Re: Chicago Tribune Article

Susan wrote,

“If Remey had any claim to the Guardianship (which he did not) he legally signed that right away when he signed the following document in Nov. of 1957:
“The Custodians shall be deemed to succeed the Guardian of the Bahá’í
Faith, His Eminence the late Shoghi Effendi Rabbani, in Palestine or
Israel Branches of National Spiritual Assemblies of various countries,
which are registered in Israel, and the Custodians may nominate one or
more persons to act on their behalf in any such Israel Branches.”
Completed, sealed and signed on this 25th day of November, 1957.”
Keep in mind that Guardians are supposed to be infallible in matters of interpretation and protection of the Faith. So if he was the Guardian, signing this document could not be a mistake. In signing it he proved he was not the Guardian.”


Who told you that Mason Remey signed away his rights by signing that spurious document? That document was not a legal document in the true Baha’i Faith. It was foreign to the true Baha’i Faith.

And who told you that if a Guardian of the Baha’i Faith makes a mistake that he proves that he is not the Guardian?

Almighty god is “unconstrained in His bidding”. If, according to His Will, He withholds some knowledge from someone, including a Guardian, in order to permit a test to take place, that does not obligate Him to reject that person or his station. When Charles Mason Remey became aware of his station on board ship to America, he became enabled to straighten out all of those previous matters and to guide the true Baha’i Faith, which he did magnificently even as the third Guardian, his successor, Joel B. Marangella is also doing magnificently. Ross

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