The Guardian’s Fireside Message

“O Lord! Open Thou the door. Provide the means, prepare the way, make safe the path.

That we may be guided to those souls, whose hearts are prepared for Thy Cause,

and that they may be guided to us. Verily,

Thou art the Merciful, the Most Bountiful, the All-Powerful!”


Dear friends,

The full, on-line fireside series is now available free of price on both YouTube and At at the top there is also a purple button quick-link to

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These firesides have been and will always be free of price for the safety, security, and salvation of the people. They are not the Baha’i Faith but contain the proofs and evidence for the Baha’i Faith. Where Judaism is the root, and Christianity is the branch, the Baha’i Faith is the leaf, flower, and fruit of the same tree.

The mission of the living Davidic King–entitled the Guardian of the Baha’i Faith–who is the irremovable member for life of the Universal House of Justice of Baha’ullah ( the executive branch (see Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, p. 15) is to unite all the people of the world. This can only be accomplished when the man-made veils of separation and division are removed and the people are able to attain to their own personal and independent understanding of God as they know and experience that Divine Reality in the inner temple of the reality of their own heart, mind, and soul. This is the science of the love of God, which all can learn, but cannot be taught. As all draw closer to the real Center of Being, all naturally grow closer to one another. Thus the Oneness of Humanity is established upon the firm foundation of JUSTICE–the most great Justice for all–justice meaning seeing the truth with our own eyes and knowing with our own direct and immediate knowledge and not through that of our neighbor as defined by Baha’u’llah in the second Hidden Word:

O SON OF SPIRIT! The best beloved of all things in My sight is Justice; turn not away therefrom if thou desirest Me, and neglect it not that I may confide in thee. By its aid thou shalt see with thine own eyes and not through the eyes of others, and shalt know of thine own knowledge and not through the knowledge of thy neighbor. Ponder this in thy heart; how it behooveth thee to be. Verily justice is My gift to thee and the sign of My loving-kindness. Set it then before thine eyes.

This Unity of human beings–therefore is a Unity in Diversity. Thus the individual and society of the group are dually transformed in a single moment of spiritual education and rapture. While each person is sovereign in their own private relationship with God and the Divine Reality within their own being, this inner reality of the soul–only through the power of the Covenant of God–then corresponds to the outer reality of the Divine and everlasting Kingdom (Davidic) established on earth as it is in heaven and is perfect social application, true faith, wisdom, purity, and spirituality.

Only those who God has Himself chosen to allow to, will have the veils of separation and division removed and become freed from outer forms and imitations. These souls are able to draw very close to the Center of Being both inwardly and outwardly. They are the result of the divine and spiritual process of everlasting life in eternal paradise mirrored on earth via the knowledge of the reality of the Universal Manifestation of God in this Day, Baha’u’llah, and the successorship of His Covenant upon the throne of King David. The successorship of Baha’u’llah’s Covenant upon the throne of King David is a mighty power and supreme potency hidden and concealed within the world of being and is the Center of Unity and direction of the point of adoration amongst the people. Through this successorship, the differences that are apparent in the world of humanity will resolve themselves.

It is my personal hope that all the people of the world will be free from the clutter that fills their minds in any form and be able to see the truth for themselves with their own eyes. It is not my prayer that all should be Baha’i. There are over six million Baha’i in the world, most outside the Covenant and we can see what little good that is doing. But it is my prayer that each individual person should be free from all indoctrination, bunk ideas, and clutter and see the truth directly and immediately from their own perspective, their own unique point of view, and personal vantage point. When this prayer is answered, of course the people will see the truth about Baha’u’llah and the true Universal House of Justice ( with the living descendant of King David as its president as those are true and real. But none of that will matter one wit, as long as the majority remains blindly following anyone, or any group, or any ideology. All codification comes between man and God. The pure relationship between lover and Beloved must be established in the hearts, minds and souls of the people. That is a private, personal choice. Baha’u’llah affirms in the Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah, #LXXV:

For the faith of no man can be conditioned by any one except himself.”

Thus only the pure of heart can turn to God in and of themselves. This fireside series is an aid and assistance to remove the clutter. As Christianity is the largest, most corrupt, hijacked, bunk religion separated from Reality, this fireside series targets the theologies, doctrines, dogmas and creeds, prevalent among the Christian people of the West who are duped by their priest craft and politicians to wage war, steal oil, and drop the nuclear bombs–all against the real wishes and loving desires of Jesus Christ–yet do that in his name for the almighty dollar!?! Thus Jesus died for those sins so we could be able to recognize the coming of the potency of the “Everlasting Father” seated upon “David’s throne” (Is. 9:6-7) in Baha’ullah and His son ‘Abdu’l-Baha after Him. As in the body when the impediment is removed the body heals itself. No doctor ever healed anyone. They simply remove the impediment, clean the wound, and the body heals itself.

Thus through these firesides online, we pray the impediment is removed from both individuals and groups. We pray that the personal and group wounds are cleaned, and that the body of humanity will then be able to heal itself, coming together in love and affiliation in the divine and everlasting Kingdom that is now established since 2001. We pray it will become an everlasting reality of love and light for all people–millions and billions–and not just the handful of lovers–thousands and thousands–that ardently work without ceasing day and night along with their fellow believer and equal, the descendant of king David, that God has purposed in the world today to help bring about this great work.

When the impediment of slander, calumny and lies is removed, the Unity of Human beings in their diversity will result: as the body of God, the body of the spiritual reality of human beings heals itself!

In El Abha,

Your servant,

Neal Chase,

Guardian of the Baha’i Faith

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