Baha’i Calendar Date: Kamal 10, 180 B.E./August 10, 2023

From the Guardian:

Dear friends,

On August 16, 2023 a forensic team of Federal Investigators, under court order, will be raiding my home and office to collect up and catalogue all of my books and materials to be “delivered up for destruction”!

For the record and on the record, I have filed my objection that (a) I am not being represented by an attorney and (b) that my basic human rights guaranteed by the Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact (LNC 2137 1928), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and the Global Ethic Document (1994) are being egregiously violated. My civil rights, civil liberties and first amendment (1776) freedoms (freedom of religion, academic freedom, and freedom of speech and expression) meant to safeguard and uphold my human rights are being violated glaringly as well.

They will be going thru my phone, all my social media, all my friends and contacts info, bank accounts, tax records, medical files, all home and office computers, lap tops, thumb drives, etc., in an invasive search of such magnitude and proportion as to violate all privacy and protections and human decency that should be guaranteed under law. Why? Why is this happening?

It’s because of the “Covenant of Everlasting Peace” (Ez. 37:26) NOW legislated into International Law and in full Force as League of Nations Covenant 2137.

Hitler was opposed to this New Law, outlawing war in 1928; and so are those seeking to war against us, and to perpetuate war in the Ukraine, etc., for their own personal gain, profit and agrandizement.

Their motive? To suppress the knowledge of what #2137 really is, (a Covenant of Peace and Friendship between 72 nations/ the elimination of dictatorship and autocracy); and therefore to prevent the people (all of US) from democratically electing the CTEW based upon the Oneness of Humanity and that no one human being is better than any other!!! That is, by our deeds, individually accountable, we are made known…

The cause of God is the cause of the Oneness of Humanity and of Universal Peace and Justice for all. We will not stop nor ever give up! The Committee to End War (CTEW) shall be democratically elected under the CHARTER of Article 2 (LNC 2137), and nothing can prevent that from occurring! Why? Because we’re all cooperating to do this TOGETHER (na’amah) in the Name of LOVE!💖

“That the Court issue an order permanently de-activating the domain name <>…[and] that, pursuant to 15 U.S.C. §

1118, Defendant [Dr. Chase] be ordered to deliver up for destruction all materials, including brochures, video, audio, digital, websites, research materials, advertisements, literature, promotions, displays, catalogs, and all other matter in the custody or under the control of Defendant [Dr. Chase].” Federal Court 10th Circuit, Colorado: No. 21-cv-01434-MEH


The Three Articles of the League of Nations Covenant #2137 Outlawing War. It is Long Overdue that we Call on All Signatory Nations to Come Together and Elect the Committee To End War to Activate This Binding Covenant of Peace and Friendship, the Covenant of Lasting Peace.

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