Rahmat/Mercy 11, 179 B.E. 7/4/2022

The Baha’i Guardian’s Message on July 4, 2022


Previous generation: “We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” – Buckminster Fuller.


This generation: “We are called to be the builders of the adytum, NOW, as well as its current and future benefactors!”


A home and safe haven for us all, here on planet earth…


Elect the Supreme Tribunal! It’s easy! We, the people, have already democratically elected our national governments. We’ve done our role, now we must URGE our national governments who represent us to do the same. If we do not urge them to do the job we elected them to do–and right now their duty by law of 1928, by article 6 in the US, is the job to elect the Supreme Tribunal–then we have not done our job and we all stand in violation of the Covenant of 1928 and the punishment is getting nuked by Putin; or something worse that is as yet unforeseen.


Now DC, London, Paris, and Moscow governments will elect three representatives from each, approved, ratified, and confirmed by the national congress, parliament, senate, upper and lower houses, and the president and executive of these nations.


Now these representatives will be knowledgeable in international affairs and the safeguarding of the peaceful needs and nations of the countries that they represent. As they are so confirmed and elected by the people, and represent the best interests of their own people and the best humanitarian interests of all the people of the world, they will be loved and supported by all the people of the world, for they are purposed with one simple task, to provide for the end of war.


It is absolutely essential that at the appointed time that the temporary ceasefire is declared in Ukraine, that these four nations elect this International Jury of twelve representatives (3 from each, with at least one female chosen amongst the three) to decide the aftermath of this “special operation” in light of the violation of the 1928 Covenant (Paris Peace Pact). This election is so to prevent the bias of appointed jurors that aggravated the situation and only made things worse at the colossal failure of the colonialism fire-sale at Versailles. Or like the political failure of the merely appointed membership of the US Supreme Court. Electing representative members from amongst all nations, not just cliques of ” winners” othering so-called ” losers” is key.


These first duly elected representatives have the powers of both judge and jury on the International Supreme Court (ISC) of the nations, the Supreme Tribunal, even as the 9 justices on the US Supreme Court have those same judicial powers in their Federation.


These first 12 Supreme Court justices of the world have one task, one job, and one job only: to uphold the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact and bring peace to the world. Job 1, bring an end to war.


This highest possibly imaginable world Supreme Court conceived at the international federal level between the nations globally, has absolutely no governmental powers within the jurisdictions of the nations or local areas governed by the nations. The nations already have their own armies and police to protect and safeguard the well being of their own citizens so the Supreme Tribunal needs no extra military force, or material military of its own, as all military force is at the nation-state level. Thus the principle of collective security, already approved and supported by all, is maintained.


What’s missing, is that despite the fact that we have a world system (oddly closely patterned with parallel aspects of the US Federal system) with the Foundational Legal Document of the World Charter of 1928, the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, the World Court, the ICC (the International Criminal Court), and at least two or more partisan Collective Security Agreements, like NATO and CSTO (both of which are bound to the 1928 Law via article 5 and 4 of their treaties and article 51 of the UN, all of which is operable in force as binding law upon all due to the Covenant of the 1928 Charter)–that is, despite all this, or because of it, we still are struggling to bring a permanent durable Peace to our world.


This is why Krisis in Ukraine means a good thing, protected by the archangel Michael, whose iconography is depicted in the Book of Revelation, who is revered in Kiev. WWI was the war to end all wars, and it did!! It was successful in establishing the Supreme Legal Instrument for the establishment of a durable Peace in the 1928 Covenant that outlaws war. When that NEW LAW OF THE WORLD went into force, all those who broke this law were punished by the community who chose to uphold that NEW LAW. Thus the Nazis broke that Law in WWII.


The Krisis in WWII meant a good thing. By testing and challenging this New Law of 1928, by violating the Covenant and starting WWII, the arch-violators amongst the Covenant Breakers who broke the Covenant of the 1928 Paris Peace Pact were prosecuted, convicted and executed, such as the Nuremberg 10.


Thus as WWI, was the war to end all wars, and it did legally, by legally forever banning it, WWII was the war to prosecute all violators of war, that is WWII was the war to enforce by LAW the end of all wars. Thus we see that natural progression and pattern for the underlying growth toward world peace through Justice, that is rule by law. First the outlawing of war (as WWI legally ended war for all time: 1928 Pact); and next the criminal prosecution and lawful execution of the violators of war. Thus enforcement.


Now with WWIII, Force is to become the servant of Justice! WWIII IS THE WAR TO END ALL UNJUST CAUSES FOR WAR!!!


