Television and Education in the Kingdom

Dr Jensen, the Establisher of the Baha'i Faith stated 
that television and the internet were created for the 
purpose of proclaiming the Baha'i Revelation to the entire planet. 
Since there is no end to that we
could have truly awe inspiring broadcasts going
around the world and out into space for  the duration
of the Baha'i dispensation. There are however many individuals 
who see these two mediums as inherently 
worthless or even downright evil. I think what is too 
commonly done today is to see
the tools of modern technology as being evil in and
of themselves. Rather what should be done is, as the
prophecy states, beat the swords into plowshares by
simply transforming our values to the point where we
will not use these same tools for making war. If you
were to chop the sword up into shards of metal you
wouldn't have anything to plow the field with. It's
a process of heating, hammering, bending and cooling
the sword which transforms it into a useful tool of
agriculture, not simply destroying or discarding the
sword. This is what the Baha'i writings tell us is
the process of transforming satanic strength into
heavenly power and that does not imply destruction.
So to advocate the destruction of the wondrous tools
which the Revelation of  Baha'u'llah has directly
inspired the human mind to invent for a heavenly
purpose during these first two centuries of it's
dispensation would be irresponsible. Through
education in the
Baha'i Revelation, we will elevate our spiritual
development so it keeps pace with our technical
ingenuity and all invention will be utilized to
advance our spiritual civilization rather than to
destroy it. That's what will happen to the world
order of the beast as well. It will be transformed
into the world order of the Glory of God,
Baha'u'llah, with the transformation of the four
beast nations into the four living creatures. Like
the sword, this requires the application of fervent
heat (nuclear), hammering (meteor impact and
earthquake), bending (earth's shifting crust), and
the tempering or cooling process which would be the
spiritual change the  human race experiences as a
result of education before, during and after these
transformational catastrophes.

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