The entire Baha’i Faith and the controversy which has surrounded it since it’s beginnings in 1844-1863 revolve around the genealogy of Baha’u’llah being in a direct line from the Biblical King David. This has been suppressed in Persia (Iran) since then and has resulted in many assassinations worldwide, several of prominent individuals, by those who wish to keep this information from being widely investigated and broadcast. The “hands” in 1957 knew this and violated the Baha’i Covenant and without any authority whatsoever claimed “bada” and usurped the Cause of God in order to keep the world from knowing that Baha’u’llah was from this lineage, that He continued it through ‘Abdu’l-Baha and that it continued on from ‘Abdu’l-Baha through adoption.

Baha’u’llah’s lineage is from His father that of the Jewish Throne Line of King David and from His mother that of the Persian Sassanian Dynasty which ended with Yazdegird III.
The intertwining of this Throne Line of King David and the Throne Line of Zoroastrian Persia is referenced in one instance in Markham’s “A General Sketch of the History of Persia” published in 1874. The Genealogy is found on page 97 with the written account of the merging of these two royal houses found specifically on page 94. Here is the link to that account:

For a more complete genealogical depiction go to this link:

Bostenay or as we transliterate the name; Bostanai was the “Prince of the Captivity” of the Jews at that time or as Ginsberg in his “Legends of the Jews” refers to the Davidic Kings during the time of their Babylonian/Persian captivity, the “Exilarchate”, the “Exilarchs” or the “Monarchs in exile”.

The Persians may know Bostanai in their history as “Baw” and his family as the “Bawandids” and there are written accounts of this very central point of Persian and Jewish history from both perspectives which dovetail perfectly. These histories were only “spoken of”, to quote a close Persian friend who is a Siyyid, “in very low tones and quiet whispers at certain cafe’s and private gymnasiums” as the Iranian government would cause one to disappear if they were found to be openly speaking of this part of Persian history. This oppression may be ongoing in present day Iran.

We, the Baha’is Under the Provisions of the Covenant, are going to break Baha’u’llah out of the Most Great Prison, the prison of oppression, marginalization and obscurity and bring about the Great Projection of His True Identity and the Identity of His True UHJ to all the people of the world. The goal of that Projection and the fruits of it are the establishment of universal human and civil rights, social and economic justice, the establishment of a bridled capitalism of the divine economy, and the lesser and greater peace founded upon the Most Great Justice.

It must also be noted that Baha’u’llah advised the Moslem leaders to send a representative to speak with His half brother Mirza Yahya so that they would have his confirmation of their genealogical roots. Mirza Yahya knew his family history as well as Baha’u’llah though Mirza Yahya also knew that it was not his own line of descent which continued the throne, but that it was in fact Baha’u’llah’s line which was chosen for this. This request by Baha’u’llah is recorded in His Epistle to the Son of the Wolf:

“In this day, this Wronged One requesteth thee and the other divines who
have drunk of the cup of the knowledge of God, and are illumined by the
shining words of the Day-Star of Justice, to appoint some person,
without informing any one, and despatch him to these regions, and
enable him to remain a while in the island of Cyprus, and associate
with Mirza Yahya, perchance he may become aware of the fundamentals of
this Faith and of the source of the Divine laws and commandments.
(Baha’u’llah: Epistle to the Son of the Wolf, Pages: 120-121)

There are also key references in the Baha’i writings which confirm this Davidic Lineage and Baha’u’llah’s ancestry being firmly rooted therein.

In the year 817 A.D. the Reigning Davidic Monarch was actually converted to Islam by the Imam who was his contemporary when they met in the city of Mashad.

At one time when asked by what authority do the Imams rule the Imam stated “We rule by the authority of the House of David.”

This is the point of unity around which Moslem, Jew and Christian must unite! It is now time for this to come forth and bring the three most warring branches of the religion of God together in Universal Peace through Universal Justice!

In service to the Covenant,

In the Name of the King,


Knight of Baha’u’llah


“Thus saith the Lord to his anointed [Heb. Messiah], to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden, to subdue nations before him; and I will loose the loins of kings, to open before him the two leaved gates; and the gates shall be not shut;” (Is. 45:1 KJV)

As is shown here, in the Bible, Cyrus the Great, called Bahman ibn Isfandiyar in Persia is called Messiah or Christ, the “Anointed One” in the Bible. Why?

To understand this we must first understand the meaning of the word “anointed” or Christ.

The word Messiah is the Hebrew word for the Greek word Christ, which in English means anointed one, but anointed one of what? The full title is Messiah ben David, which means the anointed male sperm descendant of King David and was the term used only for the kings of the Jews of Israel who were anointed by the High Priest with oil in a ceremony to rule over the people of Israel. Thus David was anointed by Samuel and Solomon by the High Priest as well. The prophecies state that there will be “Two Messiahs” or “Two Christs” or “Two Anointed ones” that stand by the Lord of the whole earth (see Zech. Chap. 4 for more on this). These would be two different descendants of King David who would be anointed directly by God with the Holy Spirit and not with physical oil by a man in a ceremony. Yet the Bible declares Cyrus the Great to be God’s anointed, the Messiah or Christ though he is clearly not descended from King David. Why?

