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Baha’i Month: Mulk/Dominion 1, 180 B.E. (2/7/2024)

Thursday, February 8th, 2024

O kings of the earth! He Who is the sovereign Lord of all is come. The Kingdom is God’s, the omnipotent Protector, the Self-Subsisting. Worship none but God, and, with radiant hearts, lift up your faces unto your Lord, the Lord of all names. This is a Revelation to which whatever ye possess can never be compared, could ye but know it.

This is the Day in which He Who held converse with God hath attained the light of the Ancient of Days, and quaffed the pure waters of reunion from this Cup that hath caused the seas to swell. Say: By the one true God! Sinai is circling round the Dayspring of Revelation, while from the heights of the Kingdom the Voice of the Spirit of God is heard proclaiming: “Bestir yourselves, ye proud ones of the earth, and hasten ye unto Him.” Carmel hath, in this Day, hastened in longing adoration to attain His court, whilst from the heart of Zion there cometh the cry: “The promise is fulfilled. That which had been announced in the holy Writ of God, the Most Exalted, the Almighty, the Best-Beloved, is made manifest.”

O kings of the earth! The Most Great Law hath been revealed in this Spot, this scene of transcendent splendour. Every hidden thing hath been brought to light by virtue of the Will of the Supreme Ordainer, He Who hath ushered in the Last Hour, through Whom the Moon hath been cleft, and every irrevocable decree expounded.

Ye are but vassals, O kings of the earth! He Who is the King of Kings hath appeared, arrayed in His most wondrous glory, and is summoning you unto Himself, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting. Take heed lest pride deter you from recognizing the Source of Revelation, lest the things of this world shut you out as by a veil from Him Who is the Creator of heaven. Arise, and serve Him Who is the Desire of all nations, Who hath created you through a word from Him, and ordained you to be, for all time, the emblems of His sovereignty.

Baha’u’llah, exc. fr. The Book Of The Holy Of Holies

The Three Articles of the League of Nations Covenant #2137 Outlawing War. It is Long Overdue that we Call on All Signatory Nations to Come Together and Elect the Committee To End War to Activate This Binding Covenant of Peace and Friendship, the Covenant of Lasting Peace.

The Twelve Basic Principles of the Baha’i Faith

Baha’i Date: Sharaf/Honor 9, 180 B.E. (1/9/2024)-3 Kings Festival: 1/6-1/9-2024-8 of 8

Tuesday, January 9th, 2024


“The riddle of the Sphinx is: What has one voice, What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three at evening?”
The answer? The Great Pyramid Constellation…its morning is its rise in the East, as the upright pyramid on four bases, like a human a baby; at ” high noon” zenith due south, the Constellation resembles a man on two legs, Orion or Shiva, and other names, east to West, and at its evening, “three legs” is the human being in old age with a walking stick; and here the same 12 Star Group, now resembles a “butterfly ” setting in the West a symbol of “psyche” and the death and rebirth of souls in the afterlife…
There’s more to do on earth than squabble over bananas (oil & religion)…
At the very least, we can all cooperate together to “reverse” the current total war economy…and manage our material affairs copaceticly…
The MYSTERY of the riddle of being…
LNC 2137✨️
The New Riddle of the Sphinx: Life History and Psychological Science

The Three Articles of the League of Nations Covenant #2137 Outlawing War. It is Long Overdue that we Call on All Signatory Nations to Come Together and Elect the Committee To End War to Activate This Binding Covenant of Peace and Friendship, the Covenant of Lasting Peace.

The Twelve Basic Principles of the Baha’i Faith

Baha’i Date: Sharaf/Honor 9, 180 B.E. (1/9/2024)-3 Kings Festival: 1/6-1/9-2024-6 of 8

Tuesday, January 9th, 2024


Here we see the 12 Major stars of “Orion” precisely indicating the major structural features of the Great Pyramid inner passageway system.
Alnitak–the Great Pyramid Star–occupies the position of the Ark of the Covenant exact placement in both the Star pyramid temple in heaven and the stone temple pyramid on earth.
This calls for a matter of deeper investigation! Those of the Ancient antediluvian civilization that constructed the Great Pyramid, did so as a type of prophetic timecapsule of knowledge written in the language of science and mathematics…
The central message as depicted in the stars–Alnitak–and the so-called “Kings Chamber” is the Symbol of the Black-Chocolate Granite Coffer stone, that Represents the Ark of the Covenant.
According to scholars, who have mapped out, the entire inner passageway as a chronological time scale, the Ark dates are from 1844 AD to 2001 AD, and in 1928, we in fact do find, that the “everlasting Covenant of peace”(Ez. 37)–the Covenant of both the Bible, and the Bible in Stone–has already been legislated as International Law as of Aug. 27, 1928, exactly 2520 years from Ezekiel’s first Vision in the summer of 593 bc to the exact day (593 bc + 2520 years =1928, there’s no zero year).
The appearance of the Pyramid in the Stars, for the first time, now, fulfills prophecy, for the bringing forth of the Capstone [third eye opened] for all people to SEE, the Covenant, in this Celestial Ark (in a place in heaven where baby stars are born…) is NOW upon the earth as the promised Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact of King David…
The volume of the pyramid Capstone is 2520 cubic cubits, represting the number of years from both 593bc to 1928, when war was outlawed and the Covenant was established; and the 2520 years from the laying of the foundation stone (see Haggai) in 520 BC to when the Golden Age opened with the collapse of the trade towers in September 2001 and the hoisting aloft the divine standard of the Oneness of Humanity in the form of the Tree of LIFE: Genealogy Of Religious Teachers…
Now today, the celestial Capstone comes forth, in the name of the Paris Peace Pact, the “Covenant of Love” (Deut, 7:9, 9:7 NIV) for Universal Peace, promised by God to heal all the ills of humankind…
Rev. 12:1″And there appeared a Great Wonder [the great pyramid inner passageway system of the “7 wonders” of the ancient world…] appeared in the sky; a woman [Covenant of Everlasting Peace] and upon her head [capstone] a crown of twelve stars [Rigel, Betelguese, Bellatrix, Saiph, Pi3 Ori & Alnitak, Alnilam, Mintaka, Sigma Ori & stars Theta Ori, Iota Ori, and 42 Ori…]. Smaller stars fill in the rest of the passageways, angles, and other features in uncanny detail…
“…Then he will bring out the Capstone to shouts of ‘God bless it! God bless it!’” (Zech. 4-7 NIV)
The Capstone for human civilization on earth is Universal Peace for the Oneness of Humanity. This is happening now! It’s prophesied in the Bible. It’s prophesied in the Quran. It’s prophesied in the Book of Revelation. It’s prophesied in the Great Pyramid prophecy. It’s prophesied in the very stars in the sky! Peace on earth is HERE NOW if you want it! Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact 1928!
Abolition of War, 2028!
LNC 2137✨️


The Three Articles of the League of Nations Covenant #2137 Outlawing War. It is Long Overdue that we Call on All Signatory Nations to Come Together and Elect the Committee To End War to Activate This Binding Covenant of Peace and Friendship, the Covenant of Lasting Peace.


