Re: Chicago Tribune Article

doris wrote:

You were NOT talking about an ordeal for the whole of humanity (which I would suggest is a spiritual ordeal and has already arrived in spiritual form as much of humanity has forgotten God. It’s usually cults who believe in literal firey death, hell and brimstone etc..etc..and you are no exception.)
No, you were NOT talking about a fiery test for humanity, Victor. You were trying to come across as loving and tolerant to all, as Janice seems to be, while at the same time wishing for a literal fiery death upon a VERY SPECIFIC GROUP OF PEOPLE YOU DISAGREE WITH.
And that is stunning.

Here you’ve missed the fact that the words you’ve grasped onto to make your point are not the words of Mr. Woods, they are as noted at the bottom of his post, the very words of Shoghi Effendi.

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