The answer is that from Cyrus the Great of Persia the second coming of Christ will appear through the female line, as the male line of David was to marry into the female line of Zoroaster and of Cyrus. Zoroaster in English literally means “seed of the woman”. Thus Cyrus is called “anointed” showing that through his lineage will come the “seed of the woman” or ovum through which the “loins of kings” will be loosed through marriage. From this union will come the return of Christ, whom both Christians and Muslims await, and who is the same personage as the Messiah seated upon the throne of David that the Jews are also awaiting. The very appearance of this personage will unite the people of the world as He is to be recognized as the Promised One of all. This was to be preserved and protected by Cyrus and his successors until the appointed hour. Beginning at 9/11/2001 that Prophetic Hour has been unfolding upon the world stage.

Thus Cyrus the Great was the One that God had appointed to both protect and continue this lineage from David (Christ), which is to last for ever (see Psalms 89).

Cyrus the Great did this in several ways. First, by returning Jesus’s ancestors who did not sit upon the throne of King David (God’s throne)—such as Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel (see Luke chapter 3)—back to the safety of Jerusalem; and 2) by bringing the throne of David into the safe haven of Persia where it was to be preserved for about 2300 years (Daniel chapter 8). Thus the Bible, in the Book of Daniel, ends with the throne of David being brought into Persia (see chapter 10 verses 1, 20; and ch. 11 verse 2, etc…). Then Daniel in Chapter 12 gives several prophetic dates such as 1260, 1290 and 1335 years to occur after the appearance of Mohammed, for the throne of David to re-emerge out of Persia and come to the West. This is prophesied to occur with a great social upheaval, thousands of believers martyred, the collapse of the Muslim dynasties and the resurgence of Western Powers over that of the East. As the dates of 1260, 1290 and 1335 on the Muslim calendar have already come and gone, behold how since that time of 1844 AD on the Christian solar calendar, these prophecies have all come to pass.

Thus Cyrus of Persia, a Zoroastrian, is called Messiah who will “loose the lions of kings [reproductive systems]” and “open before him the two leaved gates [“Bab” is gate in Persian and Arabic]. This is fulfilled in the TWIN HOLY LINEAGES of both Mohammed and King David preserved and protected in Persia. The daughters of Cyrus, of the last Sassanian Monarch Yazdigird III, Dara and Shar-Banu were married one to the exilarch, the exiled Davidic King, Bostanai, called Baw, Gawbara, or Badustan in Persian, and the other to Imam Husayn respectively. This marriage and double wedding ceremony was arranged by the Imam Ali and is preserved in the Legend of the 1001 Nights where Imam Husayn is symbolized by Shah Zaman (the Lord of the Age) who marries one sister and Bostanai is symbolized by his older brother, Shahriyar, (Shahriyar is a family name of Bostanai) who marries the other sister. Like Isaac and Ishmael were brothers, Bostanai and Imam Husayn, are not only brothers in marriage, but brothers from David and Muhammad, from Isaac and Ishmael. This is the story of the family of God. Thus the loins of Kings, both of David (Baw/Badustan Bostanai) and of Muhammad (Imam Husayn) were loosed by the lineage of Cyrus through these two women, the sisters and princesses of the Zoroastrian lineage. As already explained, Zoroaster, in English, literally means “seed of the woman.” ‘Zoro’ or ‘Zero’ is seed and ‘aster’ is the woman. The Bible gives Cyrus as “Messiah” “Christ” or “anointed one” because the Christ on his second coming that all the world waits for will be descended from him through the female line and from David upon the male line, for the Christ is the anointed son of David, and Jesus was not seated upon David’s throne, as this throne was moved into Persia.

Christians who were knowledgeable understood that the Magi from Persia were Zoroastrian Priests. Those Christian adepts were knowledgeable that King Solomon, when he had been exiled from his throne, met with Zoroaster in Shiz in Azerbaijan in the area of Solomaniyyiah and Solomon’s Throne. They understood that Zoroaster himself had visited King Solomon in Jerusalem and that all the kings of Persia mentioned in the Bible are Zoroastrians being of the same religion, same faith and same persuasion as the Jews and later the true Christians.

The symbol for the philosophers stone is the star of David and ancient European texts relate that this was to be found near Mount Damavand in Persia in the area of Mazindaran and Tabaristan, on the outskirts of the ancient city of Ray, near Teheran.

The writings on the Holy Grail explain that the Latin and French words where more fully “sangrail” or “sang-rail” and literally translates into English as blood-royal or the royal blood line of the true kingship blessed and chosen by God. “Sang” means blood; and “rail” means king. Thus in the Legends of Arthur, some knights visited into the east of Persia (Iran and Iraq) to the grail castle, and met the living descendant of King David ruling upon David’s throne at that time. This is recorded in the preserved books, which speak of these things.

“THE Most Great Law is come, and the Ancient Beauty ruleth upon the throne of David. Thus hath My Pen spoken that which the histories of bygone ages have related.”

The Proclamation of Baha’u’llah, pg. 89, The fulfillment of Psalm 89.

At the time of the fall of the Persian Empire all the lands were conquered by the Muslim hordes of Abu Bakr, Omar and Othman, accept for the strong hold of the mountains of the north in Mazindaran. In 613 AD when Chosroes captured Jerusalem, he did this with the help of Bostanai who was a general in his army and whom history variously calls Baw, Gil-Gawbara or Baduspan depending upon the sources.