The Twelve Basic Principles of the Baha’i Faith

Baha’i Date: Sharaf/Honor 9, 180 B.E. (1/9/2024)-3 Kings Festival: 1/6-1/9-2024-4 & 5 of 8

Tuesday, January 9th, 2024


The Great Pyramid Constellation as the Appearance of Shiva dancing in the sky, stepping upon “ignorance ” even as Michael and the dragon fought in the Book of Revelation…
When Vishnu Awakes, Shiva appears! Today this three kings day, Shiva has appeared in the sky as the symbolic embodiment of the Great Pyramid Prophecy for CHOICE! Kellogg-Briand Prophesied Peace Pact Covenant of King David [check box a] or “Plan B” “I have become death, the [thermonuclear] destroyer of the world’s” the Oppenheimer Option [check box B]…you know the one…the unopened box with shroedingers groundhog inside–alive or dead. Both or neither, until we open it…and then either early “Arab Spring!” Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact in the middle-East or a sticks and stones Einsteinean thermonuclear WINTER of madmaxish dehumanizing consumerism…
VOTE NO! On Proposal Plan B!
VOTE YES! For “Pacific Means”!
VOTE NO! On the Oppenheimer Option!
VOTE YES! For the justice of the Oneness of Humanity!
VOTE YES! For Universal Peace!
VOTE YES! For the Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact!
It’s not the only option on the Table! It’s the Table of Justice, truth, compassion and Love Itself! That supports ALL options of “pacific means ” — a pure Table of show-bread– where 12 loaves of bread are turned into 12 precious “stones,” that are 12 Precious foundation stones, symbolized by 12 precious STARS that form the Great Pyramid Passageway Constellation ” Crown of 12 stars” upon “her head” meaning the Celestial Capstone is now seen in its place, this Christmas and 3 Kings days Jan 6-9…24…
And if Satan himself asked us to change these 12 Stones into bread, we say no! Because “man cannot live by bread alone” but by every word [logos/covenant/ stone] uttered by the mouth of God “…and “the rock was Christ “! Meaning the Rock of Ages, the firm foundation, the bedrock–rock bottom, has appeared: Peace on earth in an astounding Prophesied interstellar God given Universal Plan…1928 Outlaws War! 2028 Abolishes It!
LNC 2137✨️

Orion Pyramid Inner-Chambers Star Mystery over 32,000 years old


The Three Articles of the League of Nations Covenant #2137 Outlawing War. It is Long Overdue that we Call on All Signatory Nations to Come Together and Elect the Committee To End War to Activate This Binding Covenant of Peace and Friendship, the Covenant of Lasting Peace.


The Twelve Basic Principles of the Baha’i Faith

General Treaty for Renunciation of War as an Instrument of National Policy

Saturday, October 8th, 2022

The Paris Peace Pact

Treaty between the United States and other Powers providing for the renunciation of war as an instrument of national policy. Signed at Paris, August 27, 1928; ratification advised by the Senate, January 16, 1929; ratified by the President, January 17, 1929; instruments of ratification deposited at Washington by the United States of America, Australia, Dominion of Canada, Czechoslovkia, Germany, Great Britain, India, Irish Free State, Italy, New Zealand, and Union of South Africa, March 2, 1929: By Poland, March 26, 1929; by Belgium, March 27 1929; by France, April 22, 1929; by Japan, July 24, 1929; proclaimed, July 24, 1929.


WHEREAS a Treaty between the President of the United States Of America, the President of the German Reich, His Majesty the King of the Belgians, the President of the French Republic, His Majesty the King of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Emperor of India, His Majesty the King of Italy, His Majesty the Emperor of Japan, the President of the Republic of Poland, and the President of the Czechoslovak Republic, providing for the renunciation of war as an instrument of national policy, was concluded and signed by their respective Plenipotontiaries at Paris on the twenty-seventh day of August, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-eight, the original of which Treaty, being in the English and

the French languages, is word for word as follows:


Deeply sensible of their solemn duty to promote the welfare of mankind;

Persuaded that the time has, come when a frank renunciation of war as an instrument of national policy should be made to the end that the peaceful and friendly relations now existing between their peoples may be perpetuated;

Convinced that all changes in their relations with one another should be sought only by pacific means and be the result of a peaceful and orderly process, and that any signatory Power which shall hereafter seek to promote its ts national interests by resort to war a should be denied the benefits furnished by this Treaty;

Hopeful that, encouraged by their example, all the other nations of the world will join in this humane endeavor and by adhering to the present Treaty as soon as it comes into force bring their peoples within the scope of its beneficent provisions, thus uniting the civilized nations of the world in a common renunciation of war as an instrument of their national policy;

Have decided to conclude a Treaty and for that purpose have appointed as their respective

Dr Gustav STRESEMANN, Minister of Foreign Affairs;
The Honorable Frank B. KELLOGG, Secretary of State;
Mr Paul HYMANS, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister of State;
Mr. Aristide BRIAND Minister for Foreign Affairs;
For GREAT BRITAIN and NORTHERN IBELAND and all parts of the British Empire which are not separate Members of the League of Nations:
The Right Honourable Lord CUSHENDUN, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Acting-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs;
The Right Honourable William Lyon MACKENZIE KING, Prime Minister and Minister for External Affairs;
The Honourable Alexander John McLACHLAN, Member of the Executive Federal Council;
The Honourable Sir Christopher James PARR High Commissioner for New Zealand in Great Britain;
The Honourable Jacobus Stephanus SMIT, High Commissioner for the Union of South Africa in Great Britain;
Mr. William Thomas COSGRAVE, President of the Executive Council;
The Right Honourable Lord CUSHENDUN, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Acting Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs;
Count Gaetano MANZONI, his Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at Paris.
Count UCHIDA, Privy Councillor;
Mr. A. ZALESKI, Minister for Foreign Affairs;
Dr Eduard BENES, Minister for Foreign Affairs;

who, having communicated to one another their full powers found in good and due form have agreed upon the following articles:


The High Contracting Parties solemly declare in the names of their respective peoples that they condemn recourse to war for the solution of international controversies, and renounce it, as an instrument of national policy in their relations with one another.


The High Contracting Parties agree that the settlement or solution of all disputes or conflicts of whatever nature or of whatever origin they may be, which may arise among them, shall never be sought except by pacific means.


The present Treaty shall be ratified by the High Contracting Parties named in the Preamble in accordance with their respective constitutional requirements, and shall take effect as between them as soon as all their several instruments of ratification shall have been deposited at Washington.

This Treaty shall, when it has come into effect as prescribed in the preceding paragraph, remain open as long as may be necessary for adherence by all the other Powers of the world. Every instrument evidencing the adherence of a Power shall be deposited at Washington and the Treaty shall immediately upon such deposit become effective as; between the Power thus adhering and the other Powers parties hereto.

It shall be the duty of the Government of the United States to furnish each Government named in the Preamble and every Government subsequently adhering to this Treaty with a certified copy of the Treaty and of every instrument of ratification or adherence. It shall also be the duty of the Government of the United States telegraphically to notify such Governments immediately upon the deposit with it of each instrument of ratification or adherence.

IN FAITH WHEREOF the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed this Treaty in the French and English languages both texts having equal force, and hereunto affix their seals.

DONE at Paris, the twenty seventh day of August in the year one thousand nine hundred and twenty-eight.


Certified to be a true copy of the signed original deposited with the Government of the United States of America.

Secretary of State of the United States of America

AND WHEREAS it is stipulated in the said Treaty that it shall take effect as between the High Contracting Parties as soon as all the several instruments of ratification shall have been deposited at Washington;

AND WHEREAS the said Treaty has been duly ratified on the parts of all the High Contracting Parties and their several instruments of ratification have been deposited with the Government of the United States of America, the last on July 24, 1929;

NOW TIIEREFORE, be it known that I, Herbert Hoover, President of the United States of America, have caused the said Treaty to be made public, to the end that the same and every article and clause thereof may be observed and fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.

DONE at the city of Washington this twenty-fourth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty-nine, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and fifty-fourth

By the President:
Secretary of State



When this Treaty became effective on July 24, 1929, the instruments of ratification of all of the signatory powers having been deposited at Washington, the following countries, having deposited instruments of definitive adherence, became parties to it:

Afghanistan Finland Peru
Albania Guatemala Portugal
Austria Hungary Rumania
Bulgaria Iceland Russia
China Latvia Kingdom of the Serbs
Cuba Liberia Croats and Slovenes
Denmark Lithuania Siam
Dominican Republic Netherlands Spain
Egypt Nicaragua Sweden
Estonia Norway Turkey
Ethiopia Panama

Additional adhesions deposited subsequent to July 24, 1929. Persia, July 2, 1929; Greece, August 3, 1929; Honduras, August 6, 1929; Chile, August 12, 1929; Luxemburg August 14, 1929; Danzig, September 11, 1929; Costa Rica, October 1, 1929; Venezuela, October 24, 1929.


