Letter To Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President,

How about a “To DON’T” list?
At the top of this new list for you is DON’T involve The United States in the Syrian Civil War!
How DARE anyone use the children dying in the Syrian civil war as a pretext for sending more weapons to the “rebels” or setting up a “no fly zone” over Syria!
This is the quintessence of HIPOCRISY! Surely YOU, Mr. President are aware that in excess of HALF a MILLION infants and children perished during the years of U.S. agression in Iraq from the years of BUSH Sr., all the way through the Clinton years, and culminating in the globally catastrophic 8 years of George W. BUSH/Cheney!
Adding weapons and taking more militaristic actions such as a “no fly zone” is merely a broader application of the INSANE thinking that arming the entire population of the U.S. with unlimited weaponry will be the best solution to GUN VIOLENCE!!!
IF you, Mr. President cannot see this obvious connection of only these 2 issues to say nothing of how these connect to many others then you may not be able to take the U.S., much less the world, in a new direction away from planetary warfare. This is your job in your current position, if you only knew, which I believe you DO!
I did not support your election and re-election for you to follow in the footsteps of the WARMONGERS before you!
I do not extoll your Presidency for you to buckle under pressure to the ways of the WARMONGERS of the BUSH cabal and others!
I told you at the beginning of your first term that you would fail utterly as a president if you did not end the U.S. agression in Afghanistan and you have correctly taken steps, albeit politically tentative steps, in that direction and for this and other acts of leadership you’ve been granted another term by the people of this nation with great approval, BUT if you follow in the path of geopolitical meddling as those before you have then you will be counted among them and in the annals of the true history of this country be recorded as no better in any way than those ones before you.
YOU Barack Obama MUST choose to lead the U.S. and the world in a VERY different manner and direction, and your second term is passing all too quickly!
My prayers are with you that you will be under the protection of GOD THE MOST GLORIOUS at all times and that your leadership decisions will be rightly guided.
Your friend and supporter still,

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