Madeline Albright

A little over two years ago, I was able to meet Madeline Albright while she was visiting Aspen with her sister. At this meeting I was able to serve her the indictment which appears in a link on

I had written the links to and on the manilla envelope in bold marker. After drawing her attention to the website addresses  and her opening the envelope to look at the contents briefly, she stated that she was familiar with the websites and the BUPC as well, that she would definitely be reading the document and then thanked me very sincerely with a smile.

This meeting happened soon after her newly discovered family history from which she had learned that she was in fact Jewish. Prior to that she actually did not know what a large part of her true heritage was. Our meeting took place privately after a book signing in Aspen, Colorado for her book which was about that very subject of personal discovery.

Sometime later she made statements while being interviewed which have denoted a considerable broadening of her views on religion in general as well as a reference to the person who would solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict needing to be “a Solomon”. While this can be written off as a simple, old adage pertaining to great wisdom, I’m not so inclined to make light of it. In my view, given the sequence of events here recounted and the historical and ongoing juxtaposition of the Baha’i Faith Under the Provisions of the Covenant to the people and circumstances related to the broader context of the mideast, Madeline Albright’s comments indicate that she has indeed spent some time reflecting upon the message which is contained on the websites of the BUPC and the indictment with which she was served on that day.

We can be fairly certain that she has in fact seen the Genealogy of the Manifestations (The Tree of Life) as well as many other enlightening pieces of information both before and after my meeting with her. The question which remains for me is when will one of the many globally public figures of whom there have been several throughout the last century, see The Light and publicly point to The Lamp? Of course the answer is exactly when and if God wills it.                                                                                                           

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