“Elect the Supreme Tribunal! Uphold the 1928 Covenant of International Peace! (Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact)”

Holy Day: The Ascension Of The Establisher Of The Baha’i Faith-Kamal 6, 174 B.E. (8/6/1996)

Sunday, August 6th, 2017


The Baha’i Faith Established

The Foundation He Established

Baha’i Sabbath: Rahmat 14, 174 B.E. (7/7/2017)

Friday, July 7th, 2017

Question.–To what extent can the understanding of man comprehend God?

Answer.–This subject requires ample time, and to explain it thus at table is not easy; nevertheless, we will speak of it briefly.

Know that there are two kinds of knowledge: the knowledge of the essence of a thing and the knowledge of its qualities. The essence of a thing is known through its qualities; otherwise, it is unknown and hidden.

As our knowledge of things, even of created and limited things, is knowledge of their qualities and not of their essence, how is it possible to comprehend in its essence the Divine Reality, which is unlimited? For the inner essence of anything is not comprehended, but only its qualities. For example, the inner essence of the sun is unknown, but is understood by its qualities, which are heat and light. The inner essence of man is unknown and not evident, but by its qualities it is characterized and known. Thus everything is known by its qualities and not by its essence. Although the mind encompasses all things, and the outward beings are comprehended by it, nevertheless these beings with regard to their essence are unknown; they are only known with regard to their qualities.

Then how can the eternal everlasting Lord, Who is held sanctified from comprehension and conception, be known by His essence? That is to say, as things can only be known by their qualities and not by their essence, it is certain that the Divine Reality is unknown with regard to its essence and is known with regard to its attributes. Besides, how can the phenomenal reality embrace the Preexistent Reality? For comprehension is the result of encompassing–embracing must be, so that comprehension may be–and the Essence of Unity surrounds all and is not surrounded.

Also the difference of conditions in the world of beings is an obstacle to comprehension. For example, this mineral belongs to the mineral kingdom; however far it may rise, it can never comprehend the power of growth. The plants, the trees, whatever progress they may make, cannot conceive of the power of sight or the powers of the other senses; and the animal cannot imagine the condition of man–that is to say, his spiritual powers. Difference of condition is an obstacle to knowledge; the inferior degree cannot comprehend the superior degree. How then can the phenomenal reality comprehend the Preexistent Reality? Knowing God, therefore, means the comprehension and the knowledge of His attributes, and not of His Reality. This knowledge of the attributes is also proportioned to the capacity and power of man; it is not absolute. Philosophy consists in comprehending the reality of things as they exist, according to the capacity and the power of man. For the phenomenal reality can comprehend the Preexistent attributes only to the extent of the human capacity. The mystery of Divinity is sanctified and purified from the comprehension of the beings, for all that comes to the imagination is that which man understands, and the power of the understanding of man does not embrace the Reality of the Divine Essence. All that man is able to understand are the attributes of Divinity, the radiance of which appears and is visible in the world and within men’s souls.

When we look at the world and within men’s souls, we see wonderful signs of the divine perfections, which are clear and apparent; for the reality of things proves the Universal Reality. The Reality of Divinity may be compared to the sun, which from the height of its magnificence shines upon all the horizons; and each horizon, and each soul, receives a share of its radiance. If this light and these rays did not exist, beings would not exist; all beings express something and partake of some ray and portion of this light. The splendors of the perfections, bounties and attributes of God shine forth and radiate from the reality of the Perfect Man–that is to say, the Unique One, the supreme Manifestation of God. Other beings receive only one ray, but the supreme Manifestation is the mirror for this Sun, which appears and becomes manifest in it, with all its perfections, attributes, signs and wonders.

The knowledge of the Reality of the Divinity is impossible and unattainable, but the knowledge of the Manifestations of God is the knowledge of God, for the bounties, splendors and divine attributes are apparent in Them. Therefore, if man attains to the knowledge of the Manifestations of God, he will attain to the knowledge of God; and if he be neglectful of the knowledge of the Holy Manifestations, he will be bereft of the knowledge of God. It is then ascertained and proved that the Holy Manifestations are the center of the bounty, signs and perfections of God. Blessed are those who receive the light of the divine bounties from the enlightened Dawning-points!

We hope that the Friends of God, like an attractive force, will draw these bounties from the source itself, and that they will arise with such illumination and signs that they will be evident proofs of the Sun of Reality.

Abdu’l-Baha’-Some Answered Questions #LIX



The Only Translation Of Some Answered Questions Authorized By Abdu’l-Baha’


The 12 Founding Principles Of The One World Government Ordained By God


Some Answered Questions Holy Text Preserved! Ilm 1, 172 B.E. (10/16/2015)

Saturday, October 17th, 2015

Dear friends,

The original preserved text of Some Answered Questions (SAQ) is now available in hard copy format.


This book gives the answers of a great World Teacher to numerous questions which deeply trouble modern man in this post-modern Age of Transition. First published in London in 1908, Some Answered Questions is as timely now as it was then; the need for it has grown more acute with the years. The many questions which it considers remain either unanswered or misunderstood in the minds of the mass of humanity.

What is man? Is there a God? How can we know God? What of the Reality of the Unseen? Miracles, prophecy, predestination, immortality, free will, reincarnation, baptism, the Trinity, healing? Here, too, are commentaries on and explanations of Biblical passages and the metaphysical underpinnings of scientific worldviews suited to our age of increasing maturity.

Some Answered Questions is intended for the searcher with an open and independent mind. The answers are unorthodox. Religion and Spirituality, stripped of ritualism and tradition, become reasonable and alive. If the search for truth is coupled with a dream of justice for all and a world at peace, if the student is willing to receive an idea by which he or she may live meaningfully both for true-self and for others, then here you will find an authentic challenge to match that dream.

This is the original 1908 translation that preserves the prophecy of the coming of the “7th Angel” made by ‘Abdu’l-Baha in this volume (p. 66) in 1908 and approved by Him. Contrary to the Covenant-breakers assertions, Some Answered Questions is NOT “pilgrim’s notes”–but forms a collection of talks in the authenticity of the written Tablets of ‘Abdu’l-Baha approved and corrected by Him (with His own hand during His lifetime) in the potency of genuine Baha’i Holy Writ:

“Baha’u’llah has made it clear enough that only those things that have been revealed in the form of Tablets have a binding power over the friends… Those talks of the Master that were later reviewed by Him, corrected or in some other form considered authentic by Himself, such as Some Answered Questions, are considered as Tablets and therefore have the necessary binding power” (Shoghi Effendi, to the United States Publishing Committee, December 29, 1931).

This original re-print edition of Some Answered Questions combats the various changed false-text corrupted “editions” of the Covenant-breakers and contains a unique preface written by Dr. Leland Jensen and updated for current times along with a New Appendix including the Tablet of the Dichotomy and ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s the Tablet of Wood, Iron and Gold. The perfect teaching text (and required reading: the first 90 pages) for the full experience of the Baha’i Fireside series.


Izzat 7, 172 Baha’i Era (9/14/2015) Covenant Breakers Corrupt Baha’i Holy Books!

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Press Release

For Immediate Release:




Dear friends,


It has come to our attention that ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s prophecy of the coming of the “Seventh Angel” has been removed by the Covenant-breakers from their “new” 2015 edition of Some Answered Questions (SAQ). The original 1908 text that we continue to publish reads:


“And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever.” The seventh angel is a man qualified with heavenly attributes, who will arise with heavenly qualities and character. (‘Abdu’l-Baha, SAQ Original 1908 text)


The Covenant-breakers have changed this to:


“And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever.” That angel refers to human souls who have been endowed with heavenly attributes and invested with an angelic nature and disposition.


What VIOLATION could be clearer than this?


The date for the coming of the “Seventh Angel… a man… who will arise…” is given by ‘Abdu’l-Baha as the year 1963 AD in the book Baha’u’llah and the New Era, chapter “Prophecies of Baha’u’llah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha” subsection “The Coming of the Kingdom of God.” Here ‘Abdu’l-Baha explains that there are to be 1335 prophesied years (as given by Daniel in chapter 12 of the Holy Bible) added to the Victory of Muhammad in 628 A.D. that brings us to 1963 A.D. the date for the advent of the promised 7th Angel who will “establish the Kingdom” (628 + 1335 years = 1963).


