Re: Chicago Tribune Article

Janet wrote:
Shame on all of us …
Here we are arguing and sueing each other over who’s in charge… Once again I urge all those who might come across this note to pray for their hearts to be open and for detachement and to offer that same prayer for all living beings. God will guide us….


I urge you to consider that all this contention is further rotten fruit of the fraudulent will and testament of 1921, driven by a hunger for power and control, proven a forgery by modern forensic science in 1930.

Reform Bahais have returned to, and renewed,
Abdu’l-Baha’s authentic 1912 Covenant, an open, sane, simple, moderate document, preserving the dignity and freedom of the individual in community, advancing no scheme of theocracy and triumphalism, but God’s loving Covenant for His creation, in this Day and Time, as Interpreted by the Center of the Covenant. Frederick

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