Bostanai was promised to be able to rebuild Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem if he helped capture the City, but Chosroes changed his mind and captured the true cross for his Christian wife bringing this back to Persia. As a recompense Chosroes Parviz gave Bostanai the fiefdoms of the lands of his ancestors such as Azerbaijan and the north, where Solomon had wandered, Isfahan where Shushandukt was buried, Hamadan the place of Esther, and Istakar the place of Daniel and Cyrus, as well as the lands of Mazindaran in the precincts of the city of Rayy where Tobit and those dwelled, near where modern day Teheran is located. Thus Bostanai governed and collected the taxes over all the principalities as Shah (which included the territory of the Khazars and Russia as well along the shores of the Caspian sea) and then paid his tithes to Chosroes the Shahenshah, over all the empire. Ibn Isfandiyar tells us that it was then at that time that the northern mountain lands of Farthagwashgar were renamed Tabaristan from the word “Bustan” — beautiful scented garden — which is the name of the Davidic King Bostanai. Thus it was from this time forward that the north was called Tabaristan and the Dabuyids or Davidides of Baw (Bostanai) are reckoned as its first ancestral kings, from the days when the empire fell to the hands of the invading hordes of Omar and those who were against the Alids and family of Ali, Hasan and Husayn.

These two lineages — one female and the other male — (of Zoroaster and of David) are preserved from ancient times until the present. In the Bible we read of the great King Ahasuerus who married Queen Esther whom Firdawsi in the Shahnameh relates to the mother of Darius the Great, his father the great King of Persia and his mother the Queen from the family of David. Thus on the Behistun Monument, carved in Stone, located on the ancient roadway from Baghdad to Teheran, Darius proclaims that from these two great families (David and Hakamanush of Zoroaster and Cyrus) God has always vouchsafed kingship, and that it is from these “two families” that he himself is descended, David on the female side and that of Cyrus of the Persian on the male side. Thus these ancestors of ancient Persia could recount their lineages from either the male line or the female line, or sometimes from both, switching back and forth between certain family ancestors, depending upon how they wanted, for not only did Esther of the daughter’s of the house of David marry into the Persian royal family, but Shushandukt, the daughter of one of the Exilarchs married into the royal family of Sassan (a descendant of Cyrus) and her son was Bahman the Great.

In the Tarikh-i-Ruyan, you can therefore read where these pure natured ancestors thus recount their lineage from the time of Adam until the present day. From Adam to Pharez the son of Judah the son of Jacob son of Isaac, son of Abraham they give their genealogy in the male line. Then of Manuschir down through Cyrus the Great and the Sassaniyan kings they give their lineage of the female line. Then from Baw, Gawbara, or Gil, they give their lineage again through the male line. Thus these ancestors always showed that they were Jews, from Judah, in the male line. Jew means descended from Judah. And these Kings of the Mountains always reckoned their descent from Judah.

Pharez, the son of Judah was sometimes confused by scholars as referring to Fars, or the province of Fars in Persia. Thus in the poems and prophecies of Shalamagani, who stated that there was a future prophet who would not come from the house of Hashim but from the house of Kisra (Chosroes the Great, Anurshuvan (Adil) the Just), Mirza Abu Fazl clarified that by Pharez was meant the son of Judah and not the province of Fars.

Knowing the lineage of the Badustaniyan-Bawandids, Shalamagani clearly stated that this one would come from Pharez, that is Pharez the son of Judah, for from this line of Judah and Pharez comes King David whose descendant Bostanai from this House was both descended from Cyrus and Kisra in the female line as well as marrying the daughter of Yazdigird III making his son Shahriyar both the male heir of David’s throne on the male line (the throne of God), and the heir to the throne of Persia through both his mother, Dara, and his father Bostanai, as Yazdigird III had willed the throne of all Persia to Bostanai, before the fall of the empire at the hands of the bloodthirsty ones who killed Ali, Hasan and the beloved Imam Husayn on the plain of Karbila.

For making this prophecy, Shalamagani was put to death. Likewise since that time, many historians, philosophers and poets, such as al-Biruni, Firdawsi, Avicenna (Ibn Sina) and the like were all electrified and inspired when they had discovered the secret of the throne of David existing within the precincts of Persia, in the land of Tabaristan or Mazandaran. In consequence of obsessive jealousy, envy and hatred, these ones were forced to flee for their lives and take refuge at times with the dynasties of the Ispahbadiyyia of Mazandaran who were the heirs to David’s throne of the line of Baw and Baduspan. Firdawsi was to have his Shahnameh dedicated to Shahriyar Sharwin named in the Tarik-i-Tabraistan by Ibn Isfandiyar as he realized that he was the heir to the dual throne of David and of Persia alike. Firdawsi declares that the book should be dedicated to him as it pertains to his lineage and his family, as he is the heir of Yazdgird III of the lineage of Kisra and Cyrus the great. Thus many have been persecuted or killed if they published or taught of the inheritance of the throne of Persia being passed down from Baw or Baduspan in the direct male line from the time of Yazdigird to the present — let alone if they dared to mention the throne of David as the inheritance of the same person for in the Koran, Muhammad names David and his sons as God’s successors (khalif)—vice-regent—on earth, and of this term khalif in the Koran, he names no other (Koran 38:26; 17:55; 2:30, 251, etc…).

