Holy Day: Birth Of Baha’u’llah, Lunar Calendar Date Corresponding To-Ilm, 10-11, 171 B.E. (10/25-26/2014)

Baha’u’llah’s lineage is from His father that of the Jewish Throne Line of King David and from His mother that of the Persian Sassanian Dynasty which ended with Yazdegird III.

These two lineages — one female and the other male — (of Zoroaster and of David) are preserved from ancient times until the present. In the Bible we read of the great King Ahasuerus who married Queen Esther whom Firdawsi in the Shahnameh relates to the mother of Darius the Great, his father the great King of Persia and his mother the Queen from the family of David. Thus on the Behistun Monument, carved in Stone, located on the ancient roadway from Baghdad to Teheran, Darius proclaims that from these two great families (David and Hakamanush of Zoroaster and Cyrus) God has always vouchsafed kingship, and that it is from these “two families” that he himself is descended, David on the female side and that of Cyrus of the Persian on the male side.

In the Tarikh-i-Ruyan, you can therefore read where these pure natured ancestors thus recount their lineage from the time of Adam until the present day. From Adam to Pharez the son of Judah the son of Jacob son of Isaac, son of Abraham they give their genealogy in the male line. Then of Manuschir down through Cyrus the Great and the Sassaniyan kings they give their lineage of the female line. Then from Baw, Gawbara, or Gil, they give their lineage again through the male line. Thus these ancestors always showed that they were Jews, from Judah, in the male line. Jew means descended from Judah. And these Kings of the Mountains always reckoned their descent from Judah.

All the various dynasties of the East from the Abbassid down to the Safavid had made their claims to Persia (Iran) by marrying into the female line of the Badustaniyan chiefs. Al-Mamun’s mother was of the clan of Dabuyid (Davidides) of the family of those of Baw/Gawbara (Bostanai) though not through the house of Shahriyar-Baduspan that inherited the throne, but through that of one of his brothers who did not inherit the throne. The Safvids likewise married into the house of Baduspan-Bawand through a daughter, and by this union of Ismael comes the great Abbas. All of these ones in the east that claimed rule, and took it by force, would thus claim the throne by right of marriage to a daughter of these great Ispahbuds. The throne of David however is a male line inheritance only. It passes on from father to son. No Queen ever sat upon the throne of David. Meanwhile, these Ispahbuds of Baduspan and Bawand would allow these others to rule empire by the will of God all along passing on both the throne of Persia and the throne of David as a father to son inheritance within their family.

From these two holy lineages, from these Twin Holy Trees, that of Ishmael and Isaac, that of Muhammad and that of David, would God Almighty conjoin with the seed of Cyrus, and in the end times “open before him the two leaved gates” in the Twin Holy Personages of the Qaim (The Bab) and the Qayyum (Baha’u’llah).

Now all peoples and scholars on this all important and weighty topic cannot fail to recognize that by the appearance of Qaim, the “One who will Arise” is meant the Appearance of the promised Imam from the lineage of Husayn and Shahr-banu. Likewise by Qayyum is meant “the everlasting” and is sometimes translated into English as the “self-subsisting one” referring to the everlasting Covenant that God promised to King David and to his offspring and to his lineage that his line will last for ever and his throne for all generations. (see 1 Sam. 7:13 and Psalms 89). Thus from these Twin Holy Genealogies are to come TWO PROMISED ONES from Persia, simultaneously, the Qaim of the House of Muhammad and Cyrus; and the Qayyum of the House of David and Cyrus; both cousins and brothers through the twin double wedding of the daughters of Yazdigird III.

Anyone so inclined to read the book of Nabil’s Narrative, would see mightily and glaring upon those pages, the fact that both Shaykh Ahmad and Siyyid Kazim anticipated the twin appearances of the Qaim in the person of the 12th Imam returned from the lineage of the Imams; and the Qayyum in the person of the second coming of Christ to return from the lineage of David from the house of Badustan-Bawand. Thus Shaykh Ahmad while in Teheran inquired into the family of Mirza Buzurg the Vizier about his beloved son Husayn. Likewise did Siyyid Kazim guard this secret like a treasure concealed within a shell. And Mullah Husayn was dispatched by the Bab to deliver a message to the lineal heir who had inherited both the throne of David and the throne of Persia from his father before him.

From that time, Siyyid Ali Muhammad has been known as the Bab and Mirza Husayn -Ali as Baha’u’llah: for the Bab was the “gate” to Baha’u’llah, and Baha’u’llah explained that he was the return and resurrection of that same gate. Therefore from the lineage of Cyrus the Great comes the “two gates” that shall never be shut, for through the “One who has Arisen,” has come the “One who is Everlasting” (Qa’im and Qayyum), for the throne of David shall last for ever.


Hu Allah!


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