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doris wrote:
How could any rational mind make the absurd leap from “Head of the International Bahá’í Council” to “Guardianship”?

Of course, the Guardian never called Mason Remey the ‘head’ of the Innternational Baha’i Council, he called him the President. That’s a very different thing. But I think there is a certain delicious justice in the fact that Marangella ends us usurping him on the basis of *his* having been appointed to president of their Second International Baha’i Council. By that logic, Remey should have become Guardian as soon as the original IBC was appointed. But wait–the Remeyites will say this was because the first IBC was never activated while the second one supposedly was. Problem is that the first IBC actually had meetings while Joel Marangella admits in the court depositions that the second IBC never actually met. In other words, the first International Baha’i Council had been activated from the start, despite the fact that their functions were limited whereas the second IBC was *never* activated. As I mentioned before, the probable reason that Joel Marangella attempted to seize leadership in 1966 is because the court injunction which the National Spiritual Assembly is currently seeking to enforce. Mason Remey was prepared to abide by the court’s decision whereas Joel Marangella was not. Susan

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