Re: Chicago Tribune Article

Victor Woods wrote:
But Pepe acknowledged his Guardianship and the Aghsan lineage as well as believing in Baha’u’llah, yet these are not requirements that need to be fulfilled according to the Covenant. The only two criteria that is given is #1 he is a son (Aghsan) and #2 he was appointed by the previous Guardian.

Pepe did not acknowledge anything at all. That is an absolute 100% falsehood.. To the end of his days Pepe steadfastly refused to join the Baha’i Faith let alone take up any office. Letters from Pepe himslef attest to his, including one he sent to the mainstream Baha’is informing them that his name was being used without his permission by Leland Jensen among others despite the fact that he had protested to Jensen about it and asked him to desist.

You either do not know what you are talking about, or you are deliberately lying about Pepe. HE WAS NEVER APPOINTED GUARDIAN BY REMEY AND HE HIMSELF IS ON RECORD AS SAYING HE WAS NOT.

Or are you accusing HIM of lying? Doris

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