Holy Day: Ridvan 12, Jamal 5, 179 B.E. (Sunset 5/1/2022-Sunset 5/2/2022) Pt.3

Now that war is illegal, the time has come to elect the Supreme Tribunal that can enforce and prevent it.

The US, Russia, France and England will be the first four to do this and agree as charter members, as they were with the UN, which has failed.

The greatest human achievement in the 20th Century was making war illegal in 1928. The greatest human achievement of the 21st Century will be electing the Supreme Tribunal, the establishment of a fair and just Universal Collective Security Agreement, and a viable prevention remedy and enforcement of the 1928 International Covenant of Peace.

The Centenary of the Peace Covenant (Kellogg-Briand 1928-2028) will see humanity overcome the obstacles that ruined the false starts at the World Court, the League of Nations, and the UN, to form a more perfect union between the nation-states who will charter and form the Supreme Tribunal that shall bring peace to the world.

Spread the good news! War is illegal as of 1928. Elect the Supreme Tribunal!

We can no longer live in societies that remain in violation of the Covenant of 1928.

All nations are bound legally by the 1928 Peace Covenant, and all citizens of those countries, are held personally responsible to uphold it. Those individuals who violated the Covenant of 1928 were all found guilty of breaking the Covenant when they started WWII and were tried and prosecuted in the Nuremberg hearings. Every American citizen as of 1929 is bound by this Peace Covenant. People need to know this. We are all united globally in this agreement. If everyone knew this, we could elect the Supreme Tribunal to enforce and maintain real peace founded upon Justice. Therefore every one should be informed of this fact, so we can come out of violation to uphold the provisions of the peace Covenant as individuals and collectively as states.

Not until this fact of the peace Covenant of 1928 and its true implementation in the elected Supreme Tribunal is brought forward to the forefront of knowledge in the minds of every citizen of the planet and is made clearly known to all, will the change take place to “LEARN war no more.” (Is. 2:4)

Therefore everyone needs to know about the 1928 Covenant of peace and the Supreme Tribunal remedy. Spread the news, the good news about it. We are all now in the valley of decision in the Ukraine crisis. This is the tipping point at the turn of the Centenary, the turning of the tide at the start of this new millennium.

The Cause of peace and justice for all will prevail. It shall prevail because that is simply who we really are–real human beings. People who actually have hearts, minds and souls who care, and who value human life, who uphold the unity of Spirit in the Oneness of all human kind, and who condemn violence and aggression in all its forms. Real human beings are now the majority on the planet. May the leadership establish the durable peace, by truly representing the best interests of the people, and not the so-called “special interests” of the war machine.

The war machine is polluting the world, destroying international trade and commerce, burning fossil fuels (oil and gas), exterminating human life and needs to be turned off. War got us to where we are now, and outlawing it in 1928, has gotten us even further. Now that war has preformed its necessary function in the nation-state period of the building of civilization it is now time to let it go, and change gears to the non-violent path of cooperation to survive and thrive. Following the US Civil War, the states embraced cooperation to survive and this nation is powerful, strong, and greater than it has ever been as a result. Thus the problems and obstacles are even greater than the past, and the capacity of the people, our strength and fortitude to overcome, is equal to match the current challenge.

This world civil war will result in all nations overcoming and the Golden Age of human civilization shall be established for the planet and all peoples once and for all time. What a great day to be alive! Yesterday saw war outlawed and the Covenant of Peace established. Today shall see its perfect implementation and just administration in the Supreme Tribunal. In merely 100 years, in our day today, we shall see the causes for war permanently removed and the peaceful resolution of disputes become the new norm. What great work this is! What a great moment to be present! What great power and ability we now have, to make the living dream the waking reality of love and spiritual brotherhood for all human kind.

70 million were killed in WWII. Two billion can be killed in one hour of thermonuclear war.┬áNow, in the face of this threat, we are all united and motivated to preserve life, and life abundantly, to avoid this obvious catastrophe. We know what we don’t want: war. What we do want is peace. But as peace on earth without justice is tyranny, what we want and need is the manifest JUSTICE of the real Supreme Tribunal, not fakes, frauds and imitations like the World Court, the League of Nations, or the UN.

Elect the Supreme Tribunal!

Bring peace thru justice to all humankind! Let the nations agree. Make all people firm in the Covenant, starting with our own selves, firm in upholding the 1928 International Covenant of Peace.

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