Ukraine Calls For The Supreme Tribunal! – Mulk/Dominion 8, 179 B.E. (2/14/2023)


See! Ukraine has called for The Supreme Tribunal to deal with the single issue of Aggression!!!

“Aggression” means the single crime of making war, that is violating The Most Great Covenant of the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact! Message delivered-Message received!

Happy Valentines Day from the beloved of hearts!

Now that Ukraine has called for The Supreme Tribunal, using the exact term Tribunal, for the sole purpose to uphold #2137, this isn’t going to work…UNLESS they follow the explicit instructions of the Author without deviating a hair’s breath to the left or the right.


A) The Tribunal has to be democratically elected by all the signatory 72 Nations.

B) The Nation States must send two or three delegates to a world unity meeting of the General Treaty Organization (GTO). The KELLOGG-BRIAND PACT is legally referred to as The General Treaty to Renounce War as national policy, and the signatory nations all bound under its unbreakable authority even now are the members of the GTO.

C) The number of delegates chosen is two or three only to be determined by population.

D) The National Governments already elected by the people choose their two or three delegates as the most knowledgeable, trustworthy, caring human beings that love their country and love all the people of the world like the man said from the middle of the pile of devastating rubble in Syria: ” Help us! We’re human beings!”

E) These delegates must go thru confirmation hearings and be ratified and approved by both the executive and legislative branches.

F) All the delegates of all the signatory then elect The Supreme Tribunal from their own numbers. If they all want to sit on The Supreme Tribunal, and say on average most nations sent 2 delegates and some 3, then the 152 of them could elect 152 members on The Tribunal. If they only want 8 members on The Tribunal or 3 as the judges for that case then the 152 delegates, vote by plurality ballot with no campaigning, that is everyone writes down 8 names after prayerful consideration or 3 (thats the minimun) and all 152 secret ballots are collected, and those 3 or 8 or 108 people elected are The Supreme Tribunal democratically elected by everyone, and their decision concerning the sole function to abolish war and uphold #2137 is final and binding upon all.

G) It MUST be formed democratically this way, and the plans to do so shared in the media with full public support of all the peoples in those countries that the governments represent. Because it’s decisions can only be upheld by all the individual citizens if we were all in support of its election and participated in its formation in the first place. And we have. We (I’m in the US) elected our local, state and national government, I participated in that process, and now my representatives that I support and the government workers and legislators who are self-sacrificing public servants wishing to better all humanity by assuming office, can then elect, confirm and ratify my 3 (mine and yours) delegates from USA. Same with Russia, England, France, and every other of the 72 nations has a right to send delegates for the election. The Hague, League and UN all have failed to end war, no matter how good intentioned and self-sacrificing the hearts of the workers simply because none of them are democratically elected in the manner described here. The Author and the Delineator explain this fully in their writings. All signatory nations must participate, it must be democratically elected in the public eye by the national governments so all the citizens will support it, especially if it’s a raw deal for some people, and by “some people” I mean, war- mongers who are going to need to find some other source of revenue like hotel and restaurant management or something else that’s humane and pro-social.

H) The delegates chosen must be of different genders.

I) The delegates chosen must be knowledgeable in the three documents corresponding to the three articles of the General Treaty, A1 the General Treaty itself, A2, The Global Ethic, A3, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The General Treaty is invioble and cannot be either altered nor amended as its the General Foundation for all civilization still remaining in force on planet earth today. The Universal Declaration and Global Ethic are dynamic living documents breathed into life by the power of love embodied in the General Treaty are open to creative adjustments to suit the needs of the people in their days and times.

No democratic election such as this has ever happened!



The one that’s democratically elected!

As the Author and Delineator explain in their writings, as its democratically elected then no one nation is above another and all nations are secure in their own borders and those borders must be defined and respected. Nations can buy and sell territories with one another, the same way people buy and sell homes, there’s no need for wars over territory districts once the borders are defined. Animals are territorial settling borders and holding to them establishes good solid boundaries where the diversity of cultures and peoples can feel safe and secure. Also, unlike Versailles where “winners” excluded “losers” ALL Signatories MUST have their delegates sent and NOT excluded from the world unity friendship festival to elect the SupremeTribunal! That part, considering WWII, should be loud and clear as a trumpet, considering this FATAL FAILURE OF Versailles!! “LEARN war no more”! Learn from Versailles! Do not exclude any signatory nation or peoples.

