two criteria that is given is #1 he is a son (Aghsan) and #2 he was appointed by the previous Guardian.

No other excuse or plan or theology will stand up to this criteria. This criteria has lasted for the last 3,000 years. They have to be a son, and they have to be appointed.

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