Baha’i Month: Ilm (Knowledge) 1, 171 B.E. (10/16/2014)

O thou who art attracted to the Holy Fragrances!

The light of truth hath made thine eyes to see, the voice of God hath made thine ears to hear and the lights emanating from the beauty of the Light of the World both made thine heart attracted and astonished. I hope that thou wilt cut thyself from all that is in this world; wilt sever thyself from all desires of this transitory world; wilt attach thy heart entirely to the light of truth and wilt, at all times, rise in the service of truth in the rose-garden of God.

The deriding of the enemy addeth to the joy of the heart and taunting of the ignorant becometh the means of spirituality and fragrance.

Observe that the Pharisees called His Holiness, the sweet and the divine Christ, Beelzebub or the head of evil spirits. This people are in the depths of ignorance and their reproach and detraction are like praise and congratulation.

I hope that, in the path of the love of God, thou wilt exert thyself exceedingly and thus wilt enjoy life.

Abdu’l-Baha’, Tablets, Pg. 132

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