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It takes great courage to go on to that Talk.Religion.Bahai site. I have only visited on two ocassions and it is amazing the hateful things that are said there. It almost seems like the people want attention and aren’t really, truly seeking. I don’t know how you know who is and who is not an Orthodox Baha’i. I don’t even really know what you are. It seems as though you are sympathetic to the Sans-Guardian Baha’is but you must have some special sort of permission to talk to us because my understanding was that it is prohibitted for you to talk to those deemed covenant breakers. It is amazing the amount of knowledge that you have of all the groups and I admire your fearlessness because to me it means you are trusting God’s ability to protect you or cure you if you were to become “infected” with a “spiritual disease” (as many Sans-Guardian Baha’is have these odd fears). I can’t speak for my Orthodox Baha’i friends’ actions on that website. If they tend to focus on matters dealing with the Covenant it could be that they feel the enemies within are far more damaging than the enemies without the faith. It is like a dog that bites the hand that feeds it. The spiritual food and remedy that God has given us for this ailing world is being tainted by the ones in power. If the message is distorted or changed, it may not actually heal the sick as intended.
Could a non-believer actually have permission to go to the Archives on Mt. Carmel and get access to read documents? Could the group that asserts the Will and Testament is false have access to examine it? It would be nice if the documents were for all of humanity and not just a select few. I do not know the policy of the Sans-Guardian Baha’is regarding these matters. I was politely asked not to contact them anymore because of my interest in the Orthodox Group. You are the only one and others on these comment posts(if you are indeed a Sans-Guardian Baha’i) that I have spoken to regarding these matters and I am grateful for your imput. Janice

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