That can only be accomplished by the democratic election of the Supreme Tribunal the ultimate and final level of appeal that is the world justice court for all! And the full time maintenance of it via its election and reelection every 5 years or so.


If this Supreme Tribunal Jury is duly elected immediately, then the crisis of WWIII has been contained in the Donbas and southern shore of Ukraine corridor to Sevastopol. In other words without waiting for others to act first the Big Four nuclear super powers need to be making arrangements to elect their three representative delegates now. Then the truce shall be declared and the 12 men and women shall meet, and WWIII has served its purpose to elect the Supreme Tribunal Court of World Justice, so that force shall be the servant of justice, and this war is the war to end all unjust causes for war, the way the last world War was the war to end all individual perpetrators of war, and world War one was the war to legally end all wars.


If we as mature real human beings rise up now, not to storm the bastille, or waddle our way ignorantly up Capital Hill on Three Kings Day, so to speak, but instead arise to elect the Supreme Tribunal–and re-elect it rhythmically in harmony with human natural cycles as other nations and peoples get in on the act and join in on the benefits of the peace dividend–then WWIV, and WWV, and six, seven, eight, nine and 10, on ad infinitum, will be fought INSIDE THE INNER COURT (adytum) OF THE SUPREME TRIBUNAL instead of out in the streets in the cities and towns like that of the Valley of Hamangog, Ukraine, the bread basket of the world, or the ruin of Syria and Damascus into a bloodstained narco state (Is. 17).


Had the Supreme Tribunal been duly elected in 1899, instead of that first plagiarized farce of Nicholas at the Hague (now replaced by something good) WWI would have been fought, settled, disputed, appealed, and peaceably and amicably concluded INSIDE CHAMBERS! No deaths in the field. The failure to duly elect the Supreme Tribunal, on the egalitarian, equal rights, and fundamental humanitarian principles and basic human rights and freedoms, as the Author of it has stated, and as Nicholas’ bastard was an othering of the elites, it failed to remove the unjust causes of war in the first place and we had world War one. ” Trial by combat” by war mongers in the streets!


Now after WWI, the winners gloated and were tyrannical immature vindictive bullies against the losers of WWI, and created the oppressive conditions that gave rise to WWII. The US was not even a member of the league of nations, having withdrawn from it, as they have now withdrawn from the ICC by rejecting the Rome Accords. Thus the League failed, the Supreme Tribunal was not duly and properly elected, and we had WWII.


Then, they got serious!


They hammered out the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, enforced the 1928 Law upon the Nazi violators and Covenant breaking ring-leaders of WWII, set up the Bretton Woods, IMF, UN systems. Now having remedied the lack of humanitarian principles problem, they were still hampered by the colonialism that was in place at the time, the phony borders the winners of WWI imposed upon the losers without justice or consideration of the peaceful inhabitants of those lands, and the abominable totalitarian atheism of the Communist block that falsely imposed an unrealistic spiritual oppression upon our human rights activist brothers and sisters in Russia and other countries who were all born anew in the Spirit, and came out from being driven underground and cast off the “bear” of communism to become the living “OX” of true Orthodox Christianity in the East by 1991, when the wall came tumbling down, and the CSTO was founded.


So the UN and all its apparatus has failed! It has failed our home ( planet earth) it has failed our house! Our house is infested with rats and vermin (bad ideas and dysfunctional conduct) left over from the cold war, greedy behind the scenes private deals, and frozen into inaction by the ghosts of Khruschev, Catholic Kennedy, and the Cuban Missile crisis all banging its ugly head against a wall like the migrain pounding sound of a footless shoe. They did the best they could, given the situation at that time. Had the Baha’is not one and all violated all their Covenants and agreements, with the Founders, Baha’u’llah and Abdu’l-Baha in 1960, the outcome of the bay of pigs would have been the election of the Supreme Tribunal then around ’63. Thus the blood of the people in Ukraine and WWIII is literally (and legally) upon the hands of the “Hands” who are the first arch violators of the Covenant after WWII, even as the Nuremberg 10 and others, were found by law to be the Arch violators of the Covenant of 1928 after WWI.