The removal of this prophecy by the Covenant-breakers really only calls more attention to the fact that this prophecy is fulfilled by Dr. Leland Jensen.  In fact no one else in history has ever even claimed to be the Seventh Angel other than Dr. Leland Jensen. The prophecy sates that this “angel” will actually be a “man.” That is a real living human being. He will arise with “heavenly qualities and character,” and he will “establish the Kingdom.” Due to the fact that the “Hands” did away with the Kingship of King David through Baha’u’llah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha from the Baha’i faith (or their own isolated corrupted version of it) we see that Dr. Jensen is the only one who stood up against this while it was happening during the years 1957-1963. Even when the rest of the followers of ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s son started claiming rival false “guardianships” only Dr. Leland Jensen kept defending and proclaiming the Covenant of the Davidic Kingship and throne of King David continued as the presidency and “executive” branch (W&T, p. 15) of the authentic Universal House of Justice of Baha’u’llah ( Only Dr. Leland Jensen fulfills all these real life deeds and accomplishments and he and he alone explained that he fulfilled the prophecy of ‘Abdu’l-Baha in SAQ for the “Seventh Angel.” As that date of 1963 has come and gone–no one else ever will.


As we have absolutely demonstrated that Dr. Leland Jensen fulfills these prophecies for the one to arise in 1963 AD, the “Seventh Angel” the Covenant-breakers have had no other recourse than to expunge this prophecy of the Seventh Angel “a man… who will arise [in 1963]” from the Baha’i religious holy texts. They have done this to try to COVER-UP their violation but instead this has backfired as it only calls more attention to the Seventh Angel prophecy!


This glaring violation of the holy writings–shows that our progress ( in teaching this faith has progressed to such a point that the majority of people are becoming wise to the fact that the “Hands” have violated the Covenant and that God has sent a promised one, someone who is not a guardian of the Baha’i faith, but an establisher: like Ali the 5th angel and Quddus the 6th angel–that ‘Abdu’l-Baha also explains–now a 7th angel, the establisher of the Baha’i Faith, Dr. Leland Jensen.


Further these Covenant breakers have removed the very “Kingdom” from this same passage and have added their own false interpolations: as it is the very Kingdom of God–that is of the Kingship of King David–that is to be established.


The original reads: “in that day of God, the Spiritual and Divine Kingdom will be established” and they have changed this to: “in this Day of God His divine and spiritual sovereignty will be established.”


Thus they have attempted to fool the people away from the Kingdom of God with the living Davidic Kingship as the president of Baha’u’llah’s true UHJ ( They have done this further corruption of the texts knowingly and purposefully because so many people today are waking up to the reality that Baha’u’llah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha are seated upon the throne of King David that is to last for ever; and realizing that the whole Baha’i world went astray when they broke the Covenant and separated themselves from ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s son, grandson and great-grandson who is seated upon the throne of David today. The entire Baha’i World went astray except for Drs. Leland Jensen and his wife Opal, the last remaining two Knights of Baha’u’llah who alone remained firm in Baha’u’llah’s Covenant. Dr. Leland Jensen is the establisher of the Baha’i Faith, the “7th Angel” and the educator of the current living guardian seated upon the throne of David alive in the world today.


This bad move on the part of the mainstream sans-guardian Covenant-breaking outfit only serves to call more attention to the “Seventh Angel Prophecy” for those who remain watchful and awake. The rest of the masses of the people are now further poised to fall into the darkness of more grievous error as they read texts that are altered and changed deliberately to keep them imprisoned in the darkness of the lies of these glaring Covenant-breakers who only masquerade as “Baha’is” foisting corrupted Copies of the original full passages.


“And I solemnly declare to everyone who hears the words of prophecy written in this book: If anyone adds anything to what is written here, God will add to that person the plagues described in this book. And if anyone removes any of the words from this book of prophecy, God will remove that person’s share in the tree of life and in the holy city that are described in this book.” (The Book of Revelation 22:18-19 NLT)


In service,

Neal Chase,



PS The individual friends, Councils and Baha’i centers throughout the world are free to distribute this letter for wide circulation as part of their own press releases alerting the world to these forgeries.


ORIGINAL 1908 SAQ Which was Read, Corrected, and Authorized by Abdu’l-Baha’


“And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever.”


The seventh angel is a man qualified with heavenly attributes, who will arise with heavenly qualities and character. Voices will be raised, so that the appearance of the Divine Manifestation will be proclaimed and diffused. In the day of the manifestation of the Lord of Hosts, and at the epoch of the divine cycle of the Omnipotent which is promised and mentioned in all the books and writings of the Prophets—in that day of God, the Spiritual and Divine Kingdom will be established, and the world will be renewed; a new spirit will be breathed into the body of creation; the season of the divine spring will come; the clouds of mercy will rain; the sun of reality will shine; the life-giving breeze will blow; the world of humanity will wear a new garment; the surface of the earth will be a sublime paradise; mankind will be educated; wars, disputes, quarrels and malignity will disappear; and truthfulness, righteousness, peace and the worship of God will appear; union, love and brotherhood will surround the world; and God will rule for evermore—meaning that the Spiritual and Everlasting Kingdom will be established. Such is the day of God. For all the days which have come and gone were the days of Abraham, Moses and Christ, or of the other Prophets; but this day is the day of God, for the Sun of Reality will arise in it with the utmost warmth and splendor. (‘Abdu’l-Baha, Original Prophecy 1908 SAQ)




“And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever.”


That angel refers to human souls who have been endowed with heavenly attributes and invested with an angelic nature and disposition. Voices will be lifted up and the appearance of the divine Manifestation will be proclaimed and noised abroad. It will be announced that this day is the day of the advent of the Lord of Hosts and this Dispensation the merciful Dispensation of the Divine Providence. It has been promised and recorded in all the sacred books and scriptures that in this Day of God His divine and spiritual sovereignty will be established; the world will be renewed; a fresh spirit will be breathed into the body of creation; the divine springtime will be ushered in; the clouds of mercy will rain down; the Sun of Truth will shine forth; the life-giving breezes will blow: the world of humanity will be arrayed in a new garment; the face of the earth will become even as the highest paradise; humanity will be educated; war, dissension, strife and contention will vanish; truthfulness, uprightness, peace and godliness will prevail; love, concord and union will encompass the world; and God will rule forevermore — that is, a spiritual and everlasting sovereignty will be established. Such is the Day of God. For all the days which have come and gone were the days of Abraham, Moses, Christ, or of the other Prophets, but this day is the Day of God, inasmuch as the Sun of Truth will shine forth therein with the utmost intensity and radiance. (Covenant-breaker’s 2015 Interpolations)



Glorified art Thou, O Lord my God! I yield Thee thanks for having enabled me to recognize the Manifestation of Thyself, and for having severed me from Thine enemies, and laid bare before mine eyes their misdeeds and wicked works in Thy days, and for having rid me of all attachment to them, and caused me to turn wholly towards Thy grace and bountiful favors. I give Thee thanks, also, for having sent down upon me from the clouds of Thy will that which hath so sanctified me from the hints of the infidels and the allusions of the misbelievers that I have fixed my heart firmly on Thee, and fled from such as have denied the light of Thy countenance. Again I thank Thee for having empowered me to be steadfast in Thy love, and to speak forth Thy praise and to extol Thy virtues, and for having given me to drink of the cup of Thy mercy that hath surpassed all things visible and invisible.
Thou art the Almighty, the Most Exalted, the All-Glorious, the All- Loving.

Baha’u’llah, The First Book Of Baha’i Prayers, pp. 58-59


O Lord! Open Thou the door. Provide the means, prepare the way, make safe the path. That we may be guided to those souls, whose hearts are prepared for Thy Cause, and that they may be guided to us. Verily, Thou art the Merciful, the Most Bountiful, the All-Powerful.

