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Janice wrote:
I think you have failed to answer why Mason, divinely guided, would appoint a Guardian and then forget and appoint another.

You people really need to check out the timeline of Mason Remey’s supposed slip into insanity – the house of straw upon which rests marangella’s desperate usurping of the “guardianship.. “
For example when marangella was still supporting him, Remey made several “divinely guided” interpretations of some of the writings concerning what he, remey, thought was an impending natural disaster, interpretations that that proved to be demonstrably false. Yet marangella supported him in these fantasies! It was only when remey disbanded the body he had appointed marangella to and appointed Harvey as his successsor, that a desperate marangella, seeing his personal quest for leadership going up in smoke that he put together his insidous whispering campaign against remey culminating in what amounted to a coup against the guardianship when he ignored the appointment of Harvey and claimed guardianship for himself.
No amount of whitewashing, or completely ignoring Harvey’s appointment, on the orthodox propaganda website alters the truth.
The truth about marangella is that he is, essentially, Siyyid Muhammed reincarnated. It was marangella who insidiously whispered to Remey that he, Remey, should make the claim to guardianship knowing full-well that at his advanced age it would not be long until he, marangella, could take over.At every step it was marangella pulling the strings until remey’s appointment of Harvey forced an enraged and desperate marangella to put forward his own claim while remey was still living. I quote from ‘s reporting of Shoghi Effendi’s own words…and ther author’s own experiences.
“At the heart of Yahyá’s Covenant-breaking was the whispering of Siyyid Muhammad, that “black-hearted scoundrel who befooled and manipulated this vain and flaccid man with consummate skill and unyielding persistence”
“To him Baha’u’llah had later referred in the Kitab-i-Aqdas as the one who had ‘led astray’ Mírzá Yahyá, and stigmatized him, in one of His Tablets, as the ‘source of envy and the quintessence of mischief,’ while Abdu’l-Bahá had described the relationship existing between these two as that of ‘the sucking child’ to the ‘much-prized breast’ of its mother.” 6
Remey’s “ill-advised” claim was just too absurd, the details of the Master’s Will too explicit and well-known. How could any rational mind make the absurd leap from “Head of the International Bahá’í Council” to “Guardianship”? Someone must have been urging him on, but who? Who was whispering in Remey’s ear? Who was saying to Remey “It’s you!”…”Don’t you see, look at what the Master has said about you?”…”Shoghi Effendi appointed you as head of the International Council, surely he meant for you to be head of the House of Justice as well!”… “Surely he was indicating that you were to be his successor!”
But who was Mason Remey’s “Siyyid Muhammad”? I’ve long suspected that it was none other than Joel Marangella.
A few days ago, I had the opportunity to ask Gloria Faizi about Mr. Faizi’s experience in France back in 1960. I asked her if it was Mr. Faizi’s conclusion that Joel was the source of Remey’s absurd claims. Her opinion was clear: “Yes, definitely yes!”
I’ve been told that a few years back, while on pilgrimage, Brent Poirer asked Mr. Furutan: “Do you think it is possible that Marangella may have planted this seed in Mason Remey’s mind?” Mr. Furutan’s answer: “NO. It is not possible. It is a fact.” Doris

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