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Victor Woods wrote:
But, is the Catholic Church the buildings and the grounds or is it the institution of the Pope and the Catholic Heirarchy? The test for the believers 50 years ago was that the Baha’i Faith cannot exist without a Guardian. The Test that Mason gave was you have to know who is the right candidate for the job.

So if a religion is the institutions then why was the original lawsuit brought by Remey all about trying to grab the Wilmette Temple and control of the voluntary financial donations mainstream believers give? Why have all the historic campaigns by splinter groups or individuals been about power and property and money?
As for Remey – are you saying that he screwed up in appointing Harvey and Marangella? Are you saying the “infallible” guardian didn’t know who was the right candidate for the job? How did Remey come to appoint the “wrong” candidate not once but twice? How can a “guardian” fail in that most basic way? As for his “son” (I take it you mean the adopted Pepe) where does it say in the writings that sons AUTOMATICALLY are appointed? Remey never appointed Pepe to anything and Pepe is on record as saying he would have refused if he had.
By the way – do you agree with Marangella that Remey was sane when he appointed Marangella but conveniently insane when he disbanded the body that Marangella headed and appointed Donald Harvey? Or was Remey just plain old wrong? Why, in your opinion, did Remey appoint Harvey or Marangella? And where is the proclamation from Remy appointing anyone else? Quinn

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