‘Abdu’l-Baha’, The First Book Of Baha’i Prayers pg. 102

Open Letter To The Hopi: The Third Shaking Of The Earth

Friday, September 11th, 2015

The River Turned To Blood And the Third Shaking Of The Earth:

An Open Letter To The Hopi People

And all peoples of the Four Corners of the sacred Heart


A long time ago, we, like all other people were sent a Prophet who gave us instructions on how to walk a life path in harmony with the Creator’s all-encompassing plan.


Along with those instructions we were given a three-part Covenant symbolized as a bow, to keep for all generations after that prophet’s departure from us.


We were told that if we kept that Covenant we would remain as One People pure of heart and thereby be able to recognize Baha’na, the Promised One whom our Prophet told us would come as his return to us in a far distant future.


We were told that we would have to make a choice at that time.


One of the proofs of the authenticity and veracity of the Promised Baha’na would be that he would possess the full knowledge of the symbols on a small, broken stone tablet given to the Hopi of the Fire Clan by our Prophet and the meaning thereof, a knowledge withheld from us when only part of it was left with us by the Prophet upon his departure from us.


We were also told that in that future time, if we remained firm in the Covenant the Prophet made with us, the Baha’na would point to another Promised One whom our Prophet called “The Guardian of The Land”.


Sadly, as a people, we failed to uphold the three-part Covenant we made with our Prophet.


This is however, not a judgement, rather this is a lesson, an opportunity for all of us to turn back onto the path of the One-Heart and take up the bow of that Covenant once again in this hour.


When the first atomic bombs, those “gourds of ashes” our prophet told us would be created by the two-hearts and cause such misery and destruction upon the land as had never been known were test-detonated near our sacred lands, we knew it was time to send out our emissaries to tell our white brothers it would be a grave mistake to use them.


Our pleas fell on deaf ears.


Many years later, one among our traditional, spiritual elders named Grandfather David Monongye had a vision by which he was made aware of the fact of the return of that Prophet from our ancient history, in the person of the Promised One our prophet himself said would be sent to us at a time of great peril, the one he called Baha’na.


At that time, Grandfather David and those who remained traditional among our people sent out emissaries, this time to seek out and contact the Promised One known by the Hopi as the Baha’na in an effort to learn his New Song and sing it to the world to bring about a new world of peace and justice for all people, the prophesied Fifth World.


One of those emissaries succeeded.


Unfortunately when she returned to tell of her success in finding and learning from Baha’na, she, along with her good news, was rejected by the Two-Hearted ones living amongst the Hopi who had other intentions than to learn the New Song of the Baha’na.


Because of this the Bow of the Covenant remained broken upon the dust of the earth in Hopi Land for the remaining days of Grandfather David’s life.


Grandfather David saw many signs in the heaven of his vision that confirmed the presence of the one we call Baha’na, our True White Brother, that Promised One, who was alive in the world at that time.


Among the signs he witnessed was the fulfillment of the prophecy regarding the turning of the children of the White Conquerors back to the way of peace in the days of the Baha’na. The prophecy says that they would grow their hair long, travel and gather throughout the land and they would be called by a name that was almost like Hopi. These were the Hippies of the 1960’s.


Many years later, when Grandfather David heard of the gathering of the Rainbow Tribe he, along with a group of Traditional Hopi attended it in New Mexico in 1977 and presented the Hopi history and Prophecy to them. Grandfather David confirmed the fulfillment of prophecy when he said to the Hippies of the Rainbow Tribe “Hopi and Hippie are alike, peace people are Hopi, Hopi is peace, you are all Hopi”.


One of the most prominent clear signs Grandfather David witnessed in his vision was a nine-pointed star, a symbol of the Baha’i Faith.


It was in July of the year 1983 when Thomas Banyacya himself, the official spokesman for the traditional Hopi Elders sent four seekers whom he personally inducted as traditional Hopi, out into the world from the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York to look for the Baha’na. I was one of them.


He told all four of us while sitting at the base of a small tree in the midst of a very large, open field, that we should look for the Baha’na whom he said would be either a very young boy or a very old man at that time. He said we would need to learn the Song of the Baha’na and do whatever we could to bring the traditional Hopi people and the Baha’na together if we found him, as time to lessen the destructive aspects of the Great Purification was running out and the Baha’na was the only one who could lead all humanity through it with his New Song which the Hopi did not yet know how to sing.


After the passing of Grandfather David, in all, three (3) messengers went out from the place called Massauwa, the prophesied address of the Baha’na sent by the Baha’na himself in an effort to bring our traditional, spiritual people together with him to learn the New Song.


All three were rejected.


The first went directly to Hopi Land and was turned away without being given any audience at all, not even so much as a chance to speak before the traditional Hopi Elders. This was the Creator knocking on the door of the Hopi a first time. It corresponds to the prophesied “first shaking of the earth with one hand”.


The second met Thomas Banyacya, spokesman for the traditional Hopi Elders in 1987 during the time of the Harmonic Convergence at the home of Jose Arguelles in Colorado. Specific, detailed proof was handed to him by an emissary of the Baha’na yet no conversation followed. No response ever came from Thomas Banyacya or the traditional Hopi Elders. This was the Creator knocking on the door of the Hopi a second time. It corresponds to the “second shaking of the earth with one hand”.


In July of the year 1987 during the time of the National Rainbow Gathering in the Cherokee National Forest of North Carolina I was told of the Baha’na by one of his traveling students. I then realized I had to see the proof that he was in fact the Promised Baha’na of Hopi Prophecy for myself. I traveled to Missoula, Montana, which is in the Hopi language “Massauwa”, the name of the place of the Baha’na, where I learned the New Song directly from Him in the second half of the month of August, in the days immediately following the time of the Harmonic Convergence (Aug. 16-17, 1987).


Afterward I began looking for the path by which to deliver the message to the Traditional Hopi People to come forth and learn the New Song from him and then meet The Guardian of The Land. For a few years I explored many paths by which to bring the Hopi Elders together with their long-awaited Baha’na but no opportunity availed itself.


It was in the year 1993 that I met a seeker who called himself Joseph who was traveling by invitation to Hopi Land. I taught Joseph the truth of the Fire Clan Tablet fulfilled and taught to me by the Baha’na and he set out on his way to Hopi Land. Joseph arrived bearing the message that the Baha’na awaited the Hopi signal that they were ready to learn the New Song from him.


As explained earlier in this letter, Great Spirit had already sent two other messengers (angels) before me from the Baha’na to knock on the door: my message was the third knocking. This corresponds to the Creator knocking on the Hopi door a third time. The third shaking of the earth is yet to come; as it is with two hands the Creator will do this.


At that time the inhabitants of Hopi Land were embroiled in conflict among themselves and the call of the Baha’na passed along by me, the third messenger, to Joseph the Seeker, and delivered directly into the heart of Hopi Land and Life was rejected once again. This was the third time the message of the Baha’na had been delivered and rejected.


One year later, in the summer of 1994, I received a message on my radio pager from the “Hopi Cultural Preservation Office” stating that they wanted to find out about the missing cornerstone of the Fire Clan Tablet and the one who had it as they had heard all about it from Joseph the Seeker.


I called them back and told them I would have to contact the Baha’na to receive his specific instructions on how to proceed. I then contacted Him directly and He told me exactly what He wanted me to tell them. He told me that I would know if they wanted their Promised Baha’na and the New Song or if they only wanted a piece of stone for their museum case. I called them back immediately, delivered the Baha’na’s message to them exactly as he spoke it to me and their response told me all I needed to know. They said they would be in touch with me, we exchanged polite goodbyes and I never heard from them again. That was the end of the third knock.