II The foundation of the Supreme Tribunal MUST be founded upon the single inviolable foundation of the Oneness of Humanity:

The 12 Principles of the General Treaty to Renounce War explained by the Author and Delineator are found represented in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and where missing must be included, for these are only the 12 Principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights when all 12 Principles are included as the Author and Delineator have stated. The 12th Principle is the Principle that calls for democratically electing the Supreme Tribunal itself for the sole purpose of ending war.

III The Global Ethic and Global Ethic Document:

The Golden Rule is the global Ethic for activating Article 2, “pacific means”:

Pacific means, refers to upholding article 1, the Abolition of War, by all the members of Art 3, electing democratically and pacificaly the Supreme Tribunal.

The Golden rule: do unto others even better than you would have them do unto you means we do NOT steal other people’s ideas and that we give credit to where credit is due. Why? Scientific provenance! We, as real human beings, need to know the transparency of the facts. This is so we can accept and understand what is true so we can give that truth, that reality, that love for all humanity our full and undivided support. Also, when things go wrong, and they will, we need to know the provenance to go back to the basics and retrace our steps to see if and where we went wrong.

For example this is what happened just before the outbreak of WWI. The head of the Hague found out that the Czar of Russia had lied taking credit for himself for the idea to elect a World Court. As all terror was crashing down around him in his office in the Netherlands a scramble took place to contact the Author to fix the impending problem. When they discovered that the Author had already passed on but wrote a binding legal Will and Testament naming and appointing His designated Person of Legal sucession for all matters concerning The Peace Pact Plan to Abolish War they wrote to him immediately!

But it was too late. They didn’t have the internet back then, nor multiple intelligence agencies, that could spread the word in the twinkling of an eye, and the letter they sent to the designated person of legal succession, who at that time was the Delineator, was lost in the mail due to the outbreak of WWI itself. So it was not until 1920 that the letter arrived in the Holy Land, and the word of Christ was sent back in immediate reply to the receipt of the letter.

Therefore, the third point, in order to correctly form the Supreme Tribunal the signatory nations must officially recognize and acknowledge the Author of all thus as the Author and recognize and acknowledge the designated Person of Legal sucession in order to get what the head of the Hague got in 1920:

The document that states this three point plan to correctly impliment article 2 of #2137.

1) It MUST be founded on the 12 Principles that are the foundation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that upholds the Oneness of Humanity and the rights of self defense for all people and nations.

2) It MUST be democratically elected, as stated above. And,

3) The Author and current designated person of legal sucession MUST be officially recognized and acknowledged if this is going to function. So people can get real feedback about what all this really is and how it really works so that our world leaders can do their job by meeting our needs to be free people free of the blight of war.

Ukraine has NOW made the call to CORRECTLY form the Supreme Tribunal to End War the sole purview “agression” that is, to uphold #2137.

Let’s democratically elect this properly upon the foundation of the Oneness of all Humanity and justice for all. If done on these three points it will succeed. People have a basic human right to live in a world free of war. Everyone agrees with this, we’re all human beings! As citizens of the 72 Signatories real human beings have a right to democratically elect the Tribunal to include everyone and exclude no one. People have a right to know that Baha’u’llah and Abdu’l-Baha are the Author and Delineator of it.

Happy Valentines Day from the beloved of hearts!

War is Over if you want it!

Ukraine Calls for Tribunal to Prosecute Russia for ‘Crime of Aggression’
Ukraine Calls for Tribunal to Prosecute Russia for ‘Crime of Aggression’

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Calls Grow Louder for Tribunal to Prosecute Russia for Crime of Aggression in Ukraine. Ukraine Calls for Tribunal to Prosecute Russia for ‘Crime of Aggression’

The Three (3) Articles of Treaty # 2137 – The KELLOGG-BRIAND PACT, legally referred to as The General Treaty to Renounce War as an Instrument of National Policy:


“Elect the Supreme Tribunal! Uphold the 1928 Covenant of International Peace! (Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact)” #2137

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