Re: Chicago Tribune Article

“When someone makes the sort of momentous claim that Neale Chase has made it is incumbent upon the claimant to provide proof, NOT for others to disclaim it.

And, despite your lengthy posts, Victor, you have proved nothing.”

Two criteria: Son, appointed. Show me in the Will where it says then the Guardian is to take out ads in the New York Times telling everyone he’s the Guardian and giving his proofs. There is no such provision. It is up to the people themselves to investigate. This has always been the formula. It is not for the people to test God, but God to Test His servants.

I don’t “prove” anything. What I have done is given ample evidence, in accordance with the provisions of the Will & Testament, to show the Guardianship must continue and continues to this day through the Aghsan lineage. Only an Aghsan, male heir to Baha’u’llah, can inherit the position of Guardian. This is a fact. If it isn’t, show me where this is proven false. Mason Remey was adopted by Abdu’l-Baha. This is a fact. Again, try to disprove this or who something to the contrary. The majority of the Baha’i world has said the Guardianship came to an end. I don’t see any other conclusion other than this was a huge test and the majority of the Baha’is throughout the world failed this test. Obviously, the “UHJ” isn’t the true UHJ otherwise we would have justice in the world and we are far from that. So what’s the solution? I truly mean that. Where do we go from here? I actually enjoy this forum of debate between the different groups as this is the way to come to the truth. This is Baha’i Consultation where everyone is able to express their viewpoints without the threat of being censored, like that ‘Soulpancake’ psudeo-“open” website sponsored by “Baha’is” like Rainn Wilson who say that want to ask the “big questions in life” but if you ask anything on there having to do with the Covenant or anything having to do with recent Baha’i history, you are censored. So, Maybe someone can tall me….like Janet says, that we need to have open hearts and be detached. I would like to see the unifying spirit of Baha’u’llah help us in this endeavor, to come to an acceptable agreement for everyone so instead of being dis-unified and scattered, we are able to bring our powers of perception together for the better good. What do others think?

Thank you all.

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