But then the Baha’is came back to their Covenant–seeing through the distracting tricks of RK and the ” Hands”, regrouping by 1963 in league with the son of Abdu’l-Baha, and began to re-educate the public to duly elect the Supreme Tribunal as they continued to warn about the threat of nuclear catastrophe and to promote nuclear war survival skills and the best remedy for survival, survival by cooperation, by upholding the Covenant, that is the Pact for International Peace. Had that remnant in ’63 regathered from the first group, not yet again, one and all violated their own covenants and instructions forbidding them by Baha’u’llah and Abdu’l-Baha to create an organized religion, by forbidding them to elect any international body separate from the rest of humanity all electing the Supreme Tribunal together–then when the Berlin wall fell by 1991 and Russia was set free by their national belief in Jesus (of the “OX” (Orthodox Christianity)) from Atheism of Communism, had the Baha’is not violated, the Supreme Tribunal would have been permanently established on earth that year with the Big Four Nuclear, now all Christians, super powers as the four permanent members. NATO and CSTO would have been transformed and merged at that time, in time to prevent the 9-11 Krisis.


Now being a permanent member means perpetual Jury duty. It is not some ego trip or personal glorification for self-empowerment or self-agrandizment for the members. And it is not the tyrant’s childish thoughts of ruling the world. No! It is public service and the election of living-martyrs we send on behalf of our nations to sacrifice their time and their lives to maintain peace on earth by the just settlement of disputes without and renouncing all recourse to war. The root causes for the proliferation of WMDs will be ameliorated, and the Supreme Tribunal shall bring peace to the world.


The fighting is not going to stop! And frankly I for one don’t want it to. It’s the killing and the violence that is going to stop, from the TOP DOWN, from the Supreme Tribunal to Robb Elementary in Uvalde, TX.


If you want peace, go to the graveyard, it’s all very peaceful there, because their all dead. Rest in peace– in your grave.


No! I for one believe in life, and life abundantly, not death. Through the lively differences of pov and opinion we have growth and we have life! We fight that is, direct and focus our energies, all the time. We compete with each other and our very own selves to be even better. We fight to grow, fight to live, fight for recreation and sport, fight for fun, fight for scientific truth to prevail, fight for human rights, fight for a better way of life, and we fight off the ignorance that keeps people even now, in the dark, to the Covenant of 1928.


If the last century of the over 100 years of 3 world wars is even as the valley of the shadow of death–the darkest most horrific brutal mechanised and inhumane wars of mass death and destruction out of all human history–even as Ukraine has now become the valley of death itself–then this Covenant of 1928 is The Great Light that has NOW shined!


If you want to get the darkness out of a room you don’t beat it out with a stick, you turn on the light!


The Covenant of 1928 empowers all people to turn on that switch!


World War 4, 5, 6, 7, etc., will all have to be fought on the bloody open streets of our homes and towns, for as long as we remain heedless and do not direct those problems, differences, and fights, and battles, through the sewer treatment facility, so to speak, of the Supreme Tribunal. In fact every world war that receives a number, and all the little wars in between, are an immediate direct result of us not duly electing the Supreme Tribunal to do its one job, to end war.


Conflict and strife are forbidden. Individuals everywhere know of and personally practice the Golden Rule. Murder, killing, violence are all outlawed. These are some of the high standards of belief and conduct we have set for ourselves.


Let’s make this sacrificial holocaust already incurred in Ukraine, or in its aftermath with one third (1/3) of mankind to be killed in one hour of thermonuclear war every American city population 100,000 or more targeted by Russian missiles, result in the election of the Supreme Tribunal asap!


WWI was the war to end all wars, that it did: legally, 1928 Pact.


WWII was the war to end all perpetrators of war, that it did: legally, enforcement of the 1928 Pact: e.g. upon the Nuremberg 10.


WWIII is the war to end all the unjust causes for war, that it did: legally, when the Big 4, duly elected the Supreme Tribunal, rightly implementing the correct humanitarian methods its Founder, Originator and Author has suggested.


The Author and his duly appointed legal sucessors in each generation have no right to interfere with the freedom of the people and nations on how to impliment the remedy and make actionable the power to act, the way the people and nations understand what they need to go do in conjuction with the current needs of the time.


The nations and people are free to choose to be in harmony with the current views freely expressed by the Author and His legal family sucessor or not, but they obviously must recognize the identity of the Author and His legal successor of the family in order for that to actually happen in the first place.


May the true Spirit of Hope and Life empower whosoever reads this letter. May the State Constitutions of all 50 States be amended to include the State and its people’s publicly written acknowledgement of upholding the 1928 Pact. May the true meaning, significance, and importance of this Pact (1928, US Law under title 6, effective as of 1929) be taught in all public schools, from preschool to gradschool, so that all school shootings, capital insurrections, and direct military aggressions shall cease, that war, murder, killing, hate, prejudice and violence shall cease; that all people be educated to the LAW of 1928 and that at every level in American and human society we “shall learn war no more”!


Dr. Neal Chase PhD-Aghsan Guardian of the Baha’i Faith – Sunday, July 3, 2022


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