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“As far as I know Pepe Remey was legally adopted as Mason Remey’s heir but this had nothing to do with appointing him Guardian.’

The Baha’is go by the law of primogeniture, which to the oldest or ONLY son goes the inheritance which is both physical and administrative when it comes to the Guardianship.

“As for Pepe’s supposedly adopting Neal Chase as his own son, no such adoption ever took place.”

If you are privy of evidence to the contrary you should provide it. Whereas there is ample evidence to support this claim.

“Pepe, in his letters to the followers of Leland Jensen would often joke about adopting people as his ‘sons.’ He did that with Brent Matheiu long before he ever did it with Neal Chase.”

Of course, this was Pepe dangling the carrot to see who would break ranks and this is exactly what Brent Mathieu did. Pepe said that he would have liked to have considered Brent as well as others his “sons” but that it “all fell apart” and this was no longer so. Pepe tested the believers to see if they would go against the Establisher whom was the first to be in support of Pepe as the Guardian as he only recognized the Aghsan lineage that had been passed to Pepe by Mason. Everyone who may have been considered broke ranks, even ones who were of a Jewish heritage. Pepe knew through his conversations with Mason that the Guardianship was to be brought back into the ancient lineage of David again.

Statement on Succession

The traditional background of the Prophets of Israel is that of a special and family descent from earliest times and from which seed the Prophets and Manifestations of God were descended.

I, Mason Remey, feel… that the descent of the Guardianship can be brought back again into the line of descent from Baha’u’llah [a natural branch: Jewish]. This can be accomplished as soon as there may arise amongst those of this chosen descent one who will qualify [i.e. not of those that broke the Covenant]. All this can be attained in conformity with the Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha.

Mason Remey AGHSAN, August 1964

Neal Chase was the only believer of Jewish descent who continued with Dr. Jensen and was educated by him personally. Pepe goaded the Baha’is to reject Dr. Jensen, and when they did he would cut them off and no longer communicate with them.

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