“Global Warming”

Interesting thing this “global warming” phenomenon.

Funny thing about the melting polar ice both north and south; it’s not melting from above, it’s melting from underneath. This is due to the many areas of greatly increased volcanic activity far beneath them in recent years/decades, undersea in the north and under the icecap in the south. Since Mt. St. Helens blew it’s stack there’s been a steadily increasing frequency and intensity of volcanic/tectonic activity worldwide right up to the present day, mostly undersea, which has been steadily warming the oceans worldwide. The warmer waters pool in certain geographic regions (mostly in shallow seas) which then produce the evaporation patterns and air currents that cause the increasing frequency of ever more powerful storms and erratic weather patterns. Oceanic currents are also altered confusing and threatening many species of marine wildlife with a corresponding effect upon non aquatic species as well due to the changes in overland air currents. This also causes drought and severe rainfall in other regions as part of the overall imbalance and these will remain and increase until tectonic/volcanic and thus climatological stability is restored. Another effect of this is the decrease of friction between the mantle and the crust of the earth as the mantle looses it’s viscosity which will make the crust more likely to slide around the molten earth beneath wildly when struck by a bolide of sufficient mass.

All of these eventualities have been prophesied of in great detail by more cultural traditions than I care to list and certainly more than I CAN list not to mention an increasing number of scientific minds (see Einstein, Hapgood, Velikovsky et. al.) inspired in every case ancient to modern, wholly by the prophecies of each Manifestation from Adam to Baha’u’llah whether consciously or otherwise. The elders of the Indian Nations have been saying that these things were coming for a very long time, since the time of Enoch’s travels throughout the Americas, ca. 3434 BCE. He’s the one who told them about it but that’s another part of the story.

What I know from the elders who spoke to me throughout my formative years (18-28 mostly) of what Enoch told their ancestors is that these changes would come about as a result of natural cycles that the earth itself passes through from time to time much as the human body and society goes through periods of growth, activity, rest, illness and health and other cycles as yet unnoticed. Where the earth is concerned, it, no more than our own bodies is a closed system so of course it is effected by the cycles of the sun and many other spacial, stellar and celestial factors. The wild card, so to speak, is the degree of human spiritual evolution at the time of each of these global cycles which for all life on the planet at the time will tend to either ease or intensify the conditions or symptoms that accompany these transitional periods. As their seers and prophets foresaw through their connection to Adam’s Revelation, the technological advancements coming their way via the advent of Baha’u’llah and the inventive inspiration born of His Revelation and industrialized by the “older white brother” would make these next transitions much more perilous if the people of the world failed to embrace the teachings of Baha’u’llah en mass while still carrying scientific invention to extremes. This is exactly what has happened, so the failure of the majority of humanity to embrace the Revelation of Baha’u’llah has exacerbated the inevitable transitional vicissitudes inherent in the closing of one age of six thousand years (Adamic) and the opening of another even greater age to last five hundred thousand years (Baha’i). This is made all the more difficult by our misuse of a wide variety of relatively recent technological inventions. This is why the Indian elders said this one would likely be more intense than all the others before by many magnitudes.

What we currently observe in the human social arena is the sad spectacle of the politicizing of these circumstances by a wide variety of subgroups within the global population for a correspondingly wide variety of motivations. Ball of confusion. Static. No invention, solution, plan, accord, resolution, dogma, tradition or “green” movement hatched from a mind or a collective of minds of men will be of even the slightest aid in this or any other crisis unless and until such minds and hearts turn directly to face and embrace the Revelation of Baha’u’llah. Then and only then will the people of the world collectively move toward the singular remedy for all the worlds ills both human (spiritual and other) and ecological.

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