Baha’i Centenary: 100th Anniversary of the Return of Jesus 8/22/1914-8/22/2014

Writings and Videos by and about the Return of Jesus to the world of man on the anniversary of his birth 100 years ago on this date, August 22, 1914.


`Abdu’l-Baha spoke of the coming of the establisher in Some Answered Questions in his commentary on the eleventh chapter of the Revelation of St. John. This was written in 1906:

“The seventh angel is a man qualified with heavenly attributes, who will arise with heavenly qualities and character. Voices will be raised, so that the appearance of the Divine Manifestation will be proclaimed and diffused. In the day of the manifestation of the Lord of Hosts, and at the epoch of the divine cycle of the Omnipotent which is promised and mentioned in all the books and writings of the Prophets – in that day of God, the Spiritual and Divine Kingdom will be established, and the world will be renewed; a new spirit will be breathed into the body of creation; the season of the divine spring will come; the clouds of mercy will rain; the sun of reality will shine; the life-giving breeze will blow; the world of humanity will wear a new garment; the surface of the earth will be a sublime paradise; mankind will be educated; wars, disputes, quarrels and malignity will disappear; and truthfulness, righteousness, peace and the worship of God will appear; union, love and brotherhood will surround the world; and God will rule for evermore – meaning that the Spiritual and Everlasting Kingdom will be established. Such is the day of God.” (Pages: 56-57)

The definition of the word ‘angel’ is a messenger, a harbinger. It is the job of the Seventh Angel to establish the Kingdom by re-establishing the Covenant. Abdu’l-Baha says that “the seventh angel is a man”, so he is speaking of a man that is going to come with a message. This is a prophecy for a man that “will arise” to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. This man is Dr. Leland Jensen, Knight of Baha’u’llah, who is the Establisher of Baha’u’llah’s Revelation.


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