Thus these Badustaniyan chiefs had full rights of inheritance to govern both Persia and the East as well as claim successorship to the throne of God, David’s throne, the throne of the LORD (1 Chron. 29:23) that was preserved within their family since time immemorial and ancient of days—from the time of Adam, Abraham and David to the present era. In the Koran, Muhammad explained that His dispensation was to be a “middle nation” or a “middle kingdom” (Koran 2:143) which would rule after the time of Adam, David and Jesus, and before the time of the Kingdom at the close of the Adamic cycle of 6 days, or 6000 years, each day being 1000 years—4000 BC to 2001 AD—(Koran 7:54; 10:4; 32:5,6; 22:47).

All the various dynasties of the East from the Abbassid down to the Safavid had made their claims to Persia (Iran) by marrying into the female line of these Badustaniyan chiefs. Al-Mamun’s mother was of the clan of Dabuyid (Davidides) of the family of those of Baw/Gawbara (Bostanai) though not through the house of Shahriyar-Baduspan that inherited the throne, but through that of one of his brothers who did not inherit the throne. The Safvids likewise married into the house of Baduspan-Bawand through a daughter, and by this union of Ismael comes the great Abbas. All of these ones in the east that claimed rule, and took it by force, would thus claim the throne by right of marriage to a daughter of these great Ispahbuds. The throne of David however is a male line inheritance only. It passes on from father to son. No Queen ever sat upon the throne of David. Meanwhile, these Ispahbuds of Baduspan and Bawand would allow these others to rule empire by the will of God all along passing on both the throne of Persia and the throne of David as a father to son inheritance within their family.

All of these ones from the time that Bostanai met Ali, Hasan and Husayn at his double wedding to his wife Dara — and Husayn’s to her sister Shar-banu — the exilarchs of Bawand had been the followers and loyal supporters of the Imams and their Holy family. In 817 AD the Exilarch Isaac Iskoi ben Moses also called Karin in Persian declared his belief in the 8th Imam Ali ar-Rida publicly after having been fully converted and moved his family and 800 Jews who did likewise to their permanent home in Tabaristan. This victory was so great, as the conversion of the Davidic King had taken place by the 8th Imam himself in a conference arranged by al-Mamun, all three being related to the Sassanian and Persian Dynasties of Zoroaster and Cyrus through their respective mothers or great grandmothers that the event was inscribed in stone on the Kabba itself! This inscription remains there to this very day for all to see and read.

Karin or Isaac was known throughout Persia and the East as Abu-Muluk, the father of Kings, as the heir to David’s throne and head of all world Jewry was now a declared believer in Muhammad and Jesus and through the joint efforts of the Caliph Mamun and the Imam Rida. Entitled the great Ispahbud over the provinces of Kurasan and the like, Karin (Isaac) had joy turned into sorrow when the unity collapsed at the martyrdom of Imam Rida who had previously been named the successor to Mamun. Thus the East was plunged into a great day of turmoil and contention and books were again burned, and the Imam’s family, the Alids, and the Exilarchs all fled to Tabaristan or Mazindaran for protection once again.

O Mohammed! Such are but a few of the great events that have taken place in the wondrous country where God’s throne has been preserved aforetime! The country where the Twin Holy Lineages of the Prophet Muhammad and of King David have been preserved for over 1000 years. To recount all the great events would fill not just a book, but volume after volume after volume of history and illumination to the pages of known history today. Yet in this short treatise we should at least mention one other great and important event that unites the hearts of all the lovers of the true God throughout all the world no matter what land or clime to which God has driven them and in which today they may be found.

In his old age it was the wish of Bostanai to once again meet with his brother (in marriage) Husayn before he passed on into the next world. Likewise Dara wished to see her sister, Shar-banu, for they had not been reunited since the day of their wedding, for it was after that great day that horrible tragedy struck with the murder and holy martyrdom of Imam Ali, by the perfidious Muawia described in the Book of Revelation as the angel of the bottomless pit Abbaddon, for both Muawia and Abbadon in English means “the destroyer.” So it was that Bostanai (called Baw or Gawbara in the Persian chronicles) was about 80 years of age. In the Jewish Yeshivas and schools in the Area of Pure Lineage (where Baghdad is now located in Iraq) his sons by his Jewish wife who had passed on acted as the presidents of the schools of Pumbedita and Sura and maintained their ancestral residence in the town of Nehardea near the temple of Shaf ve Yativ. These sons are reckoned in the Jewish histories as “helper” and not exilarch, for their father only had them be his helpers while he was away in Tabaristan raising his other children with his wife Dara. To these sons by his Jewish wife he never gave the throne. The family prepared for the long journey back to Iraq Arabi where they would meet Husayn and his family for their family reunion. When asked by what authority the Imams ruled Husayn always replied: “We Imams rule by the authority of the throne of David, and if we lack anything the Holy Spirit sends it to us.”

The arrangements had all been made. Husayn had tentatively accepted the invitation by certain ones to come to Iraq and possibly make that area his permanent residence, and Bostanai had arranged with his other sons for a place to stay in Iraq as well. Through Dara and Shar-banu the two families were to meet at a third undisclosed location for their reunion as the threat of the Umayyad terror was still all throughout the land. Bostanai, under the guidance and protection of the Imams, had originally fled into Mazandaran for safety since the death of Ali. And the Umayyad successors had been warned by their founders never to again harm the Imams or any of their house. However the Umayyad leader disobeyed the instructions of his own father in this matter. When word of this reunion came to the ears of the Umayyed Caliph he felt he could wipe out both the house of David and that of the Imams in one swoop. On his way to see Bostanai for their reunion, Husayn and his party was fiercely attacked. Diverting the enemy toward the plain of Karbila, Husayn, Shahr-banu and their whole family and company was martyred. Like Muhammad, Ali, Hasan and even Ishmael and his mother Hagar before them, they all died and willingly gave their lives, so that the line of David should continue for ever unharmed and unmolested. This is the great sacrifice of Islam, to submit willingly and lovingly to the Will of God and to holy martyrdom, as did Jesus, who said pick up your cross and follow me, for the Cause of God to continue in guarding and protecting the throne and lineage of David which is to last for ever.

