Baha’i Month: Mashiyyat/Will 1, 174 B.E. (9/27/2017)

O thou who seekest for the Will of God!

Give thanks to God that thou entered the divine Kingdom and knowest the heavenly Lord of Hosts!

The light of truth hath radiated from the Sun of Divinity to the horizons in such a manner that the East and the West are illumined. But, alas! the blind do not see and the deaf do not hear the divine proclamation. The bats do not perceive the light of the sun and the beetles cannot enjoy the fragrances of a rose-garden.

Consider that the horizons of the world were enlightened through the light of the beauty of His Holiness Christ; yet all the people were asleep, blind and sightless, except a few whose eyes were opened and perceived the lights. Now thou shalt thank God that a beam of the light came to thy sight. I ask God that thine inner sight may be illumined so that thou mayest discover the hidden mysteries of the Kingdom of God. If thou become so, thou wilt be an evident light and a divine angel in the celestial dominion; then it dependeth on the divine confirmation, according to thy perseverance.

Abdu’l-Baha, Tablets vol. 2, pg. 409


God’s Will And Purpose To Establish This Foundation Of His Kingdom Everlasting

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