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“if it is true that Mason was, in fact, the adopted Aghsan son of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, and if that fact were to be generally accepted, then I should not be able to refuse being his only possible successor…. The fact will always remain that if the Baha’i Faith must have a Guardian to progress, then only Mason Remey could have fulfilled that role, and Mason Remey intended me as his successor…”

And yes, it was true. Mason was the only Aghsan who qualified to be the Guardian and this was in the Plan from the beginning. None of the other claimants to the Guardianship after Mason ever claimed to be Aghsan, and thus they are immediately eliminated from consideration. Only one person fulfilled this position. This was Pepe. He asserts this in his letter that Mason had intended for him to be his successor. Pepe was Mason’s only son. Pepe acknowledged his Guardianship in other letters and referred to himself as a “do-nothing” Guardian in occultation. There are only two criteria. he must be an Aghsan (son) and be appointed. Anything added to this is outside the criteria the W&T delineates. This is the “Straight Path” that is tread by the faithful. The “faithful” are those who do not rebel against the designated lineage and try to establish added or false criteria. When Pepe passed on in 1994 the mantle of Guardianship passed from Pepe to Pepe’s adopted son, Neal Chase ben Joseph Aghsan bringing the natural line of David and Baha’u’llah grafted back into the tree. It doesn’t make any difference what anyone says. The fact that Pepe was the only son of Mason makes him the only one who can be Mason’s successor. To go with any other plan or design or path or theology is going against the designated Aghsan lineage which is the Lineage of David that is promised in the Book of Psalms to last for as long as their is life on this planet. There have always been those who have continually attacked and denied the Throne of David, but the Throne continues to this day despite them. If the people do not want the Promised Everlasting Covenant then that is no skin off my nose. I believe everyone can believe whatever they want. But what I usually end up believing is that which is true. That which is in conformity to the revealed writings and the fact that the Guardianship of the House of Justice is confined to the Aghsan lineage of Baha’u’llah in the Will & Testament. If the Guardianship continued after the death of Shoghi Effendi, who else could have fulfilled this role? Mason was the only one for the fact that he was Aghsan. Mason might have appointed others, but Mason had only one son, Pepe. Its really easy if you think about it. If people could accept the Straight Path this would be a very powerful point of unity. But people are silly. They are suspicious, jealous, envious, and so the attacks and rejection of the Aghsan lineage and the Throne of David continue. C’est la vie

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