When Bostanai heard the news of the slaughter on the plain of Karbila, history recounts, the terrible news, so shocking, so horrible, hit him like a “brick in the head.” Thus unable to attain his dying wish to be reunited with Husayn in this life, he instantly winged his way into the next. This double tragedy of the death of both the exilarch Bostanai and the great Imam Husayn set off a terrible shock wave throughout the entire globe. Sadiq lay sick and dying in bed, and the evil sons of Bostanai, who had actually conspired with the Umayyads and betrayed the route, timetable and itinerary Husayn had chosen to take, captured Dara and her three sons who had survived their father’s death — one walking, one crawling and one still suckling — and had them thrown in prison to have them either put to death or sold as slaves.

These evils sons, his former “helpers” thus sought to usurp the throne of David from their younger brothers for themselves and sell out the throne of Persia of the East, they felt they could steel to the perfidious and murder some Umayyads themselves! Up until that time the Umayyads had been unable to capture Tabaristan and Northern Persia where many refugees had been consistently fleeing to for safety in the mountain refuges of that northern most land.

The righteous leaders of the Jewish schools were horrified at the perfidy and usurpation of the two brothers. They ruled that the sons of Bostanai by Dara were the appointed heirs to the throne of David, and that by the law of primogeniture and by the explicit appointment by their father Bostanai, their order was by age, first Shahriyar, than Mardanshah and than Gurganshah—Bostanai having declared Shahriyar his heir to the throne even as David several times proclaimed his appointment of Solomon. Thus these loyal leaders of the Jewish schools were either deposed and/or killed by the wicked brothers and the usurping parties who had the backing of the Umayyads. But God intervened! Before they could either kill or enslave Dara and her three sons permanently, her Uncle, the Marzabana, military general of Tabaristan, threatened war on the Jewish brothers with certain defeat if his niece and her sons were not returned to Tabaristan unharmed, which they then were by direct military escort. According to the wishes of Bostanai, the territory of Mazandaran or Tabaristan was divided up into three parcels amongst the three bothers, who each formed dynasties that ruled that area for more than a thousand years. Each son had a capital on a different mountain in his region, one on the East, one in the central area, and one in the West. At Shahriyar Kuh, and in the area of Amul and later Ruyan, Shahriyar hailed as the great Baduspan made his capital seat. In the country of Nur and Kujur in the area of Takur, the family maintained the ancestral estate and farm where Bostanai himself had lived with Dara and where her three sons had been born. Thus it was written that in the legendary city of Taq all the wealth and wisdom of the ancient Persian dynasties had been preserved, for in Taq or Takur, the lineage of Cyrus, Kisra and David was all preserved in that family in northern Iran protected, safe, and secure as the Imams made certain by their sacrifice. And so it would remain until the appointed hour!

Mohammed! Many have been killed and have willingly given their lives not to betray this ancient and wondrous secret, and the truth about the peoples and history of Persia. Thus it has been written even in the Holy Bible:

“Thus saith the Lord to his anointed [Heb. Messiah], to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden, to subdue nations before him; and I will loose the loins of kings, to open before him the two leaved gates; and the gates shall be not shut;” (Is. 45:1 KJV)

That from these two holy lineages, from these Twin Holy Trees, that of Ishmael and Isaac, that of Muhammad and that of David, would God Almighty conjoin with the seed of Cyrus, and in the end times “open before him the two leaved gates” in the Twin Holy Personages of the Qaim and the Qayyum.

Now all peoples and scholars on this all important and weighty topic cannot fail to recognize that by the appearance of Qaim, the “One who will Arise” is meant the Appearance of the promised Imam from the lineage of Husayn and Shahr-banu. Likewise by Qayyum is meant “the everlasting” and is sometimes translated into English as the “self-subsisting one” referring to the everlasting Covenant that God promised to King David and to his offspring and to his lineage that his line will last for ever and his throne for all generations. (see 1 Sam. 7:13 and Psalms 89). Thus from these Twin Holy Genealogies are to come TWO PROMISED ONES from Persia, simultaneously, the Qaim of the House of Muhammad and Cyrus; and the Qayyum of the House of David and Cyrus; both cousins and brothers through the twin double wedding of the daughters of Yazdigird III.

Anyone so inclined to read the book of Nabil’s Narrative, would see mightily and glaring upon those pages, the fact that both Shaykh Ahmad and Siyyid Kazim anticipated the twin appearances of the Qaim in the person of the 12th Imam returned from the lineage of the Imams; and the Qayyum in the person of the second coming of Christ to return from the lineage of David from the house of Badustan-Bawand. Thus Shaykh Ahmad while in Teheran inquired into the family of Mirza Buzurg the Vizier about his beloved son Husayn. Likewise did Siyyid Kazim guard this secret like a treasure concealed within a shell. And Mullah Husayn was dispatched by the Bab to deliver a message to the lineal heir who had inherited both the throne of David and the throne of Persia from his father before him.

