Re: Chicago Tribune Article

This article says: “Adherents of the Orthodox Baha’i Faith believe the international community has strayed from the religion’s original teachings. That deviation, they say, threatens to interfere with God’s plan for the world.”

I am not an “orthodox Baha’i” nor a “mainstream Baha’i.” I am a Baha’i though and I say both the groups mentioned in this article are liars and are duped. Neither of these groups deviations from the Baha’i Covenant, “threaten to interfere with God’s plan for the world.” Rather, both of the groups of Baha’is mentioned in this article are deviant from God’s Plan and at the same time, their deviance’s are *Part of God’s Plan.* When you understand how this is then you’ll know you have awakened! The truth of this is all in Baha’u’llah’s Covenant, which is the Kitab’i’Ahd and the Will and Testament of Abd’ul-Baha. See for yourself, by reading the source. And if you want to really get into the nitty gritty and background of this topic of Orthodox vs Mainstream, in short, go here:… and here:…

You’ll see that they are both in error.


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