Re: Chicago Tribune Article

Victor wrote: “The Baha’is go by the law of primogeniture, which to the oldest or ONLY son goes the inheritence which is both physical and administrative when it comes to the Guardianship.”

You keep saying that…and you’re wrong. Baha’u’llah instructed people to turn to The Master after His passing because of the spiritual, God-like qualities The Master possessed. Qualities that none of us can ever match no matter who we are – towering, beautiful, unique qualities that made hime the Mystery of God.

You insult and denegrate Baha’u’llah’s choice by saying that the choice was made because The Master was simply the oldest son as though Baha’u’llah’s chosen successor was a matter not of eternal closeness to God, but of the fleeting matter of time, of which the Worlds of God beyond this one are free. How pitiful!

In the spiritual worlds to come it is the marvellous spiritual qualities of The Master that make him who he is, and are the reasons he was chosen, not the fleeting matter of chronological birth dates on this planet which are of less consequence than the blink of an eye spiritually!

Shame on you. Doris

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