From that time, Siyyid Ali Muhammad has been known as the Bab and Mirza Husayn -Ali as Baha’u’llah: for the Bab was the “gate” to Baha’u’llah, and Baha’u’llah explained that he was the return and resurrection of that same gate. Therefore from the lineage of Cyrus the Great comes the “two gates” that shall never be shut, for through the “One who has Arisen,” has come the “One who is Everlasting” (Qa’im and Qayyum), for the throne of David shall last for ever.

The people of Persia who claimed to be followers of the Bab were just as bad to Baha’u’llah in His day, as the people of the East who claimed to be followers of Muhammad were to Ali and Husayn. Be Fair! Who would judge the purity and sanctity of Muhammad and His Imams by the perfidious and awful behavior of Mu’awia and the like? Even the Sunni denounce Mu’awia and his successors, by dismissing them from the roster of the first four “righteous Caliphs” which includes Ali. Therefore no man with good conscience or upright spirit would ever denounce and decry either Baha’u’llah or the Bab by the veritable mountain of mischief kindled by the violators of the Covenant of the Bab that upset and imbalanced the nation of Persia during those dark days, illumined by the light of those twin suns from which the bats of hatred and jealousy sought to either flee or extinguish. No! God forbid! And to this day, no man knows the true history of the Baha’i Faith as the anti-Davidic King, Nakazeen, Covenant-breakers, have violated every single last provision of the Baha’i Covenant, the sacred Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha (see page 15, they have no executive branch), as they have separated themselves from the line and throne of David which God saw fit to preserve all down throughout the ages!

ON PAGE 15 of the Will it states that the legislative must reinforce the executive. Thus the line of David continues for ever in the Presidency and Executive branch of the Baha’i Faith of Baha’u’llah’s true Universal House of Justice. As these ones in Haifa have no Executive, they are in violation of page 15 of the charter of the Covenant. They are the Covenant-breakers.

“This House of Justice enacteth the laws and the government enforceth them. The legislative body must reinforce the executive, the executive must aid and assist the legislative body so that through the close union and harmony of these two forces, the foundation of fairness and justice may become firm and strong, that all the regions of the world may become even as Paradise itself.”
(Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, p. 15)

They have no Executive Branch. They are the Covenant-breakers. It has always been these Covenant-breakers (Nagazeen), especially that faction in Iran, who have tried to disrupt the government. They do this in opposition to the explicit instructions of Baha’u’llah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha and have separated themselves from the Davidic Kingship of the great grandson of ‘Abdu’l-Baha who is alive in the world today.

When they, or anyone who claims to be “Baha’i” separates themselves from the Executive Branch (living Davidic King), they are in violation of the Covenant (see W&T, pp. 14, 15 and 11).

The most important work today is the establishment of the Divine Economy upheld by a spiritual world government, which shall be a universal democracy and republic of the nations of the worlds. This will unify all of mankind in the diversity of their respective cultures and allow all free thinking people to worship God in their own fashion according to what has been revealed in the Book. For both true science and true religion must correspond.

Baha’u’llah has explained:

“The fifteenth Glad-Tidings:

Although a republican form of government profiteth all the peoples of the world, yet the majesty of kingship is one of the signs of God. We do not wish that the countries of the world should remain deprived thereof. If the sagacious combine the two forms into one, great will be their reward in the presence of God.”
(Baha’u’llah, Tablets of Baha’u’llah, p.28)

Had the so-called “Babis” not violated the Covenant of the Bab, broken up into many dastardly sects, nor been mislead by the perfidious Mirza Yahya, the democracy that Baha’u’llah has foretold will happen would have been successful at the time of Bani Sadr. Had there been no violation of the Covenant of the Bab and Baha’u’llah by those who outwardly professed to be loyal followers but were inwardly corrupt and who committed disreputable acts in their name, reactionary religious fundamentalism, like some of the extreme clerics, would never have come to power. Now the climate is moderating toward democracy once again and this is in the best interests of all the people. Had the Covenant of the Bab not been broken, Iran would be a rejuvenated country to this day and the glory of its former days (like those days of Cyrus and Kisra) would be resplendent and re-established. The violation by the Babis of the Covenant of the Bab, and then the violation by the so-called “Baha’i’s” by the “Hands”, gave rise to the unrest and religious reactionalism not only in Iran but all over the world. The Violators of the Covenant of the Bab and Baha’u’llah are thus to blame for the rise and ascendancy of tyrants and dictators all throughout the world.

So fanatical have been the excesses of the clergy class, in every day and age, it is enough for pure hearted people of both the East and the West to prefer the apparent outward calm of not investigating the truth of these matters – saying ignorance is bliss. But this is not so! Ignorance is a subtle torment! And man was created to know and to love God.

Really since the disappearance of the 12th Imam Mahdhi in 260 AH, the people of the Shi’i of the family of the prophet have suffered hardship after hardship all down throughout the ages. Yet today, in the West people are plagued with fears of groups such as al-Qaida and ISIS/ISIL, which has been grouped amongst those of the Sunni extremist, whereas in the East people fear the Nuclear threat of the “War on Terror” lead by Bush, whose legacy continues to threaten to this day. Really the only way to safety security and salvation for all people of every race creed and color is the government that God has given for peace through justice on earth. We can no longer see ourselves as just Americans or Iranians or Iraqis or Israelis or Russians, etc… but as one people of one human family. Citizens of one world – world citizens, who love God first and foremost above all else having unity in diversity of our cultures, perspectives and diverse backgrounds, which come together as one even as separate rivers all unite in one great sea.

