Fireside 2: The Proofs for Jesus

This Fireside demonstrates how with the very logical process of deductive reasoning, we can clearly see how Jesus of Nazareth fulfills the prophetic criteria given prior to His advent which prove Him to be the first of two Biblical Messiahs prophesied in the text of the Old Testament.

This logical, scientific system gives four criteria which when combined, point irrefutably to only one possible individual as the solution to the equation. These criteria are the prophesied Name, Date, Address and Mission. Together these four steps are called the “Golden Criteria” and can be applied as The Divine Standard to determine if anyone at any point in all of recorded history to the present is an authentic Promised One sent by God.

This portion of the second Fireside teaches the foundation of critical thinking which is the basis of the entire study of Philosophy and logical thought. Beginning with this Fireside and in certain others to follow, the skills of basic mathematics are employed as part of the application of these Golden Criteria. Through this lens applied to all fields of investigation, the truth of all things may ultimately be discovered.

In the rest of this Fireside the history of the Christian Religion is unfolded and the corruption of its fundamental expression and promulgation is laid bare for the understanding of all who seek the truth no matter how distasteful it may be. This part of the second Fireside is an education in world history through religious example which uses the disciplines of Historical Documentation, Archeology, Anthropology, the study of Languages, Literature and Symbolism as well as the methods and process of investigative research. The result brings the seeker conclusively to the understanding of how this world came to be in the condition we find it in at the present moment.

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