Re: Chicago Tribune Article

Victor wrote:
Janice…you’re a marvelous example for us all. This is the Baha’i Faith we’re talking about and thus I do have faith that things will be put aright. So it is prophesied by Baha’u’llah that a “burning meteor” will cast them out from the “Kingdom of His Presence”. This is Mount Carmel where the Covenant-breakers have been abiding in the King of His Presence for fifty years after declaring “Bada”. I do not envy their plight. So I think things will work themselves out, in fact, I have the greatest Faith they will.

And there we have the standard cult hypocrisy. Congratulating Janice for her call to loving kindness for all, and implying that’s what the cult wishes for too, while simultaneously wishing that a bomb should land on those the cult disagrees with.

Stunning. Just stunning.Doris

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