This unity is to be achieved through the medicine for this sick world that God gave: the throne of David as the Executive Branch of the world judicial and world legislative body. Extremist groups, militant religious fanatics of any denomination, sect, or persuasion are to be avoided completely. As the prophecies of the Tanak, Gospels and Koran, all point to the same appearance of the same Kingdom from the same God, preserved through the line of David, all will accept this Kingdom as the government for the people of the world. Clergy classes will be eliminated as thinking people will find that they need no intermediary between themselves and the Book, that is, all people are to be elevated through education to the position of educators and religious doctors. All will see the truth of God through their own eyes and not through the eyes of their neighbor. All will read. All will think for themselves. All will worship in gladness. All will be free. All will vote. All will elect their representatives. All will prosper. All will be happy. All will be well satisfied.

At the time of the Bab and Baha’u’llah, Muhammad Shah became extremely interested in the Shaykhi Teaching and in the Revelation of the Bab. When he died Nasr Din Shah became the ruler supreme. He had met the Bab in the trial in Azerbaijan, but was just a youth under the spell of clergy. Later he began to have interest in the Cause of God, even as some amongst the Jewish Leaders had taken interest in the Cause of Jesus immediately following his martyrdom. A man who was one of the servants of a Babi Master and was mentally unstable shot the Shah with a parlor gun. This fired a little pellet like a pea. When the Shah felt a sting on his cheek he touched it and saw a drop of blood on his finger. He fainted and fell off his horse. His guards thought he had been killed and jumped on the assailant and slew him. This was tragic, for had they arrested him alive they could have interrogated him and found out he was deranged and acted on his own. Nevertheless Baha’u’llah, when he heard the report, immediately set out for the capital to turn Himself in to the authorities to help straighten out the matter. For this he was exiled first to Iraq and then later to the Holy Land in Akka and Mt. Carmel. This exile fulfilled Bible prophecy and now the Cause of God has spread around the world. Yet the people of Persia do not understand the root and the Cause of the Baha’i Faith.

One of the main reasons for the banishment of Baha’u’llah was that the Qadjar dynasty was of a Turkoman stock and not of the hereditary heirs of Persian nobility and was fearful that Baha’u’llah or ‘Abdu’l-Baha would publish their genealogy and declare the truth that they were the heirs to the throne of Persia as well as the throne of David. This was a non-existent threat put forth and instigated by the clergy and ministers of the Shah to foster his paranoia and thereby his support and reliance upon them. These ministers kept the Qadjars in a state of constant insecurity by magnifying their origin as different than that hereditary long-standing tradition of Baha’u’llah. This similar negative condition in the current rulership in Iran today needs to be ameliorated. The people and clerics and politicians of Iran all must be educated to see that the throne of David, as well as the throne of Persia continues to this very day through the continuation of the genealogy of Baha’u’llah in the living person of the great grandson of ‘Abdu’l-Baha. They must be educated to see that this Revelation is only in the best interests of all the people. That this message of the Kingdom (Davidic) is the fulfillment of all their hopes and dreams and promises made to them by God throughout their long and prosperous history. When they all see this, all the world will come and honor the people of Persia, for it was within their glorious land, within their glorious history, that this throne and this lineage promised to Christians, Jews and Muslims alike was preserved and protected down through the ages. Iran will prosper because of this. And those who are in power now will be in power in both earth and in heaven on this day when all the people are educated to the truth of this message: that from the Northern Mountains surrounding Teheran, and in that Blessed City, the One who was born heir and king to both David’s throne and the throne of Persia came to unite all the people of the world and His name is Baha’u’llah!

Those few minority who are against the truth of the genealogy of Baha’u’llah being published in Iran, do this in order to retain their strangle hold on the political power, both inside the so-called “Baha’i” community in Iran and outside of it, at the present time, to the detriment of all. Baha’u’llah, for His part, tried to quell the fears of the Shah in many of His letters and epistles to him. In the Book of the Covenant, Baha’u’llah has explained that: “The governments of the earth have been vouchsafed to the kings and rulers of the world. But the Hearts of men God hath decreed unto Himself.” Thus Baha’u’llah had no ambition to rule either the Persian Empire or the nation of Iran. Neither ‘Abdu’l-Baha, Shoghi Effendi nor any of the current Presidents of the Baha’i faith have this worldly desire either. Today the great grandson of ‘Abdu’l-Baha has forsaken all worldly things and has arisen only for one single purpose, to promote the Cause of God, to guard His Law and to promulgate this message of the Kingdom of Universal peace to benefit all people and the common weal. His goal, and the goal of the true Baha’i Faith is to win over the hearts of men, including the hearts of the kings and the hearts of the rulers, to God. The Baha’i sacred writings promote self-determinism, democracy, bridled capitalism, the Divine Economy, and the elimination of absolute monarchy, prejudice of all kinds as well as tyranny and injustice. When the hearts of the kings and rulers have been won over to the God of our Fathers, then these rulers will be empowered to rule with justice, and all people shall be free. No king or queen in this day could rule with justice, accept that he or she promotes the democracy of the people to govern themselves, through the consultative assembly of a congress like that of the United States or a Parliament like that in the United Kingdom. The British system being preferable for within it the majesty of Kingship is preserved as one of the signs of God, yet the people govern themselves.

“O people of God! Give ear unto that which, if heeded, will ensure the freedom, well-being, tranquility, exaltation and advancement of all men. Certain laws and principles are necessary and indispensable for Persia. However, it is fitting that these measures should be adopted in conformity with the considered views of His Majesty – may God aid him through His grace – and of the learned divines and of the high-ranking rulers. Subject to their approval a place should be fixed where they would meet. There they should hold fast to the cord of consultation and adopt and enforce that which is conducive to the security, prosperity, wealth and tranquility of the people. For were any measure other than this to be adopted, it could not but result in chaos and commotion.
According to the fundamental laws which We have formerly revealed in the Kitab-i-Aqdas and other Tablets, all affairs are committed to the care of just kings and presidents and of the Trustees of the House of Justice [Parliament]. Having pondered on that which We have enunciated, every man of equity and discernment will readily perceive, with his inner and outer eyes, the splendours of the day-star of justice which radiate therefrom.
The system of government which the British people have adopted in London appeareth to be good, for it is adorned with the light of both kingship and of the consultation [democracy] of the people.
In formulating the principles and laws a part hath been devoted to penalties which form an effective instrument for the security and protection of men. However, dread of the penalties maketh people desist only outwardly from committing vile and contemptible deeds, while that which guardeth and restraineth man both outwardly and inwardly hath been and still is the fear of God. It is man’s true protector and his spiritual guardian. It behoveth him to cleave tenaciously unto that which will lead to the appearance of this supreme bounty. Well is it with him who giveth ear unto whatsoever My Pen of Glory hath proclaimed and observeth that whereunto he is bidden by the Ordainer, the Ancient of Days.”
(Baha’u’llah, Tablets of Baha’u’llah, pp. 92-93)

Thus Baha’u’llah explains that no man shall wish the mantle of kingship accept for the single purpose of promoting the Cause of God:

“One of the signs of the maturity of the world is that no one will accept to bear the weight of kingship. Kingship will remain with none willing to bear alone its weight. That day will be the day whereon wisdom will be manifested among mankind. Only in order to proclaim the Cause of God and spread abroad His Faith will anyone be willing to bear this grievous weight. Well is it with him who, for love of God and His Cause, and for the sake of God and for the purpose of proclaiming His Faith, will expose himself unto this great danger, and will accept this toil and trouble.”
(Baha’u’llah, cf. Shoghi Effendi, The Promised Day is Come, p. 71)

And in the Kitab-i-Aqdas, Baha’u’llah foretells the day that the government of Persia will be established with justice and peace:

“Let nothing grieve thee, O Land of Ta, [Teheran, Iran] for God hath chosen thee to be the source of the joy of all mankind. He shall, if it be His Will, bless thy throne with one who will rule with justice, who will gather together the flock of God which the wolves have scattered. Such a ruler will, with joy and gladness, turn his face towards, and extend his favours unto, the people of Baha. He indeed is accounted in the sight of God as a jewel among men. Upon him rest forever the glory of God and the glory of all that dwell in the kingdom of His revelation.”
(Baha’u’llah: The Kitab-i-Aqdas, Page: 53)

In this way, has Persia been chosen to be “the source of the joy of all mankind.” From this country has been preserved the Twin Holy Trees of Muhammad and David’s lineage, united as one single family through marriage, fellowship, religion and kinship. From this arises the continued inheritance of the throne of King David and throne of Persia passed down father to son throughout the generations as an inheritance for the all the people of the world, a sign from God to recognize his kingdom established upon the earth as it is in heaven. In 1912, ‘Abdu’l-Baha, the son of Baha’u’llah traveled to the United States of America. Here the throne of David is now established today, therefore uniting the spiritual and material destinies of these two great nations and their great traditions into one single unity of East and West combined.

From the love of God and the knowledge of God of these two countries, and the purpose of God to win this war against terrorism by establishing His true religion to unite the hearts and minds of mankind into one single faith in His Blessed Beauty, has now come this day today, when all the people of the world are fed up with the mishandling of affairs both international and domestic by incompetent and misguided leaders, fanatical and irrational clergy, and the like.

Where has God written, prophesied, or declared that any of these so-called leaders are his viceroy or representative on earth? Nowhere! But in the Books of Old “God has exalted some of the prophets above the others, to David He gave the Psalms.” (Koran 17:55)

“I will sing of thy steadfast love, O Lord, for ever;
with my mouth I will proclaim thy faithfulness to all generations.

For thy steadfast love was established for ever, thy faithfulness is firm as the heavens.

Thou hast said, “I have made a Covenant with my chosen one, I have sworn to David my servant;

‘I will establish your descendants for ever and build your throne for all generations.’” Selah (Psalms 89: 1-4, KJV)

“O David! Lo! We have set thee as a viceroy (khalif) in the earth; therefore judge aright between mankind, and follow not desire that it beguile thee from the way of Allah. Lo! Those who wander from the way of Allah have an awful doom, forasmuch as they forgot the Day of Reckoning.” (Koran 17:55, Surah of Sad, Picktall’s Translation)




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