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Doris wrote:

“Pepe was NEVER the Guardian.

You clearly you do not understand the meaning of Aghsan; you do not understand that the Guardianship does not automatically pass to a son even if he is the only son; and you do not understand that 9 Hands of the Cause must approve the appointment.

Neal Chase is not Aghsan, he was not appointed by a living guardian, he was not ratified by the Hands, and he is NOT, NEVER HAS BEEN, AND NEVER WILL BE GUARDIAN of anything but his own swollen ego.

That is the truth.”

Dear Doris,

The Master’s sacred Will and Testament uses the word “assent” not approve, a very different meaning, and a very different purpose, which requires interpretation and interpretative application, which power of interpretation sans-Guardian Baha’is and their leaders do not possess. Nine Hands of the Cause did not assent to Shoghi Effendi’s appointment because it arrived directly from the Master. The appointment of Shoghi Effendi’s successor did not need assent because there could not possibly be any confusion over the irrefutable fact that the Master’s Will and Testament identifies the “sacred head” of a Universal House of Justice to be none other than a Guardian of the Baha’i Faith.

It is interesting that you refer to the fact that the Hands “must” give their assent to the Guardian’s choice of his successor as if you recognize that that is a living, active, vigorous Instruction of Abdu’l-Baha’, currently in force, which it in fact is, and yet sans-Guardian Baha’is believe that His command concerning that “assent’ is dead, lifeless, and obsolete. In the Heterodox Baha’i organization that sacred Instruction of the Center of the Baha’i Covenant has never been in force, has never been obeyed and never will be obeyed or put into practice.


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