Now, at this time when the River has been turned to Blood (Animas of the San Juan and Colorado Rivers that flows through the Heart Land – on August 6th, 2015 exactly 70 prophesied years from August 6, 1945 when the “gourd of ashes” was dropped on Hiroshima from the Uranium mined from Four Corners Area; and the waters that have heretofore nourished not only the Hopi but the Land and Life of all the peoples of the Colorado Plateau and beyond are poisoned with toxic heavy metals and other deadly chemicals from deep within the earth; at the time of the Fourth Blood Moon; Great Spirit calls me to knock for a final FOURTH TIME as third emissary sent by the Baha’na (turning back to face the Hopi a second time) and call the One-Hearted among them to take up the Bow of the Covenant and learn the New Song as taught by the Baha’na, the Promised One of the Hopi and all other peoples.


“And the third angel (third messenger from Baha’na) poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood. And I heard the angel of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, because thou hast judged thus. For they have shed the blood (in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and all other wars since) of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them (Military Industrial Complex and two-hearts amongst our peoples) blood to drink (Animas, San Juan and Colorado Rivers); for they are worthy” (Rev. 16:4,5,7 KJV) For more:


The missing cornerstone is a real, living person–he is the stone the builders rejected–even as we are all living stones in the holy temple of living earth. The physical cornerstone artifact, like the physical missing capstone (missing top cornerstone) of the Great Pyramid are material physical stone symbols of this real, living person (a human being who is precious) who is the actual “missing” cornerstone–missing because the two-hearted builders reject him: and the people who have deaf ears only faintly heard the first three knocks. This fourth knocking is the last.


Thus Great Spirit shakes the world first with one hand to try to wake the people up; then a second time with one hand again to try to wake it up. These were the first two knocks to the Hopi people by the first two messengers (angel means messenger) sent to them by Baha’na.


Now the third angel (messenger from Baha’na) knocked for the third time in the 1990s and now with “his other hand” knocks again as the “River has turned to blood” exactly “3 ½ times” (a time being a score of 20 years: 3 ½ x 20 years = 70 years) from the ground zero date of the Hiroshima bombing on August 6, 1945. This fourth knock by the third messenger is the Great Spirit shaking the people awake with “two hands.” This is happening in time for the unmasking of Blue Star Kachina and the completion of the 49.98 years Jubilee cycle of double star Sirius in the night sky.


This is the final, third shaking with “two hands” by the third messenger to the Hopi–signaling that the first Great Shaking of the World (World War I) and the second Great Shaking (World War II) by Great Spirit each with only one hand is NOW to be succeeded by the third Great Shaking of All the World with “two hands.” This third great shaking according to Grandfather David is to be World War III in which one third of humanity is prophesied to be killed in one hour of thermonuclear war with every American City population 100,000 or more to be destroyed. This unleashes the four winds held back at “four corners” that Grandfather David has forewarned: the fourth and final wind being the “earth’s shifting crust” because of the crimes against mother earth in the failures of all the peoples of the world to follow Great Spirit’s instructions, according to Grandfather David, Wovoka, Black Elk, Sitting Bull, all the Hebrew Prophets, White-Buffalo Calf-Woman, Rolling Thunder, Long Standing Bear Chief, Red Crow and the other prophets, elders, teachers, medicine men and women and shamans of all races creeds and colors sent to warn all the peoples of living Gaia.


The Guardian of the Land is now alive in the world ( and he awaits (ready to help and serve) your return to the True Path of Peace, the path of the True Hopi.


Who among you will answer his call?


Light & Love for all.

Kevin Paul Seeley,

Hopi third messenger,

Knight of Baha’u’llah




Prophecy Fulfilled: “And The River Was Turned To Blood” Kamal 11, 172 B.E. (8/11/2015)



Dear Friends,


What has happened in our New Jerusalem from the years 1996 on August 6th until recently? The Covenant-breakers have attacked the Twin Establishers of the Baha’i Faith, the prophesied Joshua and Zerubbabel–the two witnesses mentioned in Revelation chapter 11–that bear witness to the Reality of the twin Testaments of the Kitab-i-Ahd and the sacred Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha. These attacks have been levied against the person of the living Davidic King (the guardian) in every way imaginable and unimaginable, but God has prevailed against these peoples and “brought forth his servant the Branch” (Zech. 3:8 KJV) in the year 2001 AD. In 2012 he announced his “four corners medicine wheel prophecy” re-activating ‘Abdul-Baha’s Tablets of the Divine Plan. This meant the election of the first US National Council since the violation of the Covenant in 1957-1960, which took place in Ridvan 2015.


Now in the prophesied location of “the Four Corners” (Is. 11: 12) passing through the precise spot of the “four corners” (see map below) God has fulfilled his words in the Book of Revelation: “And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood. And I heard the angel of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, because thou hast judged thus. For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink; for they are worthy” (Rev. 16:4,5 & 7 KJV) in the Animas River disaster of the Four Corners with such high content of iron (“About 70 percent of your body’s iron is found in the red blood cells of your blood called hemoglobin”) and other heavy metals turning the river to blood and toxic poison:





This disaster has occurred EXACTLY 19 years [one vahid] to the day of the ascension of the Establisher, Knight of Baha’u’llah, Dr. Leland Jensen: August 6th 1996 + 19 years = 2015. [In addition it is exactly 70 years to the day from the dropping of the atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, the act which fulfilled the “Gourd of Ashes” prophecy given by the Hopi people. 70 years is the prophetic Biblical time cycle given as “a time, two times, and half a time”, where a “time” is calculated as a score which is 20 years.]  It should be kept in my that I gave the date for the Trade Tower 9-11 from the start date of his ascension in 1996 on this very day of August 6: see chart Collapse of the Two Towers: Second Woe – Prophecy Chart. This current “river to blood”: thus fits into the extension of this prophesied time line of the “three woes” in the prophesied Cycle of the Seven Seals I have explained in my firesides, deepenings and table talks that has occurred in time for the prophesied “four blood moon” events (the Tetrad) that takes place in the Guardians 49th year (1966 + 49 years = 2015) and then the jubilee.

1I Second Woe

In my mission it states: “He will lift a signal flag [Divine Standard, Banner of the genealogy of Baha’u’llah] for the nations; he will gather Israel’s dispersed people and assemble Judah’s scattered people from “the four corners” [Colorado Plateau] of the earth” (Is. 11:12 Net Bible). The river turning to blood is the signal of the flag of “the blood of the Covenant” being raised in that area and the attack by those whom Baha’u’llah calls “the manifestations of satan” against our efforts [“Michael and his angles fought” Rev. Ch. 12] in the promised area of the four corners that includes all sacred spaces on the Colorado Plateau and Grand Mesa/Chair Mountain area and is the signal for the judgement and defeat of “satan”: “Satan will be released from his prison [Covenant-breakers attack the guardian seated upon King David’s throne (Michael and his angels–see Rev 12 for the 6-66 Injunction)] and will come out to deceive the nations [turn the people away from Michael and his angels] that are at the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog [Ez Ch. 38 and 39, Russia will be dragged into this at this time], to gather them for battle [oil battle for control of the Middle East]; their number is like the sand of the sea. And they marched up over the broad plain of “the earth” [they were the ex-followers educated by Dr. Leland–the land–Jensen’s teachings] and surrounded the camp [camp Bahá] of the saints [guardian’s personal home and family] and the beloved city [New JerUSAlem in the Rocky Mountains], but fire came down from heaven [the heaven of prophecy] and consumed them, and the devil [personal individual arch-violators–whose symbol is the dragon–see Rev. 12] who had deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the beast [materialists, partiers, drunks, adulterers, deceptive music, false merriment, money-mongers, shopaholics, and drugs (Matt. 24:38, 39)] and the false prophet were, and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever” (Rev 20:7-10 ESV).


So it is written “and [the two witnesses: Joshua and Zerubbabel] have power over waters to turn them to blood” (Rev. 11: 6 KJV) that ‘Abdu’l-Baha explains this verse in SAQ: “if they wished, they could turn the water of the Nile into blood, so far as the Egyptians and those who denied them were concerned—that is to say, that that which was the cause of their life, through their ignorance and pride, became the cause of their death. So the kingdom, wealth and power of Pharaoh and his people, which were the causes of the life of the nation, became, through their opposition, denial and pride, the cause of death, destruction, dispersion, degradation and poverty. Hence these two witnesses [who have returned and appeared repeatedly in every dispensation with different names in different places] have power to destroy the nations” (‘Abdu’l-Baha, SAQ, Commentary on Rev Ch. 11).


Now I tell you truthfully that these cites and towns all throughout the New Jerusalem in the Rocky Mountains have been peppered with Covenant-breakers and people raised up by myself and Dr. Leland Jensen who have cared nothing for the Baha’i faith at all but only for to save their own lives or increase their own personal power, self prowess and personal gains. They came to the mountains not to become believers in God but to either save their own skins, so to speak or to take the knowledge we have given freely to bunk-up “chair mountain churches” and “survivalist groups” for their own personal aggrandizement and empowerment all in opposition to the Baha’i Faith and the Covenant of Baha’u’llah and the successorship of the throne of King David. Through back-biting, gossip, slander, character assassination, mis-information, disinformation and even down right lies they have sought to attack this Covenant and Baha’i faith and invalidate the blood of over 10,000 Bab’i martyrs and 20,000 Baha’i martyrs by attacking and poisoning the people against these Twin promised ones who have appeared in the United States and back-stabbing their wives and family members, and fellow believers in the Covenant of Baha’u’llah and the sacred Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha. “Blood” they have taken and the Revelation states “blood is their due!”


Those of the nations outside of this area all know that we have a 100% track record yet they have suppressed the unfurling of the Divine Banner at the 9-11 event and have attempted by diverse means to move against the faith in its livelihood as well as in the material basis of its support–and while the poison spreads further into the Grand Canyon and poisons the water table for many, many peoples for years to come–the guardian and his friends have personally endured against them all in the courts and the civil and secular systems as well as the Arena of Absolute Truth and the Pavilion of the Supreme Reality because the violators have chosen to fight against God Himself and God has prevailed against these people. If only you could read the Book of Revelation (for your very own self) with your own eyes and not through the eyes of your neighbors you would see what is to occur next that is more disastrous than this minor taste of retributions…as one by one the enemies of the Cause of God, Shoghi Effendi explains, are met with that which is Condign:


What is the mysterious Power of “Michael and his angels” that comes not from money, nor politics, nor prestige, charisma or material backing? Why are all the forces in the universe unable to prevail against it? Why has the Faith grown to now encompass Iran, Bangladesh, India, all of Arabic speaking Islam, the Urdu speaking peoples, India, Syria, Turkey, the Middle East and those in Russia, and the Far East? The more the hounds of personal appetites push against the truth–the brighter the fire of this unquenchable flame! The more they make fun of and attack the true believers in their very own homes, and inner family circles, the more God promises to save the pure of heart and spread the Faith far and wide. Does he do this to see the “unbelievers destroyed”? The Muslim, Christian and Jewish clergies would have you believe so, but the unbeliever is destroyed when he becomes a believer. And the wicked is destroyed when she becomes wise. Thus all shall taste death and become believers and wise souls after their mortal coil is bled dry–but most will believe in this wisdom–if you can call it that, says Paul–a crazy-wisdom (1 Cor. 1:20) that is foolish to the worldly-wise–who are looking into the Kingdom from far, far outside, and are unable to enter the Kingdom as Jesus said “not my will o Lord but thine”–not a threat but a fact–that they lack the capacity to serve that which is “other” than what ‘Abdu’l-Baha calls their “ever insistent self” and these instead fall by the sword of their own appetites into grievous errors–because they would have it NO other way. So the victory belongs to those who have died now (NDE), died away from self and passion, died away from old habits, from their stuck-up orgies, and “a’whoring around after false Guardians” as Dr. Jensen has said. Behold they have “died” and yet live for ever more” now in this life and in the next–but only for those who have seen the VISION, climbed the Mountain, so to speak, been filled with the Spirit, that do not apostatize their faith, but deepen in his loving kindness–“used their intellect to defeat antichrist”–for God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son that we should have life-eternal: and the son gave himself willingly though the masses comprehend him not!


“For it is written: I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and I will set aside the understanding of the experts. ” (1 Cor. 1:19, Holman’s)


The hour has come in which the “golden censor” (of Positive-Leap 80) is filled with fire (9-11) and burning coals (4-11) from the “altar” and thrown upon the earth. This from the time of Dr. Jensen’s world wide media projection in 1980 and filled now with “fire” in the prophesied time of the jubilee of the tetrad blood moons in our day today.


Like those who loved Jesus–but fell “asleep” (Matt. 26:40) in the garden, those who are wakeful today in this day are those that shall be elevated by God to fulfill this mission to gather the elect from the four corners of the world and be spared the chastisement, that Baha’u’llah states: “We have a fixed time for you, O peoples. If ye fail, at the appointed hour, to turn towards God, He, verily, will lay violent hold on you, and will cause grievous afflictions to assail you from every direction. How severe, indeed, is the chastisement with which your Lord will then chastise you!” (WOB, p. 201).  “And the river shall be turned to BLOOD…


The prophecy of the “Blood river” is one of the greatest disasters ecologically in US history. Its flow down through New Mexico and Arizona is the sign to awaken the native people to the fulfillment of this real vision as we gave the “nine pointed star” back in the 1980s, and Dr. Jensen and his angels delivered the “missing cornerstone” to the Hopi peoples of these areas with the Navaho yet they rejected him and he was denied–but now they give the signal of the cornerstone restored by Grandfather Martin as Dr. Jensen and his angels gave it to them.



These nations will accept the Divine Banner and it shall be hoisted in their midst to all the people of the world.




The Covenant and the Manifestations are the foundation of civilization: as civilization if founded upon the spiritual qualities and attributes of God such as love, justice, honor, trustworthiness, mercy, humility, etc. We cannot have a society or any group activities without these basic qualities of co-operation and mutual respect!  As these spiritual qualities and attributes emanate from the personal reality of God himself and are established as his image within creation in the appearance of the divine manifestations of God these are the glue of any group cohesion and effort. The attack on these 9 and the separation from the root of these Divine Revelators of progressive civilization is the downfall of society and the havoc (collapse) of the financial booty of war for the greedy and small minded. The greedy oil people and corrupt leaders of our cultures have either abandoned all hope or gone against this living spirit of Christ and thus we have the absence of these qualities in war, pestilence, famine, disease, ignorance and the disintegration of civilization.


This disintegration is so that the spiritual people of the nations and those beginning at the four corners will establish a true spiritual civilization–having tasted the blood of his covenant that recompenses the blood of the martyrs—-not like a corrupt society like that which is dying out right now.


The release of this blood from the heart-land of the four corners (its inward spiritual purity of the blood of the covenant and outward lethal poison of the rivers) sets the signal for these events to unfold.


Blessed are those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. This spread throughout Utah and New Mexico into the Colorado River and Grand Canyon and has poisoned the water supply for Arizona and California that is now even in draught.


The Guardian, The living Davidic King can be contacted here: Prophecy is always fulfilled but expectations are not.

Wake up O People, says Baha’u’llah, for your time is short.

 Gold King Mine 8-6-2015





Dear friends,

Just a reminder about pushing the button, and to whom (Ez. 38, 39) the US gave the button to push:


Where is Lee Brown and the

Coast Salish Baha’is?

What happened to Long-Standing Bear Chief of the Blackfoot (Pikuni) Nation and the Lakota family of Sitting Bull?


Native American Baha’is and indigenous peoples in general of all other Native American Tribes have been fast finding-out that the Covenant of Baha’u’llah has been violated by the “Hands” in the year 1960 when they separated themselves from the son and appointed successor of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, Charles Mason Remey Aghsan; and that Ruhiyyih Khanum and those that followed her, murdered Shoghi Effendi (the first guardian of the Baha’i faith) and all their followers have separated from the Covenant and true successorship of Baha’u’llah seated upon the throne-line of King David (of the Tribe of Judah) that is to last forever.


Like most people–who are burned by corrupt organized “religions” they leave the church organizations of man but still accept the reality of the Founders–Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Krishna, etc. and continue to worship God in their own way–these too still accept Baha’u’llah, but due to the sting of the violation of the Baha’i Covenant they have been unable, for the most part, to re-gather under the provisions of the Covenant until recently.


This is what happened with all the American Baha’is in general during the days of ‘Abdu’l-Baha. When his half-brother Muhammad-Ali broke the Covenant the people became poisoned and perturbed and were unable to have fellowship with one another at Baha’i gatherings.


After ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s journey to the U.S. in 1912 this situation was reversed as the American peoples (native, white, brown, black, yellow, red–everyone of all creeds and colors) were able to meet with ‘Abdu’l-Baha in person; and through the love of ‘Abdu’l-Baha these blossoms on the tree of life were re-grown and flourished once again.


This is what has happened in the Native American world since the 9-11 in 2001 through the love, education and service of the great-grandson of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, Neal Chase.


 Lee Brown and the Salish Indian Baha’is


In the Baha’i library there is an excellent file on Hopi Prophecy called, “Traditional Native American Prophecies.” It is a beautiful testament to the Baha’i Faith. The Author of the document is Lee Brown. He is a scholar and teacher (Ph.D.) of Aboriginal values and epistemology as well as member of the Cherokee Nation and the Wolf Clan who spent a few years in Hopi land studying the prophecies and ways of the tribes of the Southwest. While at Four Corners in Arizona Lee had visions and realized that the Baha’i Faith was the long awaited “New Religion” for the Native peoples of the Americas as well as Baha’u’llah being the One spoken of in all world faiths and promised to come in all wisdom traditions. Since Lee Brown recognized Baha’u’llah, the administrative leadership of the “Baha’i World Faith” has used his testament for years to introduce people to the Baha’i Faith without their informed consent and knowledge of the great Covenant-breaking takeover–“Baha’i Gate“–that occurred in 1960.


When Lee Brown came into the Faith, he was so convinced and motivated that it was the true religion of Wakan Tanka (The Great Mystery) that he was able to bring in hundreds of Coast Salish Native peoples from the tribes in British Columbia where he now works and lives. There were mass declarations. But something went wrong.


You see, it is a fact that Lee Brown and his wife and the entire Coast Salish tribe of BC have torn up their membership cards and none of them attend any administrative “Baha’i” functions any more. Where is Lee Brown?


In October of ‘95, Lee Brown told his story: He said that he made a mistake signing up with the “Baha’i World Faith” and that he was sorry that he led his tribe astray. He said that the “Baha’i” Faith was “just another white man’s religion, just like the ones before it.” He said he believes in Baha’u’llah but not in the so-called “Baha’i” Faith and that he wanted “nothing to do with it.” He said that the “White Baha’is” of Vernon, BC (that is where he lives) were exclusive, cliquish, selfish, egotistical and prejudicial. He said that they treated the Natives as “sub-humans” and that the “white Baha’is” had built a “wall of separation that was 300 feet tall” between themselves and the natives. They hogged the jobs (wouldn’t hire Natives), looked down their noses at them and in general despised the Indians. Lee saw by their behavior that these people calling themselves “Baha’i” were in no way of the True Religion of God. So he and his tribe in BC left their phony “Baha’i” Faith. He is so angry with them for getting his signature in the first place and duping him. Through the Power of the Covenant these people have been set free from the Violation of the Covenant of the “Hands!”


Long-Standing Bear Chief


One day, while the “Guardian of the Land” was living in Missoula (Masauwu) Montana, the people facilitating the local Baha’i Center received a phone call from Long-Standing Bear Chief of the Blackfoot Pikuni Nation. He was very angry and wanted to redress grievance (which is his right) against the Baha’is. The people became scared and reported this contact that day at the weekly Forum of Dr. Leland Jensen, who always sat at the right hand of Neal, the guardian of “the Land” seated upon the throne.


Dr. Jensen made a call for volunteers of people who would go up North to Browning and meet with Long-Standing Bear Chief as he requested. No one responded. Neal then said that he would go as he had always wanted to go up and visit Browning and now this was a perfect opportunity that had presented itself.  Later on that same night some of the friends came up to Neal and told him, that he should change his mind, as Browning was a dangerous place and people were known to go up there and disappear. This didn’t change his mind but made him want to go up there all the more.


It was finally agreed that he would go as long as someone else accompanied him. A native Montanan who happened to be Métis (like Louis Riel) volunteered to drive up there with him.


On the drive, Neal said that if all this goes well, should Long-Standing Bear Chief want to smoke the pipe with them, that they should not inhale the smoke but only hold it in the mouth, then say prayers in their innermost hearts and release the smoke. His companion objected that this was some sort of slur and racial stereotype. Neal dropped the conversation.


When they arrived in Browning, the town was a disaster. There were old burned out cars, unkempt mud streets, poverty, worn down trailer homes, alcoholism and other terrible things. It was nothing like the Salish-Kootenai area of Montana where the Flatheads had made alliance with “the black robes” of the Jesuit priests since the days of the 1800s and were very wealthy and have a wonderful college and strong local economy.


They got out of the car and walked up to the front door and Harold Gray welcomed them in cordially, but restrained. As they introduced themselves, it was quite obvious that Harold was upset and holding something back. He proceeded to tell them that some time before he had found out about Baha’u’llah and had become a Baha’i. He was also a very powerful and erudite human rights activist. He told of how he had accepted the 12 principles and had fallen in love all over again with God having found the truth of his own native tradition fulfilled in our day today. As he said this he became more and more agitated. It turned out, that he had no idea that he had joined that Covenant-breaking outfit that was only masquerading as “Baha’i.” Recently something terrible had happened and those Covenant-breakers had broken up his family and declared that his wife and children should completely shun and avoid him, and he had lost all contact with his wife and children including his son that was to succeed him in his life-traditional work. He was very upset about this.


It was at about this time as he was standing before them, and they sat upon the couch, and he was shaking and raising his voice, that Neal finally got his attention and interrupted him. He asked if he could speak and just say one thing. Harold calmed down and recomposed himself, and said yes, and then Neal told him that they were the Baha’is Under the Provisions of the Covenant, and that the whole Baha’i world had violated the Covenant and that many, many people had suffered through these similar types of family breakups destroying marriages and harming the children. He said in fact he had seen this among the Native Americans as well, when he had met with a great-grandson of Sitting Bull previously in Mobridge, SD, and that Harold Gray was not alone in this calamity.


Harold was perplexed. He said that he did not know that Neal was not with that Covenant-breaking group when he called the Baha’i Center in Missoula. He said he was still so upset that he did not know what to do with himself. He said that he understood that the guardian also had been exiled and persecuted by these same nefarious peoples. But he said that he just had so much pain and turmoil inside of him over this that he just had to let it out and that he had already planned to do so this day. The Guardian said to him, “I understanding fully. Please go ahead and continue. We will sit here with you and listen to you no matter what you have to do until you have decided that you are done.” He then opened up, and the mightiest and heaviest torrent denouncing injustice and corruption such as one couldn’t possibly imagine came pouring out of him covering 400 to 500 years of oppression since 1620 AD (Plymouth Rock) and 1492 (since Columbus) until the present time, mixed in with broken tragedy and weeping over his lost family, and strong valiant statements of the promises of God for justice and freedom for all and what was to occur at the time the “Napi” appeared. He paced back and forth in his oration making his stand and statement, and then “ahou” he was done.


He then reached inside his pocket and pulled out a medium sized stone polished object. He said that this was the sacred pipe that he held as keeper of his tribe. He then told the guardian that his native name was Long-Standing Bear Chief and that this was the ancient pipe of his ancestors that had been passed down through countless generations that he himself had received from his father before him and as his father had received it. He said that they would someday smoke this together but because of the terrible reasons for meeting on that day it would have to wait for another time that God would so permit. The Guardian turned to his companion and said, “I do not stereotype, and I am not racial. I know what I know and I see what I see.”


Today, the “River Has Turned To Blood” (Rev. 16:4-7) that runs through “Four Corners” (Is. 11:12 KJV) and Hopi land. The signs of God are fulfilled and the time for all the people to awake has arrived.