Holy Day: Ridvan 12, Jamal 5, 179 B.E. (Sunset 5/1/2022-Sunset 5/2/2022) Pt.2


Baha’u’llah was exiled from Baghdad, Iraq, during these days of Ridvan, and traveled by Howdah in a caravan of exiles for 110 days until they reached the vicinity and shore of the Black Sea on August 6 and August 9. Asked to reveal a Tablet, He revealed the Tablet of the Howdah in connection with His prior revelation of the Tablet of the Holy Mariner.

The tale is a tale of the many and horrific violations of the Covenant (symbolized by huris) the world would see from that time until today. The Great Panoramic Vision at the Black Sea (Lawh-i Howdaj) we are all witnessing now. The center of lands and crossroads between East and West in Ukraine has called all of our attention to global fighting everywhere now at this time. Even Three Kings Day in the US (1-6-21) saw violence in the streets of DC and upon the room where the ballot box was kept.

The violation of this Covenant (1928 Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Covenant) “she threw herself upon the dust” is depicted in moving and prophetic imagery by Baha’u’llah, and as the ” Hands” violated the Baha’i Covenant, the nations were influenced to violate the Covenant of 1928.

This isn’t about blaming. It’s about personal accountability. The blood of the people is literally upon the hands of those “Hands.”

The Baha’is were entrusted with the Covenant of Baha’u’llah to help bring about world peace as another New and burgeoning community among the family of mankind. Through their efforts, the Cause of Baha’u’llah (the Oneness of Humanity and peace on earth) was very successful. War was outlawed in 1928 during the first 7 years of the Guardianship of Shoghi Effendi, and Baha’u’llah’s novel idea of a Supreme Tribunal for the peaceful settlement of disputes between the nation’s was imitated three times in the World Court, the League of Nations, and the UN.

During His lifetime, He not only announced the abolition of war, but also the abolition of slavery. His call was immediately answered by Czar Alexander and Abraham Lincoln who worked together to end both slavery and serfdom in their own countries. See what a success Baha’u’llah is! Look at the influence of one human being, a prisoner and exile for life, for this wonderful idea to abolish slavery and war, and to form a Supreme Tribunal for the peaceful resolution of differences between nations.

And we, as human beings, should always give credit where credit is due. If nothing else, as Einstein is credited with e=mc2, and Madame Curie worked with radiation, and “my sweet lord” is the music of John Mack; so Baha’u’llah is the source of the Supreme Tribunal remedy for the world’s ills. Yet most are not aware of this, or what He really was all about and stood for. For example why was He banished and held in the most maximum security prison in the entire Ottoman Empire, with the order that no one was allowed to speak to Him at any time, and perpetual confinement for ever? What did He do? What crime did He commit?

The crime He committed was that when asked how He ever came up with so marvelous an idea to outlaw war and so novel a vision to elect the Supreme Tribunal, His answer was that He didn’t, it was not His idea at all. In fact, He said, it is God’s Idea, a Plan of God, for man, and that it came from God and not from Him. So He was jailed, beaten, banished, exiled, imprisoned, poisoned, slandered, humiliated, and disgraced. Why? For promoting the Oneness of Humanity, the end of wars, and advocating spirituality and the peaceful settlement of disputes.

The Baha’is were given a Covenant to continue His work. When the Hands broke the Baha’i Covenant in the years 1957-1960, we are now seeing the collapse of the UN, Bretton Woods, IMF, World Bank system, set up during the days of Shoghi Effendi and Abdu’l-Baha’s son Mason Remey Aghsan. The Hands broke this Covenant, and 60 years later we taste the physical and material ramifications of this violation.

Like the majority of people who are ignorant of the provisions and legally binding authority of the 1928 Covenant of International World Peace (including myself until the day of the bonfire at Abdu’l-Baha’s shrine this Jalal 1, 179 BE)–the majority of all Baha’is remain ignorant of the provisions of the 1921 Covenant of the sacred Will and Testament of Abdu’l-Baha and how it is fulfilled and fully operational and in operation now. In fact the first century of the Covenant (1921- 2021) demonstrates that it is always in effect and in fully working order. Nevertheless all the people of the world are bound to the Covenant of 1928, and the Baha’is firm in the Covenant of 1921, are continuing the important work that Baha’u’llah initiated according to the free and open principles He proclaimed that all humanity is one family, and all should love one another as members of a single household.

Elect the Supreme Tribunal!

Uphold the 1928 Covenant of Peace!

(Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Promise)

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