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Janice wrote:
I meant to say “we just have to find someone, somewhere that witnessed either Mason or Abdu’l-Baha referring to Marangella endearingly as a son and then handing him a stick or a stone.”

As far as I understand it, the addressing of someone as ‘son’ is both a private and public declaration so that others my be abreast of who is up for consideration. If Mr. Marangella were addressed as such, then there should be some sort of public record of this so it is not hidden from the believers so they may know of this fact. The only obstructions to the path that is the lineage and thus the Promise, are the people themselves. If it is has been revealed or asserted that someone has been adopted in this way, it is the first sign that they are the one. If upon further investigation it is deemed true and certain that this person was addressed as ‘son'(Aghsan) then this is worthy of consideration. The problem is, no other group claims to adhere to this principal or criteria. But this is the criteria the W&T provides and the precedent that Abdu’l-Baha established. So there is only one path, one center, one point of unity that can be easily recognized and universally accepted as it conforms to standards already common amongst peoples of all nations, i.e. Primogeniture, kingship, the Line of David, but as explained before, the Guardian is not a despot or a dictator. He is the “sign of God” as you are able to tell the true UHJ from all the fakes, frauds and imitations by the true Aghsan Guardian at its head and that being the head he is only one member in an entire body with being limited, just like every other member, to a vote of one and no overriding veto power except where explicitly revealed in the W&T. This is the kine of David robed in the garment of Justice as Baha’u’llah brought Justice for how can you have peace without justice? You cannot! Peace without justice is tyranny and oppression. Baha’u’llah brought Justice. The father to son Aghsan lineage is a simple recipe to follow for justice as this is under the protection of the Abha Beauty when all the constituent ingredients are present. That is, the true executive head of the Aghsan Guardian and the body of true believers. Very simple, very easy. The hard part is climbing over all this accumulated garbage that has been strewn in the pathway to the Promise. If you focus on the Straight Path, father to son no matter what, this is where the blessed fruit of the kingdom grows.

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