Re: Cucago Tribune Article

Shame on all of us.
We stand at the advent of the greatest religion on earth. We are the recipients of the most blessed message ever to reach human kind. We are the few, in this vast world to recognize the potential of a truly advanced civilization.
Here we are arguing and sueing each other over who’s in charge.
Wilmette and Haife do not have a guardian. They do not want a guardian. Neal Chase thinks he is guardian. I say follow who you think is most capable and let others follow who they think is most capable. Ultimatly God will guide us all if we are sincere and cultivate detachement. What ever my doubts may be, the world is in need and time is running out. Once again I urge all those who might come across this note to pray for their hearts to be open and for detachement and to offer that same prayer for all living beings. God will guide us.

The truth is within and without.
Thanks for reading. Janet

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