A Second Letter To U.S. President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President,

I had hoped not to have to follow my previous letter to you with further urging in regard to the Syrian civil war. Unfortunately it seems necessary at this pivotal point in time while those of us who believe in the promise of Peace through Justice celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, the Dream shared by Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King for economic and social Justice, and the turning point that day represented in that moment in time to move the Cause of God forward amongst the human population to this Day of God wherein you, Barack Obama hold the most powerful secular office on the planet.

In the interest of being succinct and as time may have already run out, I will simply point out a few key things which you must reflect upon for the sake of all that was recognized as sacred and attainable in the gathering on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial 50 years ago.
You spoke wrongly when you made your “Red Line” comment about Syria and the use of chemical weapons.
You are allowed to have mis-spoken and this in no way paints you into a corner and nothing of any negative significance will come from you admitting this to yourself and the nation. This requires courage though, as many will try to point their finger and make something of it. You should be at ease about that type and their behavior by now.
You do not have a moral mandate from God to take any military actions upon Syria.
MR. KERRY, demonstrated unmittigated gaul when railing about the use of chemical weapons. His outrage is transparent. Does Mr. Kerry think that ANY form of warfare and the use of ANY type of weapon against ANY human population is NOT a MORAL OBSCENITY??!!! HOW DARE Mr. Kerry speak as if ALL other forms of violence against even ONE fellow human is somehow NOT a MORAL OBSCENITY and then use that as a pretext to engaging in injecting the United States and others into the Syrian civil war by advocating that you as President perpetrate an act of war!!
Any use of any weaponry by you, Mr. President, will in very fact be exactly the MORAL OBSCENITY Mr. Kerry is so self-righteously indignant about!
Mr. President, if you choose to take military action and involve the United States in the Syrian civil war which by definition is an internal struggle of a sovereign nation, then you will be walking in the path that all the warmongers have walked for generations up to and including your immediate predecessors. It is their agression whether excused as “retaliative”, “surgical”, “punitive” or a host of other rhetorical euphamisms even now being spewed by those on the left and right and others which has been the cause of so much of the disintegration of the very dream Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and so many others gave their very lives as martyrs to further and efflouresce into a reality for future generations beyond ours.
The act of courage that you are now faced with is the act of staying the military hand of this nation. It is an act of courage which you alone are empowered to perform and one which will surge THE DREAM ahead with unpredictable momentum if you will only have the vision to see that these two elements are intrinsically fused, inseparable and of immense magnitude in this most weighty and pivotal hour and the extra measure of humility to explain this to our Nation’s people.
I pray you will have the guidance of God The Most Glorious to make the only wise and courageous choice before you in this moment.
Yours in Baha’